Correction!!! | Reviewer: Robson | 9/29/07

As I´ve tried here to correct already but didn`t work, I don`t know why, the second sentence is:
"...Couldn`t look you in THE eye..."and not" YOUR eye...", as it is here, ok? Just trying to help, ok?
Great song, one of the best in rock history!!!
After this period, Radiohead has never been the same again, the band has turned into anything but a rock band, unfortunately...

i'm a creep ....radiohead | Reviewer: cityste | 9/26/07

just one of them songs you know its about you great song and will be forevere you know it right what the words say

Creepy... | Reviewer: Laz | 9/20/07

Wow this song's amazing! I heard it on the radio and I related to it so much. Strange how love distorts the mind so that you think that that person is so special, but they're not...

I wish I was special...

Thank you 'Someone', your review 'I felt Creep' made me feel allot happier...

Amazing | Reviewer: Atherox | 9/20/07

One of the most amazing songs, atleest i think so, its so full of emotion and its so real , its just outstanding. nicely performed by radiohead. i just love it. reminds me of me... all respects!!

About Creep | Reviewer: Maxime | 9/20/07

I'm french and this song is one of my favorite one ... 14 years ago I felt the same ....
jolie Monica see you soon

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

He is definitely feeling inadequate. But the lyrics don't reveal whether she is deliberately making him feel insecure or whether it's his own lack of self-esteem. I think it's a little bit of pride too sometimes. We guys can be too proud to talk to our girlfriends about something bothering us because we may be perceived as "weak". So instead we internalise our feelings and our minds start to get the better of us and we start thinking things like, "i'm a creep.. i'm a weirdo"..

im a weirdo.. | Reviewer: babalouie | 9/10/07

beautiful song.... feels like the guy here has juss been out of a relationship and has severe feelings of inadequacies abt himself !!
lil low self esteem. true love. heart break. soul. lil bit of teen angst. sad. and.. MEE!!!

Great song | Reviewer: Iain C | 8/23/07

this is one of my favourite songs to play on my acoustic the lyrics have some meaning to me from bast relationships but if I get too low I just chuck on kid rocks "balls in your mouth" and it cheers me up and think fuck them bitches lol ^^

but back to the review god i wish I could sing the "running out again" part my voice doesnt go that high...

Hollies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

The chord progression and tune is all very similar to The air that i breathe by the hollies. another awesome song.

klassno | Reviewer: monica | 8/20/07

this how you feel when you love but are not loved in return! maxime you broke my heart and i will never be good enough in my eyes again.14 years have passed and this song is how i feel still......i dont belong here...

what i can say? | Reviewer: naxo | 8/18/07

The first famous song of radiohead is not her best dingle but is a great song
this song sound a lot of times in my head and radiohead is one of my favorites band expecialimain i like the voice(end the eye ) of thom yorke ¡¡is great!!
long life to radiohead and inmortality to creep

se despide atte ignacio ceballos
santiago; chile
saludos a todos los admiradores de radiohead (Y de muse de pasada XD)

Cause I'm a creep! | Reviewer: Kurt | 8/16/07

I love this song, I think it is just firing back sarcasm to a certain drama queen perhaps, who breaking a guys heart wasn't enough, she had to make him feel inaddquite and destroy him as much as possible. The guy wasn't a creep when she was laying him every night!

selfless love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

Its a song about selfless love and not being worthy, Thom Yorke is directly talking about himself and how inadequate he feels. When he says "I want a perfect body" he is talking about himself as he is partially paralized.

Ultimetly it is a destructive love as it ends with the repeated refrain, "whatever makes you happy whatever you want" Not a good basis upon which to based a relationship! hehe.
Still an absolutely "Cracking!" song to wallow in though...

i've felt creep | Reviewer: someone | 8/15/07

this song is really sad when you think of you at that situation. i remember of feeling like that, he so fucking speacial and didnt noticed me at all, but then i realized he was not that spacial ,he was totally normal, and then i found someone really damn spacial, and i fall in love and he loved me, and it was the happiest time when i knew i was special for that special someone =)

so you never know who's the speacial one,

Weirdo | Reviewer: Ben | 8/12/07

I am Dutch, and I speak English as a second language, and even I know what a weirdo is.

P.S. Radiohead is the best band ever.