different | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

i know a lot of people see this song as about a relationship, but to me it almost sounds like sarcasm, like he's talking about somebody who thinks theyre totally awesome, "you're so ucking special." i dont know

Actually | Reviewer: mewster18 | 6/25/08

The singer feels inferior to the girl, that in his love for her he sees her as unreal, perfection. She doesn't realise his feelings for her and leaves him behind, ignores him. He takes this as him being subhuman and says,"I wish I was special". What he really means is that he wishes he could be noticed or equal to her.

Its like a geek and a jock, both inferior in there own ways without noticing their true beauty and purpose. As if they cannot see past the stereotypes and focus only on the negative.

He loves her. She doesn't know. He feels like a creep. So he decides he wants to be like her, but he doesn't know how to or how to even give himself the chance to make it work.

He is lost in depression and doesn't believe in himself. Because he doesn't himself the chance to make her see him he can only blame himself. He can never measure up. Even if he gets the girl he still sees himself with loathing and hatred. He doesn't believe that he is worthy, but doesn't know that until he learns to embrace himself he will never be able to work things out.

I feel like this a lot.

No! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

This song is all about anorexia in my eyes.. he loves a girl who is anorexic, and he starts to have thoughts that he wants to be like that too. he doesnt want to stop her, 'whatever makes you happy' x

has a lot of meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

this song means a lot to me its just a song yea its a depressing song cause I devoted this song to my gf she liked it and all but like a week ltr we broke up!! But I listen to this song all the time it connects to me like if it was a part of me!! Its a master in the making I sung this part to her : when ur here before couldnt look u in the eye your just like an angel your skin makes me cry you float like a feather in a beutiful world. every time I here this it ripps me from the inside agh I love this song I just miss her!! LOL

finally... | Reviewer: elianaaa | 6/23/08

"Guys, come on. It's just a song. Why does everything always have to have a deeper meaning? It's just a song. Enjoy the amazing vocals, the strong chords, and the emotion in every word. It doesn't need to be analyzed."

I think that's what I was hoping to read after all!:):):)

Obsessive Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/08

The song is simple really if you can pull it apart and put it back together.
He is in love with a girl that he wants to be happy with, but something is telling him that he's not good enough for her. So, he resorts to beating himself up if it makes him stop loving her.
The evidence isn't in the chords or the sound, it's the lyrics. "I wanna perfect body.. I want a perfect soul." and "You're so fucking special, I wish I was special" both have to do with him wanting her so badly to the point where he would change completely to get her. Then, he just stops and says he's a weirdo and a creep for wanting to change himself to have her.

I looked at it from a social level, maybe she really was too good for him or her friends told him so.

kahlfsdhfaif | Reviewer: arp | 6/19/08

the song is just saying that he likes this girl but she thinks he's a creep and weird.its not as complicated as everyone is making it out to be.and aimee he was probably just telling you about the song and he most likely didnt intend it to mean anything to anyone.

Lovin' it | Reviewer: david cook fan | 5/27/08

Never heard this song before until I found a cover that David Cook did. This song has been stuck in my head since then. It's great! And pretty straightforward, so don't get yer knickers in a knot over the meaning!

Couldnt help but wonder | Reviewer: Aimee Sonhee | 5/23/08

My ex-boyfriend tells me he loves this song. i looked up the meaning to the lyrics. He told me this new girl he's into and i told him this cute guy i think about alot and i couldnt help but wonder if he likes this song as a strong meaning to this new girl or me... what do you guys think?... even though most of you might not give a crap. lol :)

Deeper meaning? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/08

Guys, come on. It's just a song. Why does everything always have to have a deeper meaning? It's just a song. Enjoy the amazing vocals, the strong chords, and the emotion in every word. It doesn't need to be analyzed.

The song has been made into a movie under the same title.... | Reviewer: ads | 4/12/08

Hard to say to RH really meant, but The Creep (a horror movie made two or three years ago) fully conveys the idea. The director seems to have got the message right.... There is more to it than the eye can see...

from somewhere | Reviewer: typo | 4/7/08

It's one thing to write a song about a specific situation, but completely another how it is performed for and perceived by the public.

It's a very simple song about a love that's not going to happen. More important subject here is why it is not going to happen.

Thom's singing here is absolutely out of this world and the emotion he shows is on the most basic level - feeling inadequate to make a step over to an adjacent but fundamentally different world from the one he lives in so he can be and feel closer to the girl he likes.

Having this in mind, most people at sometime in their life feel they are inadequate to step out of their comfort zone to get something they need or want. If I liked a girl who hangs around mathematics geniuses, I would certainly feel like a creep because I suck at math. :)

Unfortunately, that's the society we live in, division among people all over the place. Instead of trying to make the world we live in inclusive for everybody, natural tragedy of human beings is to be divided.

It's easy to say "fyck it all" and not even think about it, but that's for idiots. People with actual feeelings notice it and try to say something about it. This song tries.

Oh the crap we put ourselves through | Reviewer: K in Calgary | 4/4/08

Folks, let's stop and think here for a moment...He's not a creep and he knows it! Simply, he's being mind fucked by, yet another girl who herself, is aware of how insecure she really is, but is lucky enough to have physical "beauty" to hide behind. She runs from a good situation from guy who offers his everything. His everything, is not the problem, rather his poor choices in life of before, who made him the man he is today - someone who sells himself short and is willing to take less, but cannot escape his primal desire to attach himself to damaged goods is uncompromised by his own shallowness & his own insecurity.

He feels like a Creep, because control and perfection, although never really 100% attainable, upsets him from within since his series of choices in life has brought him so far away from where he knows he could be. However, he never really executed control of what he knows he could.

Controlling a girl like the one in the song only represents his own life and really doesn't have to do with the girl at all. The girl is a purposeful decision to only reaffirm his lack of happiness. He pursues what he doesn't even want but goes down the path of most resistance to emphsize his victimized lifestyle - that he himself is entirely responsible for.

We're all victims of something and some of us are more victimized than others, but it all is what it is. What the hell am I doin here - I dont belong here is everyone's motto in a world where we all try to find happiness from someone else rather than finding inner peace first and foremost.

But it is always seemingly easier to find temporary pleasure from a pre-determined outcome of pain and suffering. "Creep", I suppose we are when we purposefully pursue more suffering intentionally. The girl does play the role well, but that's what he wants, and his own displeasure in himself is made ever-so-clear when the girl he pursues makes good on what he knows that she will do...Run! Of course, she's going to run, shes been running all her life, ever since the Pain started to really hurt! And now his pursuit, which is really about running away from his true self, has never be so real as it is now.

Hopefully, you like this take on the song...

We are all so very special, just try to remember where that person is and I promise you, everything will work out! Namaste.

The meaning | Reviewer: fee | 3/31/08

Yeah, I know a lot about anorexic,too, and these are typical sentences for this topic... But I also agree about the 'obvious meaning' of the songtext: A boy who loves a girl and thinks he is not good enough for her...something like that. But these two meanings (the anorexic one and the love-topic) may be connected. Anyway; beautiful song!! <3
[sorry for the bad english^^ ]

Love it | Reviewer: Amy | 3/30/08

I love this song to pieces.
And I have to say I agree with Fee about the anorexia bit with the lyrics, "I don't care if it hurts, I wanna have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul." Anorexia is about control and some would say having the "perfect body." My sister is a recovering anorexic and all the therapists she sees all say it's about the same thing, it's about control. So that's what I think that part of the song is about, but as for the rest of the song, I would imagine it's about a guy fantasizing over a girl, thinking she's too good for him, etc., the obvious meaning anyway.