I'm a creep too, hehehe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/09

I feel this song so much... feeling inadequate, wanting to be loved by that special person, but feeling like a creepy weirdo with nothing to offer... sad isn't it? And yet such a common thing we probably all experience it at some point.

You know, if you had to define what it meant to feel love and heartache, this songs expresses it so well...

I really like how it ends too... she's running out the door and he says whatever makes you happy, whatever you want... so detached and selfless at that moment.

2 I survived | Reviewer: Michelle | 4/3/09

I don't know if you will ever read this, but your words helped me a lot. I lost my job and boyfriend this year, and now I found out I can't pay for college. I've been suffering with depression for a long time and I have been suicidal lately, the only thing that has stopped me is not wanting to leave my family with my funeral costs. "Don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary problem" are words that just changed the course of my life. Thank you eternally

Versatile. | Reviewer: Jake | 3/22/09

This track, in my opinion is Radiohead's best, and that is shown by the amount of artists that have covered it. Although on the outside this track is about about not being good enough for someone whom you love so dearly, it is so versatile. There are so many posts on here arguing about what this some actually means, its not about what it really means, its about what it means to you as an individual. As with all forms of art, someone has expressed themselves in some form but it is up to the individu to reach in and find what it is that relates them to it.

I cry my youth | Reviewer: mike foxtrot | 3/17/09

Yes I cry. And cry again every time I listen to this awesome song. I wish I was able to write it myself, since it shows the inner soul I sometimes reach, when I can stop and think.
Now I'm old, and this song makes me feel the sour sense that youth gives when you're not what you wish. Everybody us have been Creep and Weirdo and didn't belong to some place we wished instead.
There goes our best time, and what I cry is my youth, and its sour taste I can still smell when I cry on "Creep".
Thankyou Radiohead, and God bless you all that still can cry

Dave's response | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

Dave, if you cringe at someone's response then you don't understand what it is truly like to be depressed. Until you understand it, then suspending your judgment would be best. Some of us know exactly what these lyrics feel like, and they are not in the back of our minds...they are at the front. That doesn't make us messed up or someone to be "cringed at," it makes us people with depression, a real illness that is sometimes impossible to deal with.

Truly up for interpretation. | Reviewer: Dave | 3/11/09

I looked down through the comments and kinda cringed at some of the interpretations. I didn't cringe cause they were wrong. I cringed cause it is depressing. And, like the individual calling himself "I survived...", I want to show you that you don't have to be depressed.

Every single one of us is a monster. We're insensitive and selfish. Nobody is perfect. But to maintain any sort of sanity we hold on to things that make us feel worthy of life, worthy of happiness, worthy of anything. All of us do this. But, to use the song's symbology, our true nature can't look at our ideals in the eye. And our ideals run away from our true nature. What makes this song special is its ability to make us face our true nature. It doesn't have to be depressing, though it can be for many people. But this song is actually illustrating something very positive. The person who sang this song was unafraid to face and even share their deepest, darkest insecurities. It challenges us to become less afraid to face our own.

So when you listen to this song and cry - as I have. Are you crying because you're hopelessly lost in a perfect world? Or are you crying cause, in a rare moment of clarity, you're looking straight at these insecurities that usually hang out in the back of your mind and realizing that there's nothing to be afraid of?

Of course, it does also make a beautiful ode to how we never feel good enough for the one we love. :-)

Looking at myself. | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/27/09

I love this song so much. I love how anyone can relate to it. You can mold the lyrics into any situation you might have weather it be a relationship, self image, etc.

For me, it really got me thinking about myself and my relationship with my best friend. She's so pretty and it seems like no matter what she does, everyone loves her. I mean, she is an amazing person, but when I look at myself, I always see this ugly shadow of her. I see myself actually trying to BE her sometimes. The part "I want you to notice when I'm not around" hit me hard because I feel that way often. I want people to realize my uniqueness. I want them to wish I was there...
I just love this song. It makes me cry.

I survived... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/09

For anyone who is suffering, I want to tell my story, and if just one person can relate, and survives and makes it through to the other side even partly because of my words then at least some good will have come from the hell I went through:

I suffered from psychotic depression for 12 years. Turns out it wasn't a chemical disorder, but a form of epilepsy that only affects the emotional center of the brain. No seizures but I'd snap into very severe depression episodes with no warning for no reason. It was to the point where I would actually stop in the middle of having sex with my girlfriend or be out in public and go into crying fits. On top of just raw emotional pain, for me as a man it was embarrassing and demoralizing. I also saw things that weren't there, although I never told anyone of course.

I lived in this personal hell all through my teens and 20s. Even though I was popular, had lots of friends, pretty girls wanting to have sex with me (and having their wishes granted on a regular basis), I even had an expensive sports car and yet I had thoughts of suicide constantly. If it weren't for my mental disorder I had what one could describe as a charmed life. But the emotional pain was so bad I would cut myself and constantly put myself in life threatening situations. I survived 6 terrible car wrecks, a couple of which almost nobody survives, and certainly don't walk away from basicaly unscathed. There were 3 times different people pulled a gun on me and I dared them to pull the trigger. I truly had no fear of death whatsoever, because it would have been better than what I was going through. Of course, this made me look real cool to other people, but it had nothing to do with wanting to be cool. The ugly truth was I wanted to die but didn't have the guts to do it myself.

I tried and tried to find a doctor that could help me. None of the medications worked, and because all the doctors were really nothing more than legal drug dealers, they had no solutions except to shove more dope in my face - I would have been better off smoking pot!

In the end, though, I survived. A very smart doctor took a risk on a hunch and prescribed me epilepsy medication, which made no sense to me, but at that point I was out of options and had nothing to lose. In less than a month I was completely cured, and the suicidal thoughts and crying fits and everything else have never returned.

Life on the other side isn't perfect of course, but running with my dog, having long conversations with my friends, eating a big juicy steak - I enjoy what life has to offer, even if it isn't offering everything I want. I don't think that makes me a "happy" person, but I'm sure as hell not miserable, and it certainly isn't because things are going well (they're not). But who the hell cares so long as I have food, shelter, and freedom? And now that I can actually enjoy being loved my relationships are really satisfying.

So take what you want from my story - I hope it helps someone, especially anyone considering suicide. If you believe nothing else anyone ever tells you take it from someone who at one time had a death wish and was literally psychotic: things WILL get better. You'll find another girl (or guy). You'll make more friends. You'll have plenty of good times. The worst mistake someone can make is to make a permanent decision based on a temporary problem.

And BTW Dave and MIke: ED isn't a person it's an Eating Disorder. My brother's wife had an ED and she got through it mainly because she was lucky enough to find one of the most caring people I've ever known for her husband. Though you can't solve your inner problems with material things, walking a spiritual path to a better inner self is done much more easily with another person. If I were to be asked for a solution (which I wasn't), I would say that finding someone who believes in your religion (or any spiritual connection) and basing your relationship on that vs. sex, good looks, money or popularity will lead you out of the darkness. At least, that's what I've seen happen many times, so I know it can happen.

Just survive. That's all you need to do. Whatever you have to tell yourself - just survive. Speaking for myself, I'm very glad I did.

awesome song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/09

Go f*^k yourself i totally agree with you :)
and i totally feel how you, and whoever wrote these lyrics feel.
i usually cry when i hear this song, and i do feel like im a creep, and im totally not good enough for her, or anyone. i pray for death every night and untill im in of deaths embrace i just have to keep living, and no matter how much lifs sux just try to get the most out of of this hell we all live in. so even tho its hard we must live as best as we can, and try remain hopefull and happy, cuz one day the sweet sweet reaper will come and end our pain, end our pain forever :)

jen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/09

love this song, very inspirational, gets you into a certain mood that just makes you think about all things in your life, including past, present and future,has a certain non conforming tone to it that most music seems to be missing.
once again love it.

Go f*^k yourself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

adan, depression isn't something to be scorned. The artist wrote the song for others to relate their own meaning to as well. And when I listened to this song, I cried , and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. And maybe I have a goddam reason to. How does that give you the right to spit in my face? As far as the song meaning, it is now my favorite song. To me it has to do with the ones I've loved. Theyre perfect, and everything that I want. But when I look back to the mirror, all I see is this person who will never really feel like he's loved. Who would do anything to be perfect. A perfectionist who can barely achieve good. How am I here?I don't belong here. I think here means the world. I think I don't belong here means suicide. Which is what I'm currently trying to avoid. And for those of you who said just ignore it...believe me. I would if I could.

hope can be found in the notes... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/09

This song is inspirational and to take the song to heart is a good thing if you can connect to it, in my opinion. Not everyone goes thru life feeling like the odd man out, but for those who do, it's nice to know there are others who understand just how you feel, and to have music that can serve as a kinda soundtrack to help you thru a shitty part of life can be beautiful! it can be just the boost someone needs to get by :) for the people who like to make ppl feel like crap 'cause they identify with music, don't judge people, understand them. we're in this thing together.

Radio on RadioHead | Reviewer: BumbleBee | 2/8/09

i heard this song was so sad that they couldn't play it on the radio. So i went to check it out and it's not that bad. i admit, it's pretty sad but i have heard and felt worse.

music is supposed to be something that others express that you relate to and find your strength because you realize that you are not alone.

always remember that your life isn't over if someone dumps you. yuor life is over when you die idiots.

shit happens so pick it up and flush it down the toilet then wash your hands and get out the damn bathroom.

Yada Yada | Reviewer: smileonmyrage | 2/1/09

Build a home with your own hands. Channel your feelings into something physical. Build a hotrod, join a club. Get it done, take your time and do it right. Become debt free and live like a king or queen. Your children are a reflection of yourself, take em to Disney World, be their best friend. You can do it, just takes hard work:) Cheers, Kevin

reflection of the inner beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

Dear anonymous. You've obviously been very hurt by this ED, breaking up with someone you love can always destroy your confidence. I want you to know that you are not a creep, as every person in this world is a reflection of the inner beauty which flourishes within human kind. Sincerely, Dave and Mike xxxxx

i think you should do something terrible to ed