Creep | Reviewer: Helterskelter | 3/27/08

Of course it doesn't hold a candle to their later, more experimental work, but it's a nice little 4-minute song, no? And yeah, the guitar crunches was Jonny trying to sabotage a song he didn't like. Much improved it, imo.

What the hell is going on here? | Reviewer: broy | 3/27/08

A friend of mine made a cd with about 15 different versions of this song on it. There were versions of it as a ballad, hard rock, soft dreamy, a sort of night club (think Sinatra) version. I listened to it over and over and over. I just loved it. I couldn't help but wonder, how does a simple song like this get recorded by so many artists in so many different ways. I never hear it on the radio or hear anybody talking about it.

Then, last week I got another CD with 15 more different versions, including an a capella version.

What the hell is going on here?

The Right Thing... | Reviewer: Suicidal Hates | 3/27/08

First... This song explains how the guy feels bout being with that "So fucking special" girl. He feels like a creep, probably cause he has low self esteem and dont know why she's with him. It is EVIDENT... He probably thinks the girl is too perfect "or special" for him, and he disses himself in a song. LOL.

awesome <3 | Reviewer: fee. | 3/27/08

Yeah, I've read an article about this,too...And I agree- Beautiful accident! But what is about the anorexia-backround of this song? Does anybody agree?^^ I'm not sure, so I'm searching for someone who know more about the meaning of that woderful song!

guitarr | Reviewer: harleigh | 3/24/08

this song is amazing in itself
i love the lyrics
the vocals
but what really really makes the song for me
is that guitar
just like randomly right before the chorus
it's amazing.
i was reading an article that said that it was an accident.

a wonderful accident that was.
this song is my all time favorite song.

ahhh | Reviewer: rachel | 3/24/08

seriously... seriously.. this is one of the greatest songs, BECAUSE of it's simplicity,
Thom's voice, the lyrics, everything.
the acoustic version... ahhh... love it.
and the meaning of the song?
there is no point arguing about it
it just means something different to everybody.
that's what's so beautiful
it's diverse

Claw: read this | Reviewer: James | 3/19/08

However much you may be in love with someone, if it is unrequited then you must learn what it is to be without them, and over time you'll realize that even if you love that person, you are able to both love them and leave yourself open to the opportunities of the rest of life. You'll always value her, you'll always be prepared to protect her (whoever she is), but you'll also be able to take her out of the center of your mind and put her over on the side. That is what it means to "have control."

Only then will you no longer be a creep.

awesome <3 | Reviewer: fee | 3/19/08

I love this song,too...but I think it has another meaning...perhaps it's about anorexia or something...there are some evidences in the lyrics:
>> I don't care if it hurts,
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul <<
or this one: >> You're so fucking special
I wish I was special << ...
well,don't know, but may be.

this relates to me so much | Reviewer: Claw | 3/14/08

iam in love with this song i have loved a girl for over a year and have left my friends and just isolated myself to try and be with her and the line "What the hell am I doin' here?/ I don't belong here, ohhhh, ohhhh" just fits so good in where i hang out at school iam trying to be around her and feel like a "weirdo" with where i hang out now around her friends and just wow i feel like she is so "fucking special" annd that i wish i was special so she would relize me and just i want her to "I want her to notice/ when I'm not around" and just ugh..... i think she likes another guy which is where the line "Whatever makes you happy/ Whatever you want" comes in to play but jut i have shed so many tears over this girl but in the end i still like her and will contnue on "i dont care if it hurts" i just want to have control over my life so i will just keep waiting and see what happends but i guess you can say IM A CREEP

amazing | Reviewer: jonathan | 3/1/08

I can't stand the big deal about this song, it's too simple for my understanding, although thoms voice is so angel-like amazing I can't resist to listen to it. but there's also another thing that makes me feel related to it- the lyrics. that's how I've felt my whole life. makes me feel I'm not the only one

a good ending to this story!! | Reviewer: 45 perfection | 2/21/08

In a time when I had regressed to listening to my classic vinyl Lp's from the 60s thru the 80's cause I thought ALL music was sucking after 1992 I was on my way to the mall to buy a pair of shoes for my brand new suit I had to wear to work every f'ing day and as I sat in the parking lot this song came on. I was 35 years old dating a 22 year old. She knew NOTHING about music and I am a musician my entire life but also made a living doing a reg 9-5 job. I saw her mumble the words to this song and how it made her feel. Then she looked at me and asked me if I thought she was a Creep. I told her she was "special, so f'ing special" We have been married for 15 years now. TY radiohead. what a beautiful song!!!

... | Reviewer: sigh | 2/20/08

This song is so beautiful... so pretty.....the slow and soft melody....and Then comes the heavy strumming... its like candy to my plays with my brain,massages it, if you gets me high...i know all this is of the best "dark" songs of all time. i think everyone feels it at one point...the one that you cant have...

the best song | Reviewer: sharlene lopez | 2/19/08

you know what for a girl like me to actually listen to a song like this that all i hear is hip hop and rap but i got his game called rock band and i started hearing the song and i was like wait i got to look up these lyrics and i herd it and i just fell in love with it!!!!!!!

spot on | Reviewer: some guy | 2/8/08

Whoa..first time I heard this loved I just loved it cos it pretty much expressed exactly how I felt right now in my situation, and shows I am not just the only guy that feels the same way as the band did at some stage. I never knew how popular Creep was and still is amongst Radiohead fans & the general public. I sure feel stupid saying this but I am thinking of covering this for my school on Valentine's Day.

Awesome | Reviewer: Bella | 2/8/08

This song is definitely one of the best songs ever, I just love it. And even if I'm a girl, I'm exactly in that situation right now...
I feel the same and I just can't stop listening to it, it makes me wanna cry...
Luv Radiohead