A comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

Guys, who are we to criticize others in the way they want to express themselves. So we have a few spelling mistakes because we're in a rush or for some other reason, doesn't mean we all failed elementary english in grade school. Some people may not live up to your standards in the way they write and you may be a hundred times a better writer than they, so what? Ever think they may be foreign, or an ESL student trying desperately to write a 'good' not perfectly written paragraph? Keep your opinions on the way people express themselves to yourself, you have no right to say what is wrong and what is right, it's all perspective anyway.
Besides this is a song review, so write something about the song -__-... I liked it a lot by the way xD
That's all I have to say, peace.

yeah | Reviewer: gfh | 10/12/08

well even that i am mexican,i can tell that this song is amazing though i don´t know very well its meaning i can tell that it makes me cry its so buautiful so dark so perfect...i have to say that i am an emo so maybe you are not interested in my opinion but for me nobody is perfect nobody has a perfect body and neither a perfect soul but everyone is in search of one please don´t do it anymore you just have to wait wait wait and to be honest you´ll never find something like that cause happiness my friends is just hiding of us and if you didn´t know it,it hides in our heart..in that sense everybody is wierdo...

how it makes me think of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/08

First, before I start, I have to agree with the anonymous writer about spelling errors. I know that people do it to write faster sometimes but its only a couple extra words.

This song has different meanings I think so I think that its about someone who feels like he isn't good enough for a girl he loves. It relates to me because in school I would be different from a lot of people and what I did was not always a popular thing. Everyone thought I was weird. I never felt special or accepted by anyone.

So F-ing Stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/08

As I try to read the reviews of others, I am dumbfounded at the grammatical and spelling errors. I wonder how some people made it through middle school, high school and even college. It saddens me that communication has gone downhill because about half of America is unable to write an effective paragraph.

I am not an elitist snob. I just wish that, as a whole, we could be a more educated people.

This song, for me, defines beauty and sadness. Radiohead has many beautiful and haunting songs but for some reason "Creep" stands out above the others. The message is universally understood and it likely hits home to most people who have felt that they were not worthy of the love of another.

My Theme Song | Reviewer: Hailey | 9/30/08

This is my theme song because almost everyone I know is so beatiful and perfect. While they fit in, I stand out. I feel like I don't belong and would like to sometimes, but then I decided being unique is pretty cool, So I'm more accepting that I'm different.

The lyrics mean what you want them too :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/08

Wile Downs | 8/30/2008 - "It's not really a sad song either: it's about this guy finding his identity and accepting who he is."

Agree with this person, the song to me means this. I am by some people's terminology, a creep or weirdo. But I'm also becoming more and more comfortable and even grateful for being different.

I have experienced unrequited love and it was painful. But you know what, it was their loss.

Classic, timeless song.

awesome lyrics and guitar | Reviewer: person | 9/24/08

i love this song and the reviews about it because
it sometimes makes me think of my x's friend who is so cute but at the same time he's my x's friend and can't even talk to him as a friend because we have no classes together instead i have my x in all my classses (what r the odds)
and they are always together at lunch but the good thig though is that this song is awesome and i love love love the guitar

love lost in a hail of fire... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

This is everything and more that I have experienced...I did have a girl named Angel, looking at her she was so beautiful it could make you break down and cry, but love was lost and in the end you come out a creep.

connections | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

so there was this guy that i really liked and i told him so. he then admitted that he felt the same way about me. later that week there was a chain mail ggoing around that he sent to me and it was a bit of a personality quiz for the person that sent it to you. one of the questions was" wut song reminds you of me" (meaning the sender) and he said this song. I felt as so amazing and i really love him

I was the Creep | Reviewer: Jaime | 9/8/08

For me this song hits home, about a girl that I liked, we were close friends, but when I expressed more than friends interest, she got weirded out and thought I was a creep, a wierdo, a stalker. I truly loved her thinking she was this amazing awesome girl, I went through emotions of deep sadness, then resentment, like she is so freaking special that she can't be with me, then back to sadness because I missed the love we had as friends. Luckily love prevailed and I expressed my heart to her about how my love was not some perverted sexual love, but how I valued her qualities as a friend; a beautiful person, not a sex object. Were friends now and I don't care to have it any other way, she is just so awesome.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/08

I think this song catches an honesty that hurts, but this song makes this kinda pain into something beautiful, instead of something dark shameful and broken. It's a moving song because it's powerful in the way it's so brutally honest. I wish my soul was perfect, then I myself can be as light as that feather he describes. But I think a majority of us people have our eyes set on a floating object/ ideal that we believe beautiful and which we wish we could take into our own chest and make a part of us.

meaning & review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

so this song is amazing. it fits into such a depressig mood, that makes you break down and actually think, atleast it does for me. i think the meaning of this song is as follows; this boy admires this girl. who doesn't know he excists. and as he follows her with his eyes he realizes that she is too much for him, that hes a weirdo, in the sense that following her is wrong, that she leaves the door to do what ever else she does. that she barely pays attention to him. eigther that or this boy is singing to an ex, who he is not over. that he lost and now is a mess. because he wants her to be happy and since she's over him, he feels like a weirdo.

Meaning | Reviewer: Wile Downs | 8/30/08

The song is about a guy who gets drunk and starts following this girl who he loves around. Eventually, he feels he has subconsciously become her. The song is about more than a rejected stalker, however. It's about someone who isn't into the modern hyper-sexed and ungentlemanly means of courtship, and so falls short of being able to attract this girl. It's not really a sad song either: it's about this guy finding his identity and accepting who he is.

Creep | Reviewer: Austin | 8/30/08

Every line of this hits home. I once met a girl who was just like an angel. In fact that's the very word I used to describe her. Whenever I got near her I of course got very nervous and couldn't look in her eyes because I knew that if I did I wouldn't be able to look away. and her skin.. I'm white, she's black. She's perfect inside and out, I'm the farthest thing from it. Not being able to hold her hands and touch her gorgeous pink palms killed me inside. She has her life altogether and runs it beautifully. My life was a mess 'cause all I could focus on was her. It was like she had control of my life but didn't even know it. I was always pushing to get to know her better even though I knew I didn't deserve her. She liked to spend time with me and a relationship really began to develop. Through the whole thing I was confused because I didn't see how someone soo special could actually like me, but I just went along with it feeling like the luckiest guy on earth. I mean the time I spent with her were the happiest times of my life. She was my whole life. Then one night when all seemed well, she told me that she was just pretending to like me all the time to get back at another girl who liked me because she was mad at her. And that was it. She asked my forgiveness and I gave it. Then she said she didn't want to talk to or see me anymore because she really doesn't like me and it would just remind her of the bad thing she did. so I haven't talked to her since because despite everything I still value her happiness. then I felt like I didn't belong in the world at all. worst feeling I ever felt. surprised I made it through, but now I can just look back and know that I can get through almost anything, and although I might feel like I don't belong I can know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

my opinion.......... | Reviewer: xraverxbabyx | 8/16/08

ok... i have 2 thoughts on wot this song is about... first one... possibly a guy whos looking at some beautiful girl from afar and wishing she would just know how he feels bout her, but then maybe he takes it 2 far and turns stalker or summat... the line 'she runs out the door..' maybe he broke into her house and held her there!! or my second thought is that its a guy/gal who's looking at a more popular kid in skool/college, im thinking maybe this kids got issues, maybe anorexic, which they are hating themselves and looking at the beautiful one wishing they were that person!