Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

This song is actually mine and my boyfriends song.
We are so different, but yet so alike. Everytime that we fight, I listen to the song.
Its a very beautiful song :D

it reads my mind | Reviewer: joyce | 6/20/07

i am a creep,,,,i dont belong here,,,,it is saying everything i want to say in my life...

A werido,,,,,

i am...and thanks...radiohead,,,u guys perform me well..

Beautiful song-Beautiful lyrics | Reviewer: Nelly | 6/14/07

In my opinion the song "Creep" does touch everyone. Even though some people may not like them, listening to this song for the first time makes them change their views. Its a beautiful song, to me the lead singer seems ot be yearning to be someone else "i wish i was special." These lyrics have meaning and thats what make this song so good to hear.

Creep.. | Reviewer: Ffion | 6/7/07

I love this song so much, but it makes me cry so hard.
It's me, well kind of. I'm the female creep.
I can really relate to this song.
I'm stuck in a world where no one is real, everyone is so fake, everythings false. But there's this one person, I love so much. Who's stuck in this world, whether he's real or false, I really don't know.
But he's gone now, but he meant everything to me. He was the reason I got stuck in this false world..My family had already left it all behind.. But I wanted to stay for him.
Though he must have realised that I was nothing special and decided to move on.. And get away from this life, the one I can't leave.
Sometimes I wish I was like them, just so I could be happy.
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, and I really don't belong here.
Now that he's gone, there really is no point in me being here.
But there's no escape.
This song means so much to me.

genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

yes yes

its very hard to understand what is the song about
thank you, " whish i was especialÇ"

and now i know that when he is saying that he is a creep, mean that he is a creep

yes Im a genious too

genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

yes yes
understand that its very hard to do
and when he is saying that he is a creep it means that he is a creep

yes Im a genious too

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

everytime before the chorus, the grcichu kchitchu guitar thing always gives me creeps.... i love it

This whole song is so true | Reviewer: Anna | 5/31/07

I really feel that I am the creep. I do not want to live in this plastic society where you have to be perfect.Our society wants to put even thoughts to our head and we all think that this is the right direction.. We only destroy everything and then we can not see that soapsuds is beautiful..for example. Why we want to be in the frames of society?? because otherwise you are creep..

Great song! | Reviewer: memo pozos | 5/31/07

I´ve been listening to (and trying to play) R&R for 50 years. This song is original and tradicional at the same time. Well done. I know; I´m a wierdo. But my students like me here in southern Mexico and I will use this song in my english classes.

Radiohead the best band | Reviewer: cvetelina | 5/27/07

i love radiohead especially vocalist... i'm keen on their discography.... RADIOHEAD FOREVER

Expresses my feelings | Reviewer: S. | 5/24/07

This is a relatively old song, but I discovered it like a week ago, and when I saw these lyrics, I realized that it expresses a feeling, which I have now. A song about a girl, very special, who leaves him. That's why he wishes that he was special. Beautiful song!

I can so relate | Reviewer: Kelsey | 5/19/07

this song is true and i can relate so well and so can alot of other people its just not right treating other people like shit

Let me tell you | Reviewer: Marcus | 5/18/07

First of all it is not just a women he is talking about it is people he loves in general, e.g best friends, family members or girlfriends he uses she to cover all those things. It is about being different and not being accepted by society. Some people have everything they want looks, material shit, and a perfect life others try there whole life trying to be like that and the rare few love themselves for who they are. The reasons why it hurts him so much is because he is really close to these people but they are so far apart do we ever really change i dont think so unles your living in denial!!

so very special | Reviewer: wiam | 5/15/07

is there a special person?ijust guess anyone of un is just as speial as the other..the woman he is singing about could be more,from his own point of view.;;this feeling of regret is not to last forever at least the woman is really FUCKIN special!!!

creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

i find a deep resemblance between the lyrics and someone that might have an eating disorder. always a feeling worthless and alone. it all makes sense.