creep | Reviewer: Denzel W. | 2/9/07

best song ever, radiohead seriously makes awesome songs. really reminds me of my childhood.

the best song... | Reviewer: alejandra | 2/8/07

I think this song is so fuckin special!!!

Creep | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/27/06

This is the first Radiohead song I ever heard....Amazing <3
I think most people can relate to it on some level

Beyond great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/06

This song is simple but amazing. Young msicians should learn from this band how writing/composing something so heart felt and honest is the way to go. It's one of the best songs I've ever heard; it's one of my favorite.

Awesome! | Reviewer: olheelbone | 10/15/06

My husband and I are "old" (mid 60's) so to us rock is music from the 50's, 60's and 70's and most anything from the past 20 or so years we've considered not worth listening to. However, we just became familiar with Creep while watching the lastest Rock Star show and we both fell in love with it. Both the lyrics and the melody are fantastic. We've listened to it over and over and will continue to do so. It should be considered one of the best of all songs of any kind ever!

this song touches my soul | Reviewer: jonathon | 8/31/06

this song saved my life like.. eighteen times. it made me not cry when i was crying because my girlfriend dumped me. i dont know why, i am hot. pleasae lololololol me a message. thank you for your concern.

i enjoy peas porridge. parakeets. see how a creep much of it i am do you know?

Wants To Be Wanted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/06

I listen to this song every single night. Like the others it gives me hope. Im sumwhat popular, kind of a background man. i dont get girls that much, nuthing ever goes my way. and this song gives me hope.

Emotional Break-up | Reviewer: Shaun | 8/20/06

This song corresponds to a break up, after a women left a man. And the man is depressed that she left him, because he thought the world of her. But now he has lossed his self-confidence in himself, because the women he loved left him. The song is full of powerful meaning and words to show what he is feeling!

Too Much Drama | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/06

This is a song not about how someone makes you feel but what you feel about assumed rejection, low self esteem, exalted ideals, projection of feelings. The floating like a feather and her running are all exaggerated. When we are drunk with emotion we project on others a heightened experience that they are not even aware of. There is a twisted need in this song to blame the other as if she is aware she is causing him pain, but we all know she doesn't even know he exsists.... and that is why he knows he's a creep.

Musical Remedy for Girls | Reviewer: Princess Blake | 7/16/06

I wrote a blog on myspace with this song in it. I recommend girls to listen to this after a breakup. I can picture a guy thinking this about me and realize why I had to run . . . run . . . run . . .
but everybody's special, so pick yourself up and listen to something empowering afterwards, it's quite the musical contrast

you damn right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/06

This song is so true it is unbelievable. She is a fucking creep,
and a fucking weirdo, that bitch is constantly high ( explaining the floating, though i'm not sure what she has in common with a feather because thats a big b-aitch.) go out fuc-k a fatty get over your lame ass selves and stop putting up dumb ass messages on the internet for drunken 13 year olds who have less respect for you than any woman you'll ever know how I know your gay?

depression | Reviewer: vinnie | 5/4/06

im a very down person ive thought of this girl everyday i cant get her out of my head yet ill never have her ive never had anybody i feel like crap like im nothing im the creep im the wierdo i listen to it everyday i really feel empty nd useless i have nothing to offer im not smart im just useless but i still go on thinking of her

creep | Reviewer: mario | 1/29/06

a song that lets u feel how ugly and down u are it makes u feel like ure the creep and shes the fukin special one which is right however it may often be wrong cuz we only get to be creeps while we are good

I'm ADDICTED! | Reviewer: caile | 1/8/06

This song just cuts to the core of anyone whose personal introspection has led them to examine their own insecurities. I have only heard the acoustic version but the voice is beautiful and haunting. Try this link:

as it has a flash animation that is being drawn during the entire song that is as sad as the song itself. It's utterly captivating. I listen to this song on a regular basis. What's weird is I've never listened to Radiohead before, I just stumbled on this link while surfing and became addicted to the song. Enjoy! Caile~

not just a song | Reviewer: DarkAngel | 1/5/06

its one of those songs that can touch nearly everybody
its simple yet it can be inerpreted in many ways
from selfindulgence to deep traumas in psyche, lost but not forgotten relationships you name it
good tool for soulsearchin