??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

I just love this song. It makes me depressed but happy at the same time...GREAT SONG!! and its so true what he says.

A different point of view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

Everybody has written about the sad feeling of the song and how you have felt sad at some point in your life, however, the song tries to explain the frustration of not feeling worth for a girl that is (or is perceived) as being perfect, low self steem and willing to change what the main characer is instead of accepting himself complement the lyrics. We all identify ourselves because we all may have wanted to have someone we thought was well above our chances, like the nerd willing to date the cheerleader.... what do you think?

um... okay... noobs listen here | Reviewer: whatever | 11/2/07

Basically everyone can identify with this... Like someone else said, this is why this song rocks. The music is pretty basic, which means there is nothing new here that hasn't been done before, but the lyrics are perfect for the average teen/college student and even in my case mid-20s.

um | Reviewer: whatever | 11/2/07

So basically this song speaks to everyone... Everyone has felt down. Felt rejected. Felt like what they have they don't deserve. Roll with it.

This is why this song is so great... Everyone loves this song because they can relate, understand it.

Those who think differently are delusional, and we'll all see them after they crash and burn and start peddling on the streets.

chill | Reviewer: chill and live | 11/3/07

its raw, sad and it makes me sad. thats why i dont like it.nevertheless a beautiful song. chill everyone. and yeah i think everybody is special

words to the wise | Reviewer: olasspunk | 10/31/07

Very few people havent experienced this sort of saddness at some point in thier pitifull lives IF you havent then I am sure at some point you will and IF you are one of the self rightous assholes that make fun of others because they actually have feelings and express them outwardly instead of bottling them up until one day becoming a menace to society, please remember these words....ITS DOWN THE ROAD NOT ACROSS THE STREET!!

Fek Off | Reviewer: Unknown Fukyou | 10/27/07

Look I love this song because he sings it with passion, hate, disgust, and love. Other than that i cannot relate to it. I've never been left and i slay a lot of ass. It saddens me that so many people are pathetic out there in the world. I wish that some people could be me for a day, the go back to their pathetic selves and jump in front of a fucking truck. Maybe the world would be filled with less losers...PS cut vertically not horizontally on your radial artery.

your response... | Reviewer: molecules | 10/19/07

yeah this song does relate to the people who get more attention, so how about YOU take your preppy, little jock ass out of here, so we can accualy feel for this song, if you can't relate to it in any way, your not a true radiohead fan.

MMM | Reviewer: A | 10/22/07

this song makes me feel complete. everytime i listen to it i think of this guy im involved with. and 'i dont belong here' because hes my friends ex. everything else is explainitry. RADIOHEAD = SEX

Listen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/07

Ok, yes this a good song...
and yess You can relate to it..
but come on,
makeing yourself sound pathetic on the web?
WTF is up with that?
All Im saying is:
Yes, we all have skeletons in the closet, but dont broadcast your shit on the web ok?

left & lonelly | Reviewer: Alex | 10/23/07

I related to this song very much when my girl left me. It always feels that the one leaving you have it so much easier, and you so much worse. So this awesome piece of song made me feel like the lyrics describe. A.

last word | Reviewer: seb | 10/21/07

it's funny, everybody wants to have the last word. lol. me too.
If you get indentified with this song, it's cool.
If you not, that's cool too.

To Amnesiac | Reviewer: Laz | 10/18/07

I don't completely agree with you, the foreign guy has a very good point; it isn't all about the lyrics, I think it's the music and the lyrics in equal measure, or even less of the lyrics than the music. I mean, would we all be discussing this if Creep had the same lyrics, but sucked as a song? Nobody would have heard about it. But there are loads of songs out there that have awful lyrics - there are too many for me to even start - but are amazing songs.

No sex, no drugs, no binge drinking - that's rebellion to today's society...

P.S. Why do none of the girls I like even fancy me?! I'm sooooo lonely!

I've uncovered the true meaning of this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

It's not about you. It's not about me. It's not about Radiohead....

It's about Frankenstein.

Yeah, it's me again... | Reviewer: Laz | 10/13/07

I'm listening to Creep as I wright this. You get bored after a while. But hey, Creeps; stop stalking, it'll do nothing but make you more upset. Listen to Bike by Pink Floyd, or Catch U by Cheese People (find them on MySpace). That'll cheer you up.

Yeah, stop stalking, you'll get arrested. If you really love someone, you'll do whats best for them and leave them alone rather than upsetting them by stalking.
Or, why not sod love and sex all together? Surely that's the ultimate rebellion in todays society...