without relating to love, this song says how I feel | Reviewer: helloimbob | 11/11/10

without the entire concept of refering to a girlfriend, this song is pretty much how I feel. i have no self significance. I feel everyone hates me. I shouldn't be here. I wish someone could make me feel better

re-analyze | Reviewer: biggelow humphries | 11/9/10

Actually I'm thinking this song is about a girl he wants but can't have because she's out of his league, hence "I wish I was special" that's why he wants a perfect, body, soul, etc...he knows that in her eyes he's a creep and I weirdo, and that he's out of his element.

You people look to deep into shit.

Cool | Reviewer: Bob | 10/30/10

I'm not a single man. I'm also not depressed. I have to admit that I have replayed the song on youtube whilst singing along to these lyrics the past 5 times in a row. My wife has now gone to bed because she was so bored of my singing. What I'm trying to say is I'm drunk and I like this song. Goodnight! ;-)

I'm a creep. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/10

This song hurts me when I listen to it, but that doesn't stop me from constantly playing it.
This is my first year without her around, even if she never knew I loved her, and even if I rarely got to speak to here. I depended on seeing her each day. Now that she has moved away everything has crumbled. I miss her so much, she is so special, I wish I was special like her. I want another chance with her. So much.

The creep in everyone of us | Reviewer: Creep | 10/22/10

I know this song way back when I was young. Now I listened to it again as an ost for The Social Network movie. In general, we do not try hard to fit ourselves on what our social community is trying to impose on us. We were made different in various special way and is best on different things. Success in life not measured on how much you look and how many friends you have but on how you spend it meaningful and wisely.

Diana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/10

Said a lot of hurtful things about this girl . Really sick stuff =/ . And now when i try to hang out with her, she says yes but never comes to hurt me i'm guessing. She gets with all these guys that don't care about her . But i love her, loved her for 3 years now , and she knows what i've said before and still talks to me , she's amazing and the best , but i can't and don't deserve to have her . I'm a creep , i'm a weirdo , what the hell am i doing here . i don't belong here =/.

Narcissism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

This song is exquisitely and hauntingly beautiful, the melody the lyrics, all of it. But, what does it really say ... I too dated someone, who I later came to regard as a creep, a real creepy creep. His dark side, his jekyl-hide personality, his history and pity ploys to seduce me, and, destroy my life. He was and always will be my only true patholigical nightmare. He was the full-blown definition of a narcissist, and, possibly a danger to society. (go to a website, such as Sam Vaknin, and, see if things match up to this song.) Just writing this makes me feel sick, as "Creep" was written for these individuals, and, they are a cancer on society. No, there is no cure, none. The song is meant to mock the female to whom he is singing. Studies have been done, and, I once worked for a prominent psych who treated Borderline patients, the worst of them being the "narcissist". Any other comparison, with all due respect, trivializes the dark truth of these lyrics.
He is filled with self loathing, while at the coor of this is often childhood trauma, and, possibly predisposed genetic junk. Either way, he lives his life behind a mask, and when it slips, the "creep" as he sees himself, comes through like a poisonous venom doing unspeakable damage to his "object of affection", and, anyone else he can manipulate, if he sees fit. I just want intelligent, and, trusting people to think a little more clearly about this song, and, then it may have some value in protecting ourselves from these mentally ill and destructive individuals (from what I've seen of the comments to this song, I believe many of them are on these sites because they are drawn to what feels familiar to them, and, they crave recognition, good or bad). If someone had told me three years ago that I would understand a song like this on such a deep level, I would have laughed. I'm not laughing now.

Imprinted forever | Reviewer: Chrissy | 10/10/10

My oldest brother Larry (and one of my very best friends) sang this song, when he played in a band called "The Mac Daddy Stalkers". They were just a few friends, in their 40's, playing their favorite stuff.
We shared many nights, out at the "barn", all equipped with soundboard, lights, mics and friends.
Larry was diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer at age 44.
He was given 6 months to a year to live.
He continued to play this song, and attend every band practice he could. I have pictures/videos of him playing and singing this song, with the pic line, still in his arm, for his chemo.
The lyrics got more difficult to hear, as time passed, but this song is forever imprinted in my heart. Since his diagnosis, and ultimately, his death, I have had his bass guitar tattooed on my leg. I have added feathers, (representing the rest of my family), falling from this guitar, and my final addition will be the words..."Float like a feather, in a beautiful world". I will never forget him. What a great loss.
Just thought I would share this.
Music is important, crucial, in fact. Let's do everything we can to promote music in our schools, and never forget the beauty of a night with friends, a few guitars and a campfire.
Peace out,

ah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

To me, and many other people, this song seems to be about the struggle of an eating disorder. "You float like a feather, in a beautiful world", uhdoy, the influence that thin people have on others who wish to be as thin as them. "I want to have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul", ...y'dig?
It's a great, great song. Almost all of Radiohead's songs speak to me in such a specific sense that I find it a little odd that I didn't write them myself.

Tears | Reviewer: Me | 10/3/10

I spend my life upset and stressed and in the past I will admit to self-harming..... and this song helps me a lot now..... I haven't cut myself for years and this song has helped me with that..... this song makes me cry and burst out randomly into tears..... but that's OK cause I can vent my sorrow.

I'm a creep and I'm proud! ^^

Remembers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/10

This song makes me think about my ex boyfriend who lets me for another girl. He acted as a fucking creep! I find him in those words because there are some he told me. And the description qualifies him so well! He wanted to control everything ... and he was so fucking special oh my gosh!! I think I'm still in love with him. Why love is so difficult? Anyway, we don't care about my life! ^^ This is a very beautiful song and it allows to externalize us about our feelings, our joy, our pain... To me it works! Thanks Radiohead!!

I dated a creep | Reviewer: printacopia.com | 10/4/10

It is a very awesome, catchy classic song. It totally epitomizes my ex boyfriend. I had known him for for 10+ years only to get in a relationship at the worst point in his life. It was a pure 2 year hell, followed by 2 years of lingering. He totally changed his life and I sorta became the creep, but thats life...

I'm a Creep | Reviewer: creepafile | 9/30/10

Several years ago, I found myself in a very dark place indeed. My soul lived in perpetual shadow. I was in the depths of despair. If it wasn't for my bowl of Cap'n Crunch each morning, I honestly don't think I would be here today. The various colors of the Captain's berries were my savior. Move over Jesus... the Captian's back. Anyway, some of my friends told me that Captain Morgan was a better solution. Needless to say, I fell downward into a vortex of alcoholism. I even ate my Cap'n Crunch with my Captain Morgan. Every captain needs a mate. Anyway, the first time I heard this song, I was in the process of an aspirin overdose, downed with Captain Morgan. Luckily, a creep crawled into my head. It was none other than Radiohead's "Creep." There soulful lyrics penetrated my cold, black heart. I was made new. That's when I realized I too was a creep.

I wish I was special.

im not going down | Reviewer: rere | 9/29/10

What a beautiful song. My boyfriend don't want me back to him.. And all because my fault. How many I give the reason.. He won't forgive me. But its okay.. I just let him go.. I just let him fly. I'm not give up.. I just let the god finish it..

i know i am ok | Reviewer: acreeper | 9/26/10

i like this song it has helped me so much. i dated this girl and she didn't like me because i hid in her closet. and she found me in there masturbating. i later got herpes and blamed it on her. i had nasty shit all over my lip. but i went home and listened to this song and felt better. because i know i am ok.