Courtney | Reviewer: Jose | 4/26/11

I fell in love with some one who seemed so perfect she doesn't think she is perfect but she is. I could never stop thinking about her then one day she said she knows a guy go she is in love with with. With all my heart and soul I was hopping it was me after she told me I just started crying and couldn't stop I acted depressed. I'm 15 I probably never going to meet her (met online) and the guy is perfect for her (she met him online too) I just hoped one day I met her just one FUCKING DAY JUST TO TOUCH HER SKIN AND TO LISTEN TO HER MAGNIFICENT VOICE. I just wish I had a perfect body a fucking perfect soul so I can impress her. I just hopped he notice one day when I was gone. I sopped talking to her for a week she didn't notice. She one day said Matt (the guy she loved) didn't talk to her for a day it broke my heart. I can't stop thinking about ER she is awesome but I'm not I just fucking wish she fucking realizes how fucking important she is to me. The guy she loves is so smart and sweet he is obviously better than me. I know then very hot girls that will come here and suck my dick but I don't care I want Courtney. I just wish I was special to her and if I tell her I love her I might never talk to her again and the way I am I might end it all and I never get to see anyone and never get to meet her ever again. I'm tall ugly fat depressed and an asshole I try to make re best of life but what life gives me is nothing but pain and sorrow I try to make the conversation with Courtney last forever but they never do I lve her too much never can't stop thinking about her I try so hard to app BUT I FUCKING CANT I FUCKING WISH I JUST WANT her to notice. I try so hard having a perfect soul I stopped the habits I did before I stopped smokin I stopped having sex I even went to church a few times I tell her this ... Mornings except A job well done. When I work out I think of her to motivate me . I know she doesn't care if I leave forever I always wonder "WHAT AM I DOING" I am setting myself up for disaster yet I can't stop thinking about her and wish I can forget about her she won't care if I die or live tomorow.

rafadelosreyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/11

to all creeps (like myself) here, if you are in love of a perfect girl... go for it! you deserve her, it was my case :) I'm happy right now with the girl of my dreams, attitude and personality beat the hell out of other superficial stuff like looks or money ;)

Review for the song Creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

Well, this song just Is so deep, I can relate to this song in so many ways, I may only be 13 but still. For school we have to print out some some lyrics that we can relate our lives to and I am choosing this song, my teacher doesnt mind if the songs has bad words as long as we cross them put and such...

You're so fucking special... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

Yesterday I realized that I am in love with someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, while simultaneously recovering from paranoid schizophrenia, and he is the most special person I have ever met. I confessed to him last night that I have strong feelings for him, and in the moment that he admitted he felt the same about me but did not want to complicate my life with his problems, I knew that I loved him. To him, he is a creep. To me, he is perfect.

I wish it was real... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/11

This song is really deep... I went to this country and met this man. He's so special... we were in love. We met only few times... until one day he was just disappear and send me this song. So sad...

Do not sell yourself short. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/11

A word from a beautiful woman (but not young anymore) :)
To all the guys who seem to think they do not deserve the attention from a beautiful lady - you do deserve. If you a real gentleman, a man of integrity, and if you're treating women with respect; if you're a good and decent hardworking person - you do deserve.
Go to the college or university, study and work hard. A don't be afraid, approach, and talk to a beautiful girl you're secretly in love. Maybe she will realize how good you are. Maybe you will realize she's not that perfect.

and now he's gone | Reviewer: JB | 4/1/11

I guess this time I tried to much, I came to this country by myself I met this perfect person who made my days easier with just a smile, just a simple touch of his skin, life was good then... now he finally realized he need someone more interesting or chic or into this plastic world that I never gonna be part of, I'm just a guy, I was wrong, I was in loved, I wish I was special enough for him and now I'm pretty sure that I don't belong here...

She's not perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/11

I love this song because it's beautiful and describes a problem many people experience:
when someone makes the person they're infatuated with perfect in their head. That's why he thinks he'd have to be perfect--body and soul--to be with her. Many of you in the comments are saying the same thing.

As far as I can tell from the lyrics, the only thing that makes the speaker of the song a creep is that, instead of attempting a real relationship with this woman, he's put her up on a pedestal and made her an object instead of a real person with flaws.

To those of you who haven't tried for the "perfect" girl, it's your unwillingness to try that makes you most unworthy. Be confident. If it doesn't work, move on, but at least then you'll know and you can stop torturing yourself about how things might have been if you'd only said something. To those of you who fear you'd lose the friendship: your friendship is already messed up if you're secretly in love with the other person.

Great | Reviewer: Nick | 3/30/11

God, this is such a beautiful song. Reminds me of a bad time I went through in my life.

But I disagree with some people here. The "you're so fucking special" I don't think is sarcastic at all, that's how you actually think when your down in a pit of self loathing.

This song, and Headfirst For Halos by My Chemical Romance inspired me to pick myself up and fix my life.

I'm a creep...I'm a weirdo... | Reviewer: Charles Savinien | 3/24/11

This song has become my theme song because I AM a creep, I AM a weirdo. I suffer from bipolar, anxiety and depression so those lines mean a lot to me. Four years ago I fell in love with a girl whom I've told my feelings to. She said she valued our friendship but that she didn't return my love. Because of my depression I don't find joy in the little things so I frequently find myself doing something "Fun" and thinking "What the hell am I doing here?" No matter where I go people don't understand me because of my bipolar mood swings so I'm constantly feeling like "I don't belong here" I'm a sensory person and the thought of touching her, just a handshake or a friendly embrace or even something as small as a high five makes me cry because I can't do any of them because I don't feel like she'd allow it because "I'm a creep [and] a weirdo" I'm almost always alone and wishing I had "A perfect body" in that I dress different and look a little different. And I will always wish for "A perfect soul" because then I wouldn't have these mood swings or depressing thoughts and all. "I want [her] to notice when I'm not around" and that I don't need to explain, I just wish she thought about me sometimes even though I know she doesn't because she's spending all her free time with the boyfriend I helped set her up with... I feel like she's running away because, well, she listens and talks if I talk first but if I didn't talk to her she'd never speak to me and I just think she's running from the awkwardness of talking to a man who's so deeply in love with her...

Odd i know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

I love this song. My personal response to it is the "I want you to notice" bit. I recntly made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend. She's amazing. But im too afraid to mention it. She's in uni now, and i just wonder if she thinks about me too "when im not around"... I'd love to tell her how i feel. But everytime i want too, i feel it could be misinterpreted as creepy, and i could lose her all together.

For those who don't know the back story... | Reviewer: Will | 2/19/11

Thom was in college I believe, it was around then, and he used to go to this cafe because there was this amazingly beautiful girl there, whom he was in love with, but she paid no attention to him, because he was a bit of a "creep", and he asked himself "What am I doin here?"

Creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/11

Recently, I helped the love of my life to be with my best friend. They were so perfect, yet I still loved her, wanted to be with her. They seem special and perfect, but that was what I wanted. You want to do all you can to make them happy, even as you wish it could be different so you could be with her. But compared to them, you are just a creep, a weirdo... What the hell are you doing anymore? This song struck me on so many levels.

So much emotional | Reviewer: Toru | 2/8/11

I've come to know this song just a few days before, searching for some good song on YOUTUBE. Being a bit shocked, I began to sing this song all by myself, having bought a second hand guitar this evening. For the first time in a couple of decade, I really go happy while playing my old fashioned instrument. Yet the song is totally sad and I'm deeply sure that sadness and sorrow make us beautiful somehow.

when everything seems just better of without you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

this song.......really deep... what i can relate to and see is this song paints about a story of someone who live in a shadow of other person. At some point that person cant hold that she always left behind and she became a bit mental. She hate herself and keep thinking that the ground is not hers to walk upon anymore, she dreamt of perfectness in every shape in every inch of her everything. She wishes to be special, as special as that other person. But sometimes she knew that 'that person' destroy her and in the end, nothings matter, she don't care if it hurt, she just want everything to be perfect, as perfect as the beginning, all she want is to die.