Creep | Reviewer: Boudet J. | 6/24/14

Please listen carefully to the words
The song is about a man whom has fallen for a dancer in a strip club

When you where here before "He went back to see her again"
Could'nt look you in the eyes "he was embarest to be there"
your just like an angel "he fell for her"
your skin makes me cry "young and beautiful"
you fall like a feather in a beautiful whirl "strip pole act"
you think your special "striper demands your attention"
your so very special "she gets it from you"
But im a creep im a weirdo what hell am I doing here "when you go to a strip club do you not feel out of place to watch a half naked woman or naked, asking for your dollar,
the rest I think you can figuer out.
listen to the words on Main Street by Seager
Although he was more straight out

Peace | Reviewer: susan struck | 5/21/14

The Creep lyrics are touching and, the idea that someone can make another feel so unexclusive is amazing. Creep is one of my self respected songs of time. Peace

Vague | Reviewer: random reviewer | 3/10/14

This song is actually rather vague, as it's about belonging in anywhere. Love, culture, family, society...etc. He sees a person/place/culture and thinks it's either:
a) inescapable so he really wants to become a part of it
b) much better than what he's in already
The beauty of this song is that you can apply it to whatever you want, as it has thousands of different scenarios in it's simple lyrics.

my perspective of the song | Reviewer: vicky | 3/6/14

Well,its a very nice song with many hidden messages,I believe but I think it is some kind of true love where you give everything but in the end you gain only pain . I think the guy feels lonely and where it says 'she runs runs runs' I think he feels captivated in a irreversible situation ,I mean the fact she will never come back to him...or she can' t love him again.. I believe when love fades away there do exist a way to come in the surface again,stronger but it has to be real. Real love never dies

Great Lasting Art | Reviewer: Ima Creep II | 2/19/14

All these reviews are correct- this song connected universally. Seeing the many interpretations through individual prisms shows how great this song is. It has deep meaning for most all reviewers, and is there any reviewer here that dislikes this song?

The depth within individuals | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/14

Well, while all the interpretations given are quite obvious from the lyrics, there is something that is not (or it is rather but left unnoticed). I believe the song associates any kind of human being to it without anyone realizing that they're all stuck in the same chain of being hurt, treated like shit, not being recognised for things that they want recognition for. Thus in short, it is not about the guy/girl. Its about every other person who lives and how insecurities are inevitable! Period!

It's music | Reviewer: Freeeeman | 12/14/13

Music is interpreted like art, once it's created people can find meanings in there from their own perception. I personally think it's about him longing for someone who he feels Is so much out of his league and also resorting into his own depressed world where he is creep with nothing to offer to a girl who is amazing, but that's my take on it and I wouldn't argue with anyone who says different. Amazing song either way!

X | Reviewer: X | 11/29/13

None of us really know what this song is about, unless we ask the writer, obviously. Music is art,and a beauty of art is the various perceptions taken from it. Personally, I've always thought this song is about insecurity and alienation, not love.

Meaning of the lyrics. | Reviewer: Gabriele | 11/28/13

Im reading way too many commentaries of people not knowing what this song means.
No he's not a weirdo.
No he's not an outcast or someone different.
This is simply the sensation you have when you deeply fall in love with someone; you think that you are not enough for her, she's way better than you and you feel "a weirdo" "who doesn't belong here (with her)".

Bad wording in song | Reviewer: Bob | 10/29/13

It is for sure a beautiful song but is it sad that the only cut u can downlow from I-tunes does not say "You're so very special but said's You're so f--king special, and no I am not a fanatic just wish I could downlow and my kids could listen to it without the XXX wording. Just call me old fashion.

A song to identify with | Reviewer: shamgar50 | 10/28/13

Love this song, and even though I'm 63, I identify with it. I've always been different, and sort of an outcast. It also has one of the most touching, and powerful phrases I've ever heard in a song, "Your skin makes me cry". That's really beautiful.

no sound | Reviewer: celeste lee | 10/19/13

Would be lovely if we could hear the music with the lyrics, so thatwe don't sing it off key!!!! But it is a beautiful song! Brought tears to my eyes, and I can't get it out off my head! What a soulful writer! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world!!!!

It's about bullying | Reviewer: Howie | 9/14/13

The song is quite obviously about both someone who's bullied and who has a crush on one of those who gives him shit. I've read somewhere that Thom Yorke said he wrote those lyrics so people who have bullied someone in school would feel bad about themselves.

Irony | Reviewer: Tim | 9/5/13

Ppl, I think ur all missing the irony of the song. He is not saying he is a creep, it's a comment on the perception of the girl it is written about. It is saying you think ur so f... special and you treat me like I'm a creep, you just don't think I'm good enough for you. It is a perfect example of sarcasm in a beautifully written lyric. Why is she running,if that is what you want,'whatever makes up happy, whatever you want', I wish I was as special as you, your sooooooo f.... special ur an angel. It's a case of pull your head out of your a$$, you're not as good as you think you are. That's my take on one of the best songs ever written anyway.

NOOB | Reviewer: NOOB | 9/3/13

NOOB: He/She is trying to say sorry to a love he/she hurted (he/she can't believe the horrible things he/she has made). Just that. Other supositions are beliefs and they're wrong.