I love | Reviewer: Tessa | 1/1/13

This song is just right, it describes exactly the feeling of someone desperately in love, feeling rejected. Almost everybody who is able to love has felt this way.

It makes me cry. I love him so much.

Emotions | Reviewer: Eva | 12/24/12

This is such a beautiful song, the lyrics really are touching. I think nearly everybody can relate to this song, we've all felt this way before. The lyrics make me want to cry because it's so very true and so sad, you can't do anything about it. That you can feel this way is depressing and beautiful at the same time. I'm glad I know these emotions and at the same time I'm sad to have to feel this way sometimes. It's just very confusing, feeling these two emotions at the same time. No other song has brought this up in me. "You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry" + "I wish I was special" and the whole chorus is so pretty, I cried! And when he goes on about how he wants a perfect body/soul, it really stirs me up inside.

Thanks for reading, I felt like it needed to be shared!

me at 14 | Reviewer: martywake | 12/12/12

I recently had someone come back into my life whom I have loved since I was 14. She left my life for over 20 years and then came back into my life and proactively stirred up old feelings. She kept sending me poems that reminded me of her of me at 14. Well this song is how she made me feel at 14. and she gave me the opportunity to feel that way all over again. Yay me right? I know we are responsible for our own feelings but some things never change.

Thanks for listening gang :)

This is what makes us human. | Reviewer: Reg | 11/4/12

I wanted to hug some of the reviewers on this page. We don't belong here. These are exactly what makes us what we are. I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo.
That's normal and okay. You are allowed to feel that. At the end of the day, you are so fucking special.

to the one who had an hour for that CREEP | Reviewer: who? | 10/7/12

u didnt understand what CREEP said: u say u have one our for him cause he is interesting...yeah...now he is interesting because he talked and you listened and there was no facial expression and physical contact(my english is pretty bad!)...i mean...if it was in the real world...u just didnt care about him...and u cant say no u are not like that...every one is like that. that feeling...when u walk in a street and people looks at you and turning their head so fast like they jus saw a dead cat!!!...thats human nature and cant be changed...

The truth to end the geeky arguments! | Reviewer: Steptoe666 | 2/24/12

Ladies, ladies, ladies, STOP ARGUING!! The correct written lyrics that Thom wrote did include the word 'Fuckin' lets be fair the track would not have made it in the charts with offensive words. You may ask where is my proof, well although I cannot prove it with signed photographs and I am sure you don't believe me but my best mate used to live with Thom in Oxford. The story goes that Thom was in a bar/club in Oxford and tried it on with a girl who he liked and she called him a 'fuckin creep' (Lets be fair Thom is ginger with a wonky eye, so although it seems harsh, she had a point), he was pretty pissed off about her reaction and hence the song was born. I suppose he moral of the story is Thom's the one who is laughing now while she carries her 9-5 job.

dear creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/12

you are a beautiful soul and I see that. I am in a lot of ways very different from you yet I can still relate. don't ask me about my life because it doesn't matter anymore.. it has been perfect in many ways yet I still see these lyrics as you do. I can have everything in the world and still feel like I am empty and done. you are calling out to everyone; you are the hero. I am weak. we are all both strong and weak.

Dear "Creep", (from the reviewers) 12/27/11 | Reviewer: CreepLover | 1/16/12

You say someone wouldn't find anything to talk about after two sentences. I have an hour of questions for you. You're possibly one of the most interesting people I've heard from. You have honesty towards not just those around you but yourself. That's so rare. We tend to blur our own visions of ourselves and yet know clearly how we feel about everyone else. Thank you for making me think. And wonder about you. I know you'll never see this, but maybe...

Everyone should hear what you have to say. Everyone with enough of a brain to listen. The world would hail you as a visionary and honest philosopher.

Regardless of what any other self obssessed person says about this or me or you. I personally thank you for sharing with me.

And I'm not some creepy cat person. I'm in my 20s and live in a huge city and have a mostly happy, smally successful life. I modeled for years, but got out of it because I couldn't take the constant blatant judgement of myself. Others are stronger than me.

those who think this in incorrect are idgits | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

The Album Pablo Honey has two versions of the song on it track 2 is the one you all keep referring too with "fucking" in the place of "very" track 13 on the same album is the edited version that the band itself made where "very" is heard so both versions are correct listen to an album fully before you start spouting off like ill informed idiots

"Very" is NOT false. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

Lovely people,

those who say, "fucking" instead of "very" is the ONLY correct word should watch the official video of this song and they can hear Thom singing "very"... "fucking" is sung on the recording of the album.

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

Who the hell changed the lyrics to "very special"? Yeah, some people don't like curse words but this song is still a piece of art and censoring it would be like putting clothes on Michaelangelo's David.

creep | Reviewer: anonoid | 12/27/11

This song pretty much perfectly describes my life, I'm 30 years old, have had 2 relationships (which lasted about 2 months each) my entire life.

The lyrics: "you're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry", "you float like a feather, In a beautiful world" and most importantly "you're so fucking special" could refer to anyone, anyone at all except me. I'm a social retard, That special thing is whatever it is I lack that makes everyone else function on a normal social basis.

Which is why the lyrics "what the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here" are so poinant, 'here' is the social environment. Where I belong is shut off from the rest of humanity, In my room. I don't even want to be reminded of what everyone else finds so easy.

"I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control, I want a perfect body,
I want a perfect soul,I want you to notice when I'm not around" -
For me that's suicide, 'don't care if it hurts..perfect body, perfect soul'= heaven. (though I'm an atheist, but that's my interpretation),
and ..'want you to notice, when i'm not around'...sorta speaks for itself.

"I wish I was special, But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo" - *but* being the important word here. No matter how hard I try, no matter how many anti-depressants, counselling, self help websites or years of attempted social interaction I attempt, It won't matter in the end, Cause I'm one of those weird people who you look at and go, 'geez, that's one ugly guy', or upon conversation have two sentences of conversation with and then find nothing more to talk about.

"she's running out the door" is life itself, opportunity for success and happiness leaving you, as you are an outcast. Your friends don't like you, they just put up with you, and both of you know it. Girls won't even give you a pity date.

It's the perfect song of loneliness, desperation, self-pity and self-loathing, sung with emotional sincerity. I'm not much of a fan of radiohead at all, but I can't listen to this song without crying.
That's just my interpretation of it.

song lyrics | Reviewer: matthew | 12/15/11

moniette, you say fix. THE LYRICS ARE YOU'RE SO FUCKING SPECIAL. and NOT very special!
and what the hell with hell being a swear?
i don't think kids would realy be bothered about hearing fucking or hell in a song. It's no good having lyrics for a song if they arn't correct isn't it???

Silly Little Demi Point | Reviewer: Sweet Creep | 12/11/11

Good god, what a crusher tune.
That said: Songs are as you see them, as you sing them, you are in control. If we're trading tunes (and a little of this and that) around the campfire I'll curse freely.
However! If I'm busking, or playing the coffee shop, or something of that nature I'll go ahead and get the meaning across better to people who won't focus on the f-bomb if I leave it out, dig?
Moinette's tight, but we're all right.

Yeah! | Reviewer: creep number895 | 11/29/11

I wondered how many other people felt like this song's lyrics hit home. I don't feel like a creep all the time, but I do feel out of place and disconnected from people a lot. When I heard this song for the first time I just smiled and said yeah!!