life is an emotional rollercoaster | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

hey carlos

let her go! There are so many special girls in the world! Everybody is special to someone. Everybody can find his special one - to whom he is special too... There are so many special woman - pleas let go carlos...

wish you the best - all

for carlos | Reviewer: Alucard | 8/9/07

every one loses in the end, but never give up carlos, even if u never get to read this, same with any of you lifes better than that

OMFG True!! | Reviewer: Carlos I | 8/8/07

This song, describes me sooo much.

I loved this girl (Monique Sly) and she moved to Mt.Eliza when in grade 2, we were going out, i gave her cards and stuff.

I found her myspace 9 years later, i talk 2 her and she says she doesn't know me and im a stalker and she will get her friends 2 fuk me over.

I am totally heartbroken, still love her. i should shoot my self lol.

creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

i think what the writer wanted to express in this song is that he feels far from being happy he's just searching for something to give a sense to his life and well that something results to be a girl that makes him feel even more rejected....and also i'll like to say this song is my radiohead's favorite song its like an anthem for me ...

Creepy Brits | Reviewer: blueorian | 8/7/07

it gives me the creeps while the sophisticated, affluent, Brits are able to conceive depressing songs...we'll it just goes to show, material things are not a guarantee for happiness

dumbass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

wait, you don't know what "weirdo" means? what the fuck? are you ESL? it means someone who's weird...i apologize that was insensitive to those who actually learned english as a second language...but seriously...what the fuck?

this world is full of bitchy bitch gals | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

i think the lyrics should be like this...
" u're not so fucking special..n u need to die bitch"

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

It's about a teenage boy everyone hates and makes fun of and teases stalking the beauty queen of the class. She doesn't notice him so he's gonna bring a gun to class tomorrow and blow a bunch of kids away before turning the gun on himself.

cha... | Reviewer: sam | 8/5/07

yeah i agree with scott. i dont think this song is just about a boyfirned/girlfriend relationship at all. its about how we feel when up against others in society, the way that everyone strives for perfection and it questions the valididty of what we see as perfection in others.

bah | Reviewer: shatz | 8/4/07

I as a girl sometimes feel like fitting in this song.
The other person is a pure being, she's innocent and feels comfortable with her world. The singer doesn't, and as he relates to the other he says "what the fu** am i doing here with you?"...

my interpretation | Reviewer: dismiss | 8/2/07

A guy in an open relationship who he is deeply involved and honestly in love finds a girl he likes.

She has pale skin.. He thinks she might like him too when she avoids eye contact. He thinks too hard sometimes.

He knows she is something special, but thankfully he knows that his love is already found, and circumstances prevent them from ever really being together. He feels like a creep. He doesn't belong there. He needs to go home and be back with his love.

He wishes he didn't like her because he feels like he is sinning, but knows who is moreimportant in his life at heart.

He does a lot while they are together just to make her feel and realize how great she is, without initiating seroius feelings..

im a creep! | Reviewer: Ben kid | 8/2/07

i used to go out with a girl who thought she related to every radiohead song apart from this one.. i had to tell her thats becasue she was pretty confident a girl and not a lowlife scum boy like i was, this is for very boy in the world who realises that they arnt any good and see the girl of there dreams... i had her i lost her.. im a creep..

i love creep its a beautiful song | Reviewer: carlos | 7/31/07

so... i have a question.
what does "weirdo" mean? i was looking for that , but i didnt find anything :(
can somebody tell us pleaseeeee!!!

I don't belong here... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/07

this is my ultimate favourite radiohead.... it's brilliance is in the simplicity of it...
It's such a pity they don't play this song when they peform live anymore..and also rumour has it that radiohead themselves don't even like this song although I really can't understand why...??

fdsgf b | Reviewer: the who | 7/27/07

i honestly thought this song was about a guy raping a girl when i first heard it...hey, the police wrote a song about a guy stalking a girl (every breath you take)

and if you think it about, it actually wouldnt be all that off

but this is like one of my favorite songs