look here's it simply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

This song is just amazing and like most people commented it really is an anthem for what any form of an outkast has felt. Simply this is the best song and i feel that the cursing makes it that much more real

people are shallow | Reviewer: talk about loser... | 11/10/11

testament obviously you DO get it but DONT.It applies to all who have felt freakish...addicts,people with eating disorders,mental illness,people who feel too fat, too skinny,too dorky,too ugly too deep or too different for society.And those who have any reason they feel unaccepted by people in general or by the one they love.Hence the title Creep.If you havent ever felt like an outcast why would u listen to it,because obviously you have,or comment on it?Shallow people like you are the reason the song is awesome!

This is a song lyrics page! | Reviewer: stagga | 11/9/11

So please don't be pressured from changing the lyrics from what they actually are to ones that would make Moinette happy because she doesn't like the swearing! That's just fucking ridiculous! (And btw Moinette, if the 'littler' kids like the song then they've already heard the swearing and will no doubt already be corrupted beyond redemption)

Truth | Reviewer: Sergio D | 10/31/11

This song is just perfect. It embodies so much in so little words. The song can tell so many different stories, for example. It tells the story of a lover who deems himself unworthy of his perfect partner. While at the same time it tells the story of their departure from one another. It tells the story of a man who doesn't want to live anymore. Simply put it is one of the most universal songs ever.

relatable lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/11

"Creep " is unforgettable with a subjective definition. Simple and brilliant. I mean, if we all want to be honest with ourselves, how many people on this planet can say that at some moment in time , they have not felt the lyrics of Creep applied to them.

a GORGEOUS LOVE SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/11

Feeling unworthy or unsuitable for such a beauty (perhaps this describes the girl's integrity as well- hence he wants to be everything to her) and fighting with the longing to be a better person as well as looking attractive as he feels she has it all ... he in the end is afraid of the view she would have if his own opinion of himself is dim.

creep | Reviewer: metalbuoy | 10/18/11

i've been a metalhead all my 42 years and radioheads' creep is as amazing as much as anything i have heard... the f word seems a tad unnecessary, i prefer the radio version, myself. the lyrics are so very fitting to so many who have been rejected by someone they truly loved.

This song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

All those people that feel sad, unloved, left out ashamed or fat...... You are soooo awesome  don't give up on life. Review the past, live the present and dream of the future. Life can be awesome if you give it a chance  just remember.... I will always love you (in a non pervy way) this song is about whatever you want it too be about, like every other song ever made.

Bad Words | Reviewer: Moniette | 10/10/11

You know some littler kids like this song and i think you should fix the
you're so f****** special to you're so very special
and the
what the hell am i doin' here to what in the world am i doing here.
Thank You!!!

Common People | Reviewer: Jacky | 10/4/11

What I hear in the way Thom sings this song is him having some pride in being a 'weirdo/loser'... it's a an 'anthem'; we sing along with him not at him in the way we sing along to 'Common People'. We adore and yearn (so much it hurts) for 'beautiful/out of reach people' as objects we can't really have to keep but we also feel angry with them and a bit sorry for them too. Sorry for the way 'special people 'know it' and can never truly integrate/be at one with humanity nor be happy. :-)

um... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/11

i love this song. & i dont get why any one would tell you however you interrupt this song is wrong... however you think it is. you think it. someone else might see it a different way...so dont tell anyone there wrong about how they feel about a song.

no | Reviewer: testament | 9/10/11

you are all wrong, stop associating this with too many "failed dates" and "eating disorders, self-harming blablablabla please feel sorry for me I'm so lonely I know what pain is hurrdurr". NO, see how associating this with a unique, REAL lonely, ugly and failed CREEP. Fits the description of a serial killer perfectly, a REAL L0NER, A REAL CREEP.

Love, Hate, Society, Life as a whole. | Reviewer: WhateverMakesYouHappy | 9/11/11

You people are the best kind of people. You're the ones that understand that there are people out there like this. I would say i've been rejected enough by society to be a creep. And when I recently found the girl I thought was for me, she said...
I'm going to play and sing this song for her and make her mine.
Every word is 1000 emotions in this song.
Like one other reviewer said: "share your feelings, there are some who never do"
Find someone you trust, ask them to listen.
Tell them your feelings, unleash your thoughts and emotions.
...express yourself
You're unique and special. You all are. And all of you deserve to be heard.
...wish me luck.

Not a creep but sometimes feel like | Reviewer: Nando | 9/7/11

I heard this song many years ago and I felt a rush of emotions inside of me because that's how I feel about some of the girls I've dated. I am the guy that felt in love with the pretty lady, the popular one that I never quite got to understand. And I'm a normal guy, don't get me wrong is just that I have never been good being shallow.

27 | Reviewer: Frank | 9/2/11

This song is a beautiful one in the fact it's talking about the guy(or girl) that's just an outsider and doesn't fit in with the cliches or groups really. To top it off your in love and everyone thinks your odd just cause you don't know how to really be with people.
So is my interpretation.