The facts..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

This song, if you actually listen to the lyrics and encrypt them, it's a REALLY depressing song.

It actually had limited playtime on the BBC because it was deemed "too depressing"

But im obsessed with this song. It's so amazing, every note, of every bar is perfectly in tune, it matches the depressing theme of the song, and the perfectly out of tune vocals.
5/5 in my book.

check out billy's car | Reviewer: rknrne | 8/11/08

The first time i heard this song it was the music for a piece on a crackhead, that lived in Billy Cowsill's car in Vancouver. It was very emotional ,and gave empathy to the subject in the film. good job .. great song application.
Then I found out it was radiohead (still not sure if it was them singing.. but it didn't matter)worked for me.

check out the video at......

what it means to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/08

to me, this song represents all the insecurities that people have about themselves. the inner doubts that stop them when they wish to pursue someone special to them. it is about a man who cannot deny his admiration, who cannot look away from her when she is near. but to me it feels like he also is afraid of what might happen if she does see him, in the chance that she will not accept him. because he doesnt feel adequate. but, it could also represent a relationship. where someone feels that the love they have for that person is too strong, passionate and wonderful to be returned. that it would be impossible for something so sweet to last, and to work out. the lyrics could represent their fears of being left alone, their hesitations. and almost a dread that someone as average as them could never deserve something so inspiring and beautiful.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/08

it's pretty self-explanatory, right? the guy is madly infatuated with a girl he knows from school/college/work but feels so intimidated by her beauty. he is completely in awe of her and in his eyes, she is pure and perfect. he sees her as out of this world and extraordinary. he looks at himself and sees none of these qualities. he feels like she doesn't even know he exists. he doesn't belong in her perfect world and never will. he probably doesn't feel like he can fit in anywhere.The girl might not even be that nice a person, but she is a goddess in his eyes. She can't see how much he loves her, or thinks he does. he wants her to find happiness, even if it's not with him.

what you want | Reviewer: steve | 8/1/08

don't owrry about explaining what you want this story to be about by trying to get into the songwriter's head, try to understand it by putting it through what you've been through as an alternative. I've had to see a girl everyday of my life since third grade, but I can't seem to pull up the courage to get her into my life.

I can RELATE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/08

I like his song , it has good lyrics and its easy to cover, i decided
that this song would represent a couple of minor situations
I was in. When i was in school before summer came along
i was trying to get through my SOFT. year of high school, and I had a crush on this girl . She was very attractive , very nice and almost perfect . I was being very shy , i felt a bit intimidated by her presence. she was just to much, it blew my mind,
she seemed almost divine to me , i always tried to avoid her
from seeing me most of the time because i was scared , i tried getting the courage to make small talk but she just kept laughing and it was allways aqward and it made me feel like shit ,like "i don't belong here".
she had a pool party ,she invited me to ,well she was trying to
invite every one she knew. i felt like she didn't know i existed
till that happen,so i guess she did. i decided not to go to her pool party because while my liking for her felt good, i knew
for what ever reason, i'm just out of her reach and that thought hurt me inside i felt like for some reason i would get hurt one way or another. That night
i was listening to this song and the feeling fit. when that weekend passed my friend told me she already had a boy friend.
why should i waist my time with some- one that makes me feel inferior , sometimes girl don't relize how deep a guy's feelings
really are, i bet lots of girls could never understand the feeling.
and they never will................. thats why i don't like presueing
girls, i rather that they come to me.

what this song means to me 6.26.08 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/08

When I started my 2nd junior term in high school,i met this guy.We talked and I had a huge crush on him.It was then that, he had just entered himself into the US Navy.This june he graduated and I thought that I would never see him again.Fait had steped in and we ran into each other a week after school ended.I had just got out of a horrible relationship, and he was looking for love.So we clicked.We agreed to make this song our song but,I never really understood it.Even tho our relationship could never be better,it had an expiration date to it.He's leaving in Jan and will be gone for 4 yrs.So,it got to him.I was falling in love and he was scared to hurt me and what we had.So,he left me.Even though we're not together anymore, and he never did get the chance to fall in love with me, i know that if things were different, we would still be together.And to know that even when he's not around that ill still be special to him,makes me happy.And for once in my life I dont regret ever being with someone that I love.Although he's still leaving,I just want him to know that he is special and he always was.And that he meant a lot to me and ill never run away from him,ill always be here and never forget we're jus working on being friends and I'm doing what he wants and accepting it.....i love u p.s.i wouldn't mind marrying u neither.

Amazing song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/08

I think this song is simply about a guy who is an asshole, prob treats girls like shit or is the "player type" and has too much repect for the girl to be with her when he says "I don't belong here". When he says he wants to have control, I think it means he wants to change for her but can't so she therefore runs away from a bad situation.

okay here's what it means | Reviewer: fabulous | 7/25/08

Obviously he sees this girl often...his crush u could say...then he describes what she means/looks in his eyes. He feels that is too special for him cuz he doesn't have the guts to go talk to her so he looks at her from a far, meaning that everytime he sees her he longs for her thus meaning a creep/weirdo cuz he might feel like a bit of a stalker (u know watching her every moves and what not). He says "i want u to notice when I'm not around" obviously she probably doesn't even know he exists. So
When he says "what am I doing here? I don't belong here" he is talking of the situation he puts himself in of wanting to be with her and knowing that she won't give him the time of day yet still hurting him self by still watching her at school/work/etc. "She runs out the door..." means that she leaves to do whatever and it hurts cuz he wants to be with her but to her he is just some co-worker, student, face in the crowd. So its a situation i think we have all been through when we crush really hard on someone and they don't even know we exist.

from a different point of view... | Reviewer: foxyroxie1981 | 7/25/08

Okay so a lot of people think this guy is singing like he was in relationship with a girl and then feels inferior to her...well...i think he's not in a relationship but sees this girl who he would like to be with but finds her too "special" for him so he loves/admires her from a distance hurting inside cuz he feels he's not "special" like her. He wants her to notice when he's not know when u used to have crush in H.S./college/work and u wished the special guy/girl would find u special enuff to look at u...well thats what this guy feels. He says "i am creep, weirdo" cuz in my eyes he looks at her analyzes her and he doesn't do anything. He also states "what the hell am i doing here? I don't belong here" meaning he shouldn't put himself in that situation: longing for something he might not get and thus hurting himself. Its not depressing just a song we can in one point in our lives relate to.

jihad joe | Reviewer: casey jones | 7/22/08

Clearly this song is not about some "love affair" that has gone wrong or some guy that cannot commit. W.T.F.

It's about a person who is in love with someone that is perfect and pure in his eyes. He feels that he can never be worthy of her love.

When he compares himself to her, he feels like a creep and a weirdo. (low self esteem)

He says he wants a perfect body and soul, why? Because he thinks that what he needs to be special, like this girl. This is the sad part, because she is special, she is willing to accpet him as he is...

Cafeole | Reviewer: pookie | 7/21/08

I think this song is about a love affair that has gone on for a while but the guy cannot commit. He knows this woman is perfect, and he can't beleive that she loves him because he cheats and he strings her along and he can't commit. He knows shes the best women for him but something inside telss him he doesn't belong. He feels guilty, and sad and worthless. He will never find another like her but he must go. He just doesn't belong.

creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

i affirm the last review. i was singing this song in my head that i forgot some parts of it so i searched it over the net. i only used "you're so very special" as my tag, with the tune in my head then it returned to me the song CREEP. immediately i knew that it was the song i was looking for but to think, how would being special go with being a creep.
i could relate to the song, somehow. it's not me being the weirdo, but me being the special one.
but still, i can relate to the weirdo version. you see, there really are times that sometimes you just feel so obsessed with something, wanting to be that thing. but reality strikes you, and you become fully conscious that you will never become like that. and you dwell on that feeling. you feel the insecurity and inferiority. constantly dwelling on it that you become lost and you live on the premise that you are, in fact, nothing and worthless. pity overcomes. and you just want to loose yourself because you see your worthlessness. imagine accepting the fact that the one that you most wanted in your entire life will never be yours. never.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

I think this song is about a guy and a girl's relationship. At first the guy loves the girl. Maybe they had good times together, but then he sees her as too good for him. he probably says things to her like, you're so special i wish i was like you. That's where the transformation starts. he feels so much inferior to her he can't even look at her. He then gets dangerously selfconcious and mentally unstable and obviously beats himself. "i don't care if it hurts". He probably thinks to himself why is she so special? then he gets obsessive. He thinks that the girl doesn't notice him. Then he probably goes crazy and does something weird that he thinks will get her to love him. She runs away and then he probably thinks she doesn't like him anymore and is probably devistated. He probably thinks that what he is is the reason that she left. He thinks to himself, what a loser i am, i don't deserve to live and things of that nature. He then completely accepts the fact that he is creepy and he kills himself, suggested by the chorus the he doesn't belong here, meaning the world. Also since the whole song is sang in a sad tone, it almost seems like a final goodbye and him thinking about the events that lead up to it.

relax | Reviewer: axion | 7/2/08

i think this song its so relaxing when iam stone .. i love music , but only radiohead can give me the real music i wan. uyes this song mean alot to me too but i think most pples like a song because its related to them .. and find it touching coz it sing the heart out . only truth music can give you such a touching feeling , LAST FLOWERS was my old time