Its a song. | Reviewer: Jay | 6/5/11

Im sure all you people posting stuff on these lyrics are all thinking the same thing about this song... Its about loneliness and trying to be yourself and you shouldnt follow others... Ya ya ya ya. Its a song. these songs arent made for complexity and for you all to think hard about. They are made so you can enjoy them and listen to the gift of MUSIC. You people get so damn political in these songs, its rediculious and you all should really be ashamed that you sit here and argue about music. This is a song made for me and you. not made for me and you to argue about. Just enjoy the damn song and keep your condesending, unenjoyable, boring ass comments to yourself... Look at the lyrics and memorize the song and sit back and think to yourself, DAMN, that song learned me a lesson and ill listen to it several more times.

Cheers, Jay.

great song, lessons in it | Reviewer: ktrp | 6/2/11

The reason the song was (and is) popular is that most of us identify with some of it, some of the time.

For those of you still living it, please see that the seeds of the narrator's misery are in the song - and its not that the girl is ignoring him. The wish to be 'perfect' is not healthy. The feeling that you could make yourself indispensable and earn love is not true. The narrator thinks if he could just try hard enough, do whatever she wants, she'd want him, but that's not how life works. Think of the people you're all pining for, is it because they tried so hard to please you? Not at ALL. You're probably invisible to them if you identify with this song. People fall in love with others not because of how they treat them (in particular) but rather because of who they ARE. Trying to conform to what you think someone else wants and suck up to them might make them find you pleasant, but will never generate passion. Focus on yourself, be the best person you can be, follow your own dreams, be as great and happy a person as you can, and people will want to be in your life. If you are just a needy person hoping for a relationship to fulfill you, who would want that? You think you are being so kind and giving, but you are not. Its like you've made a deal in your mind 'I'll do anything for you, so long as you validate me as a person and make my life have meaning'. Nobody wants that deal. Including you, which is why you're pining for someone who ignores you, rather then in love with someone who you weren't very interested in but is chasing you.

Become the person that others will want to pursue.

It's a song, nothing more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

Guys, this is just a song (although a great one). It describes a way some of us feel at some point in our lives, me included. That doesn't make you a creep or a loser, it just means you're having a rough time right now.

Take a chance, go for that one you think is special. If he or she is, then they will come through for you. If not, then move on, listen to something more positive and let them go. They were never who you thought they were and the sooner you realise that the sooner you will find the one to make your existence into a LIFE!

Don't give up and don't think you're worth less than anyone else - there is someone special for you that will make every day precious.

It took me 35 years to find her and 5 more to get her and 5 more to shape our lives and it was worth it all. Don't give up, one day you will see this song as a a great song that you once connected with, but happily that no longer reflects how you feel. (Hope you get there quicker than me!)

cindy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/11

theres this girl named cindy i have here in english class shes like amazing and in my eyes shes beautifull in every way i really love her shes so perfect i think shes talks to me and all and id do anything for her when she relized i liked her i stoped talking to her cause i didnt know howd she feel but that was a mistake i talk to her again im just confused on if she likes me are not i held her hand while running befor but idk if she was just being nice

Maybe I'm a creep. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

In real life, I'm a shy person. To myself I think I am a nobody. I'm not that great at anything, and I don't do much. On the internet, I am sort of explosive and sarcastic and everything, and it annoys people. Including a girl I kind of like. I wish I could start all over. I'm a creep. Not like the creep this song describes, but in a different manner. I talk to this girl at least twice a week on google IM, but it is hard to actually talk to her. I think it may be impossible for me to ever have a relationship.

Creep! So what? | Reviewer: Shiva | 5/24/11

Hey guyz jst Hold on! Dude are we living our life or are we living other people's life?? Right now at this moment 50 people is abusing me and and talking shit of me and may be some few talking good about me.. so am I going to chase those 50 fellas around?? No man!! I am NOT A PRODUCT OF THEIR THOUGHTS OR FEELINGS.. I live my life on the things that I believe are just and good.. if people have prob then its their prob, they think I am a creep, let them man! I dont know most of them and definitely I owe nothing to them, so nothing much is there if they think anything on me.. chill Guyz.. Sometime we forget we bully on our best friend.. its us, who we are.. can u feel its pain, when you start cursing him / her for who you are?? Dude, its pretty big out there and lots of people to talk to, laugh to and to some to show the middle finger.. Have fun..

AUSTIN : My buddy, u know what pisses a woman most?? When a creep (in her judgement) suddenly ignores and treats her like a average gal.. trust me man.. they have a hard to digest that.. & do u really want to be crazy for a person who do not have basic respect for a human being who got some soft feelings for her?? You just gave your answer.. so sack her form the job that you have given to her on good faith..

another.. | Reviewer: j | 5/23/11

I am married with kids, but love another who wants nothing to do with a married guy. The thing is she was sweet, flirty, awesome to me until i shared how i feel. Tht turned it off. My mind is in the clouds and i am in a fucking daze all day.

im not good enough | Reviewer: austin r williams | 5/23/11

Im 15, and theirs this girl , that im crazy about, but im always distant from her, but ever since my best friend, and hers, started viewing me as a creep, shes been somewhat more distant than usual, and it tears me to pieces, and i dont even know why shes treating me like this, im bipolar , so it pisses me off, and depresses me .What should i do?

I'm a creep. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/11

I constantly feel like i'm not good enough for anyone. I connect with this song so much, it's just like the soundtrack of my life. A while back I lost all my friends, but one. And she's stayed with me through everything; despite what the 'it' girls say. Earlier in my life, I was the type of person who would do that to someone, but when it happened to me I realized how much something like that can damage a person. It hurts...a lot. Now I've learned what type of person to be. Not someone who follows them...I am ME, not a shadow of THEM. I'm a creep. I accept myself for that now.

the song is somewhat satirical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/11

No woman should be worshipped......ever.......this is why men are increasingly becoming wimps and pussies. Sure, I have fallen for chicks way too hard when I was in high school, and even other girlfriends more recently, so I am not immun, but don’t put anyone on a petastal, plus chicks never go for the guys who worship need to act indifferent even if you feel otherwise

My situation. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/11

I feel so fucking identified with that song. I am in love with a guy, it's a rocker too (I red a couple of comments). He's not perfect, he likes half of the whole woman in the world and thinks he's the best thing that happened to this planet, but I just can't deny it: he's really beautiful, and a liar: he cheates on all his girlfriends (of course tey know it, but they don't mind). The truth is that I feel like this everytime I'm near him, I see him and think 'he's so perfect, he'll never see me, i'm nobody' and that's a fact, he says i'm beautiful, but it's a fucking lie, that's the only thing he does: lie. Anyway, today I saw him with her actual girlfriend (I went with my friends to one of his concerts), and I fell really sorry for her. Thanks God I'm not on her shoes, of course I like him, I'd love to be her in this moment, but I'd be cheated once and again, and again, and again. Guess what? Today I realised he's not worth it, he doesn't deserve my tears or a place in my heart. I still want a perfect body and a perfect soul, but I'd rather just being myself and finding someone who truly loves me than changing for someone who doesn't.

nothing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/11

It makes me think about me, when i was a teen. Everyday i saw a boy ( a rocker ) i didnt know him, i never knew why but to me he was special. But even tho all the time i saw him, he never saw me...I wished i was prettier, something better so he would notice me. 2 years later i ended up by meating him and i was still so in love. He said he felt the same, it was the most perfect moment of my life. Then after he treated me like dirt, i realized he never truly loved me, i holded on to him for so long. And now i still wish i wouldve been better in every way...but i was just a weird girl and he was far from perfect.

:) | Reviewer: wasaa | 5/3/11

i love a girl that use to talk with me now she only ignores me and every time i talk to her she says that shes not mad of anything that girl chose a fat guy in sted of me i was devastaded becuase i bet she chose him becuase he's popular im also a bit popular but days ago he got angry and wanted to beat me up but friends of mine scared him away and now im nothing im not popular no that i want to be or i miss it but that girl is like perfect and she dosent even care if i get cancer and die (i hope it dosnt happen :O) but a few days ago a sung this song with my guitar and i dedicaded this song to her i said her complete name that day i dedicate this son to ..... and she started to talk to me again because she nows i still love her so dont givee up and keep on going because that fat guy is again my friend but with limits and we both realized our mistakes and their where kind of stupid so dont give up go for her and support her and love her she will notice you and dont be stupid and obiously TALK TO HER girls dont like to stop talkin with the guy they love (sry for my bad writng its just that im mexican but im also american :D)

Real Life Truth | Reviewer: Bill | 4/28/11

I speak to you as a creep. I am a creep for nearly 40 YEARS Now!! I still Truly Love LESLIE, the real woman, I never put her on a pedestal. Let me tell you the TRUTH of your life - YOU ARE DOOMED. You will NEVER belong with your Leslie. That's the way of the world.

Im a creep and weirdo!!! | Reviewer: JIMMY | 4/27/11

I wanna talk with the beautifull women who made a very interesting comment, Im in love of a classmate for me she is charming the most special person have ever met before but I dont tell me feeling to her because I feel that or maybe I know she does not love me because Im not beautifull as she is. For this Reason I feel all the things the song says... T.T