... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/09

love this song. for me it puts to words and music all my insecurities, all my nights crying because i wasn't as pretty, as funny, as vivacious, as wonderful as others. It's all those parties where i felt like the dark horse - I didn't quite feel i belonged with this charming, laughing group of people. It's my song about my ED I suppose. Just wishing that I was perfect - [I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control; I want a perfect body, i want a perfect soul]. Because then i'd be good enough. Then I wouldn't be a creep..

To Adrian Ryan | Reviewer: DjStonedSmur | 1/27/09

This song was written for those kids,who had tough time growing up, they all had something they could relate with, Music is all about expression, its not about personal problems, its about sharing and connecting with ONE another, PLUS RadioHead has more inteligence that you will ever have in 5 life times, so Keep YOUR personal OPINIONS to yourself

To Adan | Reviewer: craig | 1/22/09

Adan, I couple of years ago I was heavily into Gange us, an ounce every couple of days to myself. I was working night shift. Was living alone. For a year I had no social life, I was on a steady decline into manic deprssion and had built up a wall around me so even to family I didn't call for help. I found Pink Floyds 'the Wall'. It perfectly exemplified my situation and touched me like no album had done before. Everything from Pinks youth to adulthood was mine too. I shared many moments with tears over that album. I know that I could never write like that, not talented enough, and frankly I wouldn't want to try. To me, that album is perfect. Obviously the people here are feeling the same and you have no right to down play another persons emotions or feelings towards a piece of music that they have connected to. Music (proper music) is emotive in its nature, and at least these people have found a way to release their pain through constructive needs rather than be a miserable ass like yourself who puts others down because He 'hurt his boo' and can't handle it. Creep is a beautiful song, beauty is art, art is a gift from the imagination, to the artist, to the public.

please let me help you all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

stop trying to find SO much meaning in songs... radiohead wrote this to play the devils advocate and try to have an effect on people --as well as a lot of other bands, i might add--

reading what you guys have been writing, you guys really need to realize that love is not that fucking great. it actually sucks, believe it or not. as good as it makes you feel. it can make you worse.

you think your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend is like the best thing you've ever had/seen. chances are, they're not .. there's definately better stuff out there ..
love makes you think like a retard
.. it's true

so please.. stop all the talk of how you have such low self esteems and are bad people for what you've done or said or for what they did to you .. whatever ... you're not. you're one of us, you're human.
you're all better than you think you are (trust me)

my advice ..

if you're going through hell, keep going lol..
.. especially in high school.. i mean we all get what you're going through or what he/she has done or has said to you (and it must suck, i might add).
there are so many who have been thorugh similar situations .. more often than not they dont end up harming/killing themselves or doing dumb things.. they look back from their much better lives SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW (trust me)
thinking thank God i got through THAT.....

i just like the song | Reviewer: elle | 1/24/09

wow. . . you guys really treat this song seriously. i just like the tune and the fact it's a wee bit dark. great album. stop whispering is awsum 2. so for all those peeps who take this song so friggin seriously. . . lighten up and you'll find life goes a lot smoother. it is that easy. if you disagree maybe you should see a professional. long live radiohead!

Cmon Guys! | Reviewer: Bob Latharge | 1/28/09

Alright, poeple go through tough times...everybody does. Why do you guys stay on the same problem, move on. Do something else. Forget about what happened before. You guys are all staying with same problem and that shits just gonna build up...like bob the builder. So just move on, or atleast keep it to yourself.

creeps | Reviewer: adan ryan | 1/20/09

what the fuck is wrong with these gueys? creep wasn´t written for you, or me or anybody but that guy in radiohead. write your own goddamn song, and get in control of your fuckin life! so you hurt your boo? you think youre the only one? evryone feels pain, everyone feels doubt, and everyone has to deal with it. move on to something or some one else, and use your past experience to do better next time. and shut the fuck up, babies! -truly yours, adan

wow | Reviewer: lny | 1/19/09

i like this song. recently i play it more. just thought id see if i could gt the lyrics and i find a load of people who are in the same situation as me. i really thought i was alone on this one n my friends were just tryin 2 stop me doin somethin stupid. as always thers a girl. i just wanna mke her smile n feel loved bt she thnks ill hurt her cos she's been hurt before, bt id die b4 i did tht. i cn relate 2 what a lot of u av said nd while ull never know me, u may have helped me. thank you.

:/ | Reviewer: Creep | 1/18/09

I might've lost the love of my life; I asked her a question that's inexcusable. I took it back & she forgave me, but now my friend is telling me that I can't keep hurting her & we should break up. I know it would benefit her to do so, but I can't do it. I'd miss her so much. I'm almost crying just thinking about it. But I do hurt her, I hurt her a lot. I wish I was what she deserves. I wish she'd open her eyes & realize what I am, and just leave me. But I'd never leave her. I couldn't ever do it. My friends are just getting to me, I suppose...

But everyone agrees with him, I can tell...

I'm just paranoid... I guess...

I'm not. They all think I should finish her...

And with this frame of mind, I re-read the lyrics.

So Crazy+++ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

I just know this song from internet world and So in Love with this song.
love every version of this song.
Original: Radiohead
and the others;
Amanda Palmer
Anni Rossi
Baron Zero
Brandi Carlie
Damien Rice
Dave Stewart
Karen Souza
Richard Cheese

Please try every version!!!

always and forever... | Reviewer: Nyx | 1/15/09

Yeah, this song is exactly how I feel about the one I love, but I'm female, heh. WE were only technically together for about a month, and I chased him away, but I've never been so in love before. Actually I've never felt this kind of love before. We've never even met yet, and I fear it'll never happen.

@ Paul | Reviewer: Monique | 1/14/09

Wow, Paul, suicide is never the solution!!! If she doesn't care enough about you, I really hope you find someone that loves you just the way you are. I was also down for quite a while, but I found a way to cope with hardship.

It describes me | Reviewer: Paul | 1/12/09

this song is me all over.
im never ganna be good enough for her and she will never love me like i love her. "Im a creep, Im a weirdo." I want to be perfect in her eyes.. shes broken my heart too many times to count and i still love her and she doesnt even notice. if it wasnt for her i would have killed myself by now.

damnnnnn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

damn, i kinda relate to these lyrics =/...
i think it's about someone having no self-confidence & sees the person that they're in love with perfect & very special to them, & they see themselves as a creep/wierdo...& they think that they're not worth for the person they're in love with...i dont know if any of you understood this lol but yea, thats what the song means to me

Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

I feel this song represents my last relationship. First girl I ever loved and still love. We are not together, but she does still want me and I want her. Life is cruel and we can't be together. Maybe I'm a creep what do I know. I feel so out of place in this world sometimes. Trying to find where I fit in. I can relate to the horrible feeling of being alone and the misery involved. Girls treat guys like creeps until they prove otherwise. I am not a creep but this song made me want to be one.