fav song | Reviewer: PaToU | 9/1/09

I been a fan of Radiohead since OK Computer got out but that song is and will always be my favorite from them the lyrics are so deep and well thought who hasn't felt this way somewhere down the line at least once I don't know the nack story of the song and I actually don't care it's just perfect as it is

the real meaning of the song | Reviewer: backcre | 8/26/09

Thom Yorke wrote ‘Creep’ after being rejected by a girl he was infatuated with while studying at Exeter University in the late '80s. Yorke says it is about being in love with someone, but not feeling good enough, declaring, “There's the beautiful people and then there's the rest of us.”
So its more about being in love but feeling like you're not worth it..

Interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/09

I think everyone honestly feels like that sometimes.

I absolutely love this song when Radiohead does it but Anberlin's version does make a good second place. Both bands are better than muse [no offense to any muse fans out there].

I think this song captures the feelings of a lot of teenagers [if not all of them at least a little bit] all around.

Thanks radiohead for the awesome song....

Sarcastic ??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/09

Oh my God, how is it possible to say that it's better when Muse play it ????

Muse is a pretentious fake.

And the lyrics are not sarcastic at all, first it is an early song, far before Thom became "a hero" as you said, and second, lack of self-confidence is something that lots of artists feel, that also why their work is brilliant, because of permanent doubts...

It`s a good song! | Reviewer: Fardad | 8/22/09

Well, this song makes you think about your life. I don`t think it`s depressing or counter-depressing. this song can make your feelings exaggreted. It`s just explaining a kind of feeling.
And I love the replay of this song done by my brother and his friend..

Lujino | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

For all of you that are confused about the meaning of this song its about feelings of self inadequecy when in a relationship. Its not sracastic. Its sincere. The song is about him (or anyone for that matter) who doesnt think they are good enough to be with someone.

Mm, | Reviewer: Maul | 8/6/09

Maybe it really doesn´t matter the opinions of the others, maybe he isn´t sarcastic in those lyrics, maybe he really sees himself like that.

Remember people, you don´t feel like the titles you have or what other people think (this can only make you think if its right or no), but is rather how u feel about yourself, maybe he isn´t comfortable with himself, maybe what he sings really is what he was feeling, or feeling right now i don't know.

Im sure it wasnt sarcastic. Tittles and acomplishments mean shit when you arent comfortable with urself.

Damn. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/09

I wish I would have heard this song sooner. I've had so many situations in my life feeling just like that, especially, " What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here..." I've walked into classrooms and places that I wasn't usually in, and everyone stops what they are doing and just stare at me with such hatred that I want to walk right back out. I end up sitting in a corner out of everyone's view until I can leave. I wish I had this song back then to help me feel like I wasn't totally alone.

What it means | Reviewer: Ben | 6/25/09

I am pretty sure that thom yorke was really sarcastic in those lyrics. I mean... yes thom is a weirdo and he thought he was a piece of shit back in 91. But look at him now :D Frontlines to earth's defense, 2000 most notorious artist. He is considered as a hero by many people in the world.

Maybe he does belong here after all.

So... take this as an example kids, you ARE NOT a piece of shit and nobody has the right to claim themselves better than you. Even if they are millionaires or corp holders... we are all of flesh and bones.

it reminds me | Reviewer: joey | 6/26/09

of how i feel in most situations, i cant handle it when people are nice to me, or sympathetic towards me. for some reason i cant show emotion or feelings, idont know why. thats what i take from this song, i dont belong here, its easier to avoid people who are nice to me..............GREAT SONG

My favorite cover song | Reviewer: Slicey | 6/23/09

For an amazing cover of this song check out Brandi Carlile [Live in Boston]. It's available on amazon. Brandi does covers at every concert - this one is so painfully beautiful I absolutely love it. Might be my favorite cover of all time.

Fabulous Moments | Reviewer: Sad B'stard | 6/17/09

Wonderful, fabulous, painful song. Miss my wife. She died of cancer. She loved this song. Me too, all now for different reasons. Try listening to Eliza Lumley's version on chilled Ibiza - beautiful.

East Villager | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/09

A beautiful song isn't it? It's even prettier when Matt (lead singer of muse) covered it in acoustic. Emotional, sensational,,,it is a beautiful song that I scretch my fake voice singing the "she is out,," part with my acoustic guitar in front many chicks and they loved it and I enjoyed it. Plus, I have to say it's not hard to play for guitar beginners and guys who want to start playing. Start playing guitar with this song, it only has four chords. Sing it infront chicks and get laid!

Dave thanks for intelligent clarity of the human experience | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/09


I didn't find any "critique" or lack of understanding of "depression" in your post. Should you see this- one person out there grasped that you were expressing the essence of the lyrics and intent of the song were not to relive the horrible insecurity over and over again, but the moment of confrontation with the fear of ourselves we live with. There is irony (even humor and ultimate acceptance) in the lyrics, it wasn't meant to be a morbid, melancholy, gosh, poor me, I'm not good enough for "her". It's in my mind I'm not good enough and I'm candidly recognizing it which is the beginning of meeting eye to eye with oneself: and then with those we love, so that we can actually experience love which is essentially overcoming insecurity about ourselves and then the judgement of others. Sorry for all of you who have experienced pain and "biological" depression. I hope you are able to have a similar reckoning with your "selves".

Poor Mr. Yorke is my thought-intelligent expression is often misunderstood.

Brayden: | Reviewer: Brayden | 5/4/09

This song just absolutely defines the human emotions. I too-such as many of you-am suffering through stages of depression.

When this song first came out BBC wouldn't play it on the radio because it was said to be "too depressing". but i think quite the opposite, this is a song that counters depression. It shows us that there are other people suffering through the same thing.

We are not alone