Excellent | Reviewer: Daryl | 7/26/07

It has been a long time coming, but i finally have the song and don't have to wait until it has been played on the radio to work out who sung it, wasn't going to google it either, love the song, it is one of my favourite songs at the minute, thanks Radiohead.

.. | Reviewer: Mj | 7/22/07

but am a creep! am a weirdo! wat the hell am i doin here! , well i dont belong here! this song is ME!!

awesome | Reviewer: miklos | 7/22/07

remember the first time i heard this song, a long time ago, it made feel strange and it still does. this song is one of the ten best ever released...

Do it to yourself | Reviewer: Scott | 7/20/07

It is about the ridiculousness of beleiving that you are something special, that other people are better than you, and it shows that you only place yourself in a subjective hell if you worry about what other people think.

this... | Reviewer: tlio | 7/20/07

it's all about the differencs between the one that use drugs and the "perfect" world the world of real loosers...theri are jokin with the perfect assholes...

this song is so fuckin special!!!! | Reviewer: Anely | 7/15/07

I love this song, it's so simple but yet so meaningful and deep. I dedicated it, to a very special guy, but he'll never know what I feel for him, because I'm a weirdo......

about the word weirdo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/07

> I have a question: what does
> "weirdo" mean?? cause I cant
> find the meaning no where

Any decent English dictionary has the word weirdo.

the song creep | Reviewer: lillyliza | 7/5/07

ihave listened to it,its well written ,well sung,and soifits about him,it only takes the best of people to writeand sing about how they reallyfeel ,,radio head brilliantband keep it up,isay blessyou allalways

what it's really about | Reviewer: Edward Fox | 7/5/07

It's all pretty much the same as all your reveiws... but he wrote it about when any guy is insecure and wants a girl, they'll pursue her, or try to, "i don't belong here" "run run run" is about him entering territory he doesn't want to be a part of... because of his insecurities.. Thom Yorke said it was about him following a girl in college that he liked and never had the courage to go any further

Acoustic is best | Reviewer: Dylan | 7/4/07

Some one had asked what a "weirdo" is. well urban dictionary has it as.
"A person who is considered strange to other people. This person may do strange things, so this person can be considered a "weirdo""

Overall great song, but as i said the acoustic version is still the best.

HOla! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

Hi I´m from venezuela, and I love this song But I have a question: what does "weirdo" mean?? cause I cant find the meaning no where... if someone can answer me please... I will be very grateful

From Argentina with love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

Awesome,fucking amazing. I can't believe it when I heard him ,Makes me cry . one of the best song ever listened

creep | Reviewer: adam | 6/28/07

this song got me into radiohead and it smy favourite osng. its one of thoose osngs were you feel liek it was written about you because i can rleate to every line in it

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Kaledrina | 6/27/07

This song is so beautiful. I sang it over the phone to the boy I liked. Probably one of the best songs about unrequited love known to mankind.

about Creep by Radiohead | Reviewer: Shad Gray | 6/25/07

This song is a comparison between this "perfect" person and him, on how anyone can be so shamed of himself because of the way he perceives the world around him.