all about pain | Reviewer: monster | 8/29/13

A guy trapped in a very ugly place and when he sees everything outside of that place...he realizes how bad it is to be him and how much he longs to live in.the perfect world of beauty and being admired. Alone is he in that ugly world..but all are they who are living the world of admiration and beauty. Therefore...he realizes the problem is he cant escape and he will.always be different because he is a creep.

He shown me this song | Reviewer: lala | 8/7/13

I discovered this song thanks to the guy that I used to date. He considered himself as a creep who couldn't reach the "angel" he was chasing, at the end he got to date that girl... but for me he was the angel of the song, while I was the creep. Every time I hear this song it makes me cry with these memories, to see how I could lose all the respect for myself just to satisfy him and make him notice me. I would only change one word in the lyrics, where it says "I want you to notice when I'm not around", I would change that "not" for "I want you to notice when I am around".

What I take away | Reviewer: Abnormal | 7/10/13

I understand what this song is truly meant to be about, but whenever I listen to it I feel like I'm in the middle of someone's personal battle with themselves. I always imagine a girl singing it about someone beautiful she idolizes. A girl wrought with insecurity, pain, and heaps of self hatred. Especially the lines: "I don't care if it hurts/I want to have control/I want a perfect body/I want a perfect soul". This line always has me picturing what self destructive path she's chosen to: obtain the beauty she dreams about, or to drown out the pain of knowing she'll never achieve it.

Its a song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/13

Chill people its just a song. Takes balls to write, compose and sing.. Write and sing one yourself, a genuine one, then I'll love to hear your comments.
God! Grow up, someone is trying to tell you what he's feeling like. And as if Thom's reading your stupid criticisms.

I am a Creep, have been since I was a teenager. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/13

Danny B, Pokey Patty, Tessa and others as well as I get this song.
Being a big shy nice guy, I so get this song, because it's me. It's my life. I joke to keep up the wall, I wear a mask to hide my disappointments and keep all the hurts hidden. I'm terrified to talk to a girl and on the ever so rare occasion when I can summon the courage to actually speak to a girl crushed when shot down. Looking at girls/women and knowing they don't see me or more to the point don't see me the way I want them to...God I am so lonely.

Anonymous 18 March - No you're not the only one. | Reviewer: Anon | 5/22/13

The lyrics are definitely about an abusive controlling individual. Those that have not been entrapped, terrorised and then had to summon the courage to escape will never understand, but its not their fault.

It is nevertheless an amazing track.

I'm a creep and proud | Reviewer: Danny B | 4/9/13

This song is the one of the only song that brings a tear to my eye every time
It is a song for every soul that has ever felt that gut wrenching pain of yearning for someone forever out of reach, either because they feel they are out of their league or they lack the confidence to ever ask them out.
A creep is quite often a thoughtful,sensitive person that wants to be loved for being themselves but in this superficial world where beauty is seen only on the surface. So few people are prepared to look beneath.

What lyrics? | Reviewer: Marjanna | 4/5/13

The most beautiful thing about this song is Thoms voice! That is
what drew me in. He caresses every word and his inflections at the end of each sentence makes my head swim. It amazes me how there can be so much importance placed on lyrics when it's Thom's
style and range that really blows my mind. The actual words don't matter unless you happen to be a creep or a weirdo. In that
case, carry on!

Too Old? | Reviewer: KaCe | 3/24/13

I like the songs rhythm...soulful. Everyone does have heartache if they ever open their heart to someone; so it is a universal feeling— being rejected or unknown to one you'd like to have notice you; I've always felt you are in charge of your own happiness or lack there of. Be honest. Be forthright. You will never know the smile that could await you if you don't act. And so much can begin with a smile. Own your happiness. Own your adoration. Own your self respect. DO something. Don't sit on the sidelines letting others make you feel less of yourself. If you feel fat, exercise. If you feel unattractive, learn what makes you look your best...the best hairstyle for your face, the most flattering clothes for your shape or the cologne you like most. Go to places that make YOU feel good. Do activities that give YOU good vibes. Step outside your meager life to help someone else and feel good for having helped. But OWN who you are, what you do and how you do it. That other person will respect you if you are what they are seeking. If not, you could not have held their interest, and the only move left for you would be— IF you love them, let them go. Today it is hard for youthful love, even not so youthful. But to me most young people are too self absorbed, too about how others find them. Worry less about that. Help others, volunteer in places that make a difference. You WILL feel different for doing it. You will be perceived differently. You may still be a creep, but one that others will want to know. Will give respect to.

Pokey Patty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/13

Creep is one of Radiohead's best ever and I "got it" from the beginning, it's a man checking out a beautiful girl from afar but he knows he's too ugly & uncool to even approach her but it doesn't stop him from loving her. He's just eating his hear out.

just fuck it | Reviewer: esu | 3/20/13

some depressing stuff here. so what if ur a creep. just think about it the other way. ur the one that is different from the majority, ur the one that sees what other can't. so what if they point fingers, ur still a creep, ur still the one that they won't understand, u've got the power over them. be a creep, be less like others, be more like you. stand out from others in any single way that you can. and if ur not a creep, if u think this song is just depressing, talking about the minority of people, then review ur attitude. take every little chance u get that makes you a creep to the average eye to the maximum. do what others won't. be a creep, don't shape urself to the majority. we've got too many of those already.

Relatable song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/13

Its just beautiful and depressing at the same time. I can relate a lot with this like all my friends are super skinny and perfect and they work out and i- i feel like the pig of the group... my mom sorta calls me fat and she rubs it in my face whenever she gets the chance. Im really jelous of a girl which she's the angel , everybody likes her shes so fucking special and im a creep thats wants a perfect body and soul. Fave song here.

What About Actual Creeps? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/13

Am I the only person that sees this song literally about someone being a "creep"? Maybe I'm just unfortunate enough to have the experience of being stalked on more than one occasion, but the lyrics to this song fit those individuals very well. They start out trying to flatter you in every superficial way possible, then they degrade themselves openly to try to get your pity. And just when you think they may have enough humility and modesty given the circumstances they've presented, they ruin any potential of developing respectable boundaries by trying to possess and control you. And what does any person with enough self-respect do in response to this obsessive behavior? RUN.

Of course, there are some people who call others creeps when it is unwarranted just to hurt them, but there are many people whose actions may warrant that response. If you're going to be obsessive and possessive of anyone, whether you're close to them or not, you might want to get a hold of it because it's not genuine love in the first place, and nobody appreciates it. You can't control how another person feels about you. They don't like you? Yeah, it hurts, get over it. In that case, you wouldn't want them longer than five minutes anyway. Have enough respect for yourself and the other person to let it go, and find someone or something worth your time.

creep | Reviewer: Nathan | 3/18/13

I think the lyrics are awesome to this song and it is pretty much summing up my social life, at least I think so. I have aspergers and I have lots of friends, but I don't talk with them much and always feel like the odd man out. I also like a girl, but I don't know how to talk to her because of my aspergers.

This song sums up my situation so perfectly. | Reviewer: Dave | 3/5/13

A lot of people say that they can relate to this song because they are outsiders and socially inept but for me it is different. I am quite popular, have lots of solid friends and am known for being the theatrical clown. I have recently became good friends with someone I never thought I would and I feel so strongly for them that it hurts. But, she trusted me enough to tell me that she is a lesbian (even if she wasn't, she has no interest in me like that). Now I have to bear it and suppress it, because if this is what I have to feel to be near her then I will. I ask myself "what the hell I am doing here?" and "I wish I was special", because if she or anyone knew then if would be just another one of my "jokes" - I'm not laughing.. not anymore.

I guess that I'm just a creep.
And she is so fucking special.