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Performed by Radiohead

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Re: Whatever it is about... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/09

It is actually NOT about a child molester. It's just about a girl the singer likes, who he feels is out of his league. I think he feels like she has control over him, because he puts her on such a pedestal.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Nini | 1/1/09

I see this song in a lot of ways and different people can relate to it in their own way.

I don't care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body

It's the song that made me cry all the time thinking about the guy I loved and dealing with anorexia nervosa.

A chick can be a Creep | Reviewer: Shelley | 12/26/08

Hey, I'm a chick and i feel this song resembles me and the way I look at my partner. I'm the crazy, freaky weirdo, he's beautiful and way out of my league!!! I don't care it's what has made our relationship so interesting and exciting!!

Creep | Reviewer: smartpants | 12/24/08

this song wont let me sleep.. it just keeps playing in my head.. this song is about a guy who has no self confidence and thinks hes not worth being with her.. he's paranoid abd pressured.. he thinks she's out of his league.. and she probably doesnt make him feel better or reassured...

One of my all time favorite songs :D

Whatever it is about... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/08

The words, "I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control" bother me a little. And then later he sings about her running. A friend told me a long time ago that it was about a child molester and that's why I'm online trying to figure it out now.

losing before starting the game.. | Reviewer: staintje | 12/24/08

Years ago, when i was a lesser person than i am now, a friend of mine found the love of his life...

Somehow there was a click between her and me..
I was the proverbial bad-guy, the interesting dark character able to destroy everything you hold dear..
I used to sing her this song and now years later it is still "our" song...
For me and her alike, this is now a song about something that never was and never will be..
and probably for the better...

Luckily i didn't destroy anything and she is happily married with that guy and has two sons with him...

also i have changed a lot..
Who i was than, is just a bad memory, but no regrets, for my past has made me into who i am today...

Why do i write this?
For me a good song is all about emotions and memories..
If a song can bring me back in time..
ah well, you get my drift..

: ) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/08

it's a song about what everybody feels when he or she falls in love.. You think of a person and feel that you are not even worth his or her nail or a small piece of his or her clothes..

About grammatical mistakes (written 10/4/08) - guys, people from all over the world write their opinions in English, no wonder we can write something wrong : )

damn... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

Really hit me on the spot...
For me, it's about someone who was completely stranger in the past...but now he's closer to the girl but still, she thinks nothing but just as a friend. No matter how he tried.
I don't belong here means i couldn't even be her friend..i'm not worthy to be her friend...and i couldn't take anymore being too close to's hurting.

Okay, it's not the true meaning but I want it to be like that. Cuz I felt like that...Ahh, damn!

Heavy song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

This song transends so many different is sad, it is powerful, it is tragic, it is...true. It is like a contained explosion, with the guitar riff hitting you in the nuts like a sledge hammer.

This song is not about someone who "CANT" have | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

This song isn't about someone who cant have who he wants. He has her already.
"what the hell am i doing here? I don't belong here."
I love this song. I know what he feels like. The woman i love i have. I still feel that way. every time i see her or think about her. It's a feeling of being unworthy. Not a feeling of "want"

Creep | Reviewer: SHREADS | 11/4/08

This song hits a lot of guys straight in the chest like it did to me. No other song explains the true feelings of a guy when he cant have someone which he will die for. The song really fucked me up after the break up between me and my ex a day after our three year aniversery. Its a great song!

only now.. | Reviewer: miss ferreira | 11/3/08

I only discovered this song after listening to a guy in a reality show on TV playing a guitar and singing this beautiful song. I believe this song has a deep meaning and I'm thankful to discover it..

GREAT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

Look, this song is for everyone. The message that this song contains is universal, in such a way that it relates to any and everyone. When you find that one girl, she maybe everything to you. On the flip side you may not be to her. She in turn plays on you'r self-esteem and you feel like a creep when, "she floats like feather". I think the main message in the song though is that everyone is special to any one particular person. Until you find that connection with another, you will forever feel "like a creep...".

A comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

Guys, who are we to criticize others in the way they want to express themselves. So we have a few spelling mistakes because we're in a rush or for some other reason, doesn't mean we all failed elementary english in grade school. Some people may not live up to your standards in the way they write and you may be a hundred times a better writer than they, so what? Ever think they may be foreign, or an ESL student trying desperately to write a 'good' not perfectly written paragraph? Keep your opinions on the way people express themselves to yourself, you have no right to say what is wrong and what is right, it's all perspective anyway.
Besides this is a song review, so write something about the song -__-... I liked it a lot by the way xD
That's all I have to say, peace.

yeah | Reviewer: gfh | 10/12/08

well even that i am mexican,i can tell that this song is amazing though i don´t know very well its meaning i can tell that it makes me cry its so buautiful so dark so perfect...i have to say that i am an emo so maybe you are not interested in my opinion but for me nobody is perfect nobody has a perfect body and neither a perfect soul but everyone is in search of one please don´t do it anymore you just have to wait wait wait and to be honest you´ll never find something like that cause happiness my friends is just hiding of us and if you didn´t know it,it hides in our that sense everybody is wierdo...

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