i love this song | Reviewer: ------- | 7/3/10

well this is a really good song. i think everyone has felt this way at somee point, even sometimes girls because we feel too ugly or unworthy or just simply shitty or les than the other girls. i believe that thi song shows exactly wat its like. i love this song and its not all tht phsicotic as ppl say because i bet thosee ppl have or will feel like this one day.

creep | Reviewer: someone | 6/24/10

i think this song is fuchinkg perfect. some days i just feel like a creep and this song understands what i feel. why shit the society wants us to be perfect, if we are not? the 'creeps' are 'not perfet' like they are so they treat us like a bunch of bitches... but they have to understand that we all aren't perfect.

we al are | Reviewer: Denisse | 6/15/10

I used to hate myself and i still do sometimes and this is the only song i play that sounds the way i feel during those times. but fuck it we all are creeps and whoever judges should step in front of the mirror we aren't perfect. and society has turned freaks like you and i inside out thinking we are the outcasts when really we aren't. we are just different and thats fucking better becus at least were not fucking brainwashed robots that feed off of the pain and anguish they cause to us "creeps". and to the guy who said nobody will ever love him and that his last girlfriend wouldn't even hug him. you know she probably told you that you were a creep just because deep inside she knew she was one too and decided to throw it on ur shoulders instead of carrying it around with her. you will meet somebody who is up to your potential because i'm sure she wasn't. hey lets face it we are very much better than they are here's why: we aren't braindead, we are poetic and deep, if we survive through our teenage years we can survive through anything (unlike them if one of them breaks a fucking nail its off to the emergency room), we don,t live with the burden of killing someones heart just so their own pumps faster, and we live our own lives freely without them telling us what to do. so don't fret people play this song when your sad and think of it as a way of radip head sayinghey i'm a creep i don't belong here, i belong in a world full of other creeps, ppl that are actually worth my time and breath. this song has a very special meaning to all of the "weirdos" including me. live life happy you creeps and enjoy music it can always bring u to a happy place. love you guys email me whenever you need help with anything or u just wanna talk bout random stuff... theworldcaneatshit@yahoo.com

Why | Reviewer: No one | 6/12/10

The first time i heard this i couldn't help but think of the depression and hoplesness of our world. The "Deep" ones. The ones who understand this. Why the fuck are we here? Is this even real? Someone tell me Why.. But this song.. it read me. Why are some people way ahead of the rest in lfe and we don't even get a say in it, so all we do is live in Misery.. Why?

The Truest, Ugliest, and MOst Beautiful Love Song known to man. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/10

I remember the first time i eard this song in the car and I laughed at first but then the song hit me with a horrible truth...it sounded like it was me telling my own story word for word. TO say I love this song is truly an understatement. This song is me; it's who I am. I can't tell you how many times I liked a girl and I just can't tell her because I think I am ugly and I am labelled as being a creep or a weirdo a lot. Actually my last gf called me that...she never loved me...and she wouldn't even touch me out of love...she never hugged me 1st...and so here I am. A creep.

10/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/10

This song... It reminds me of my life in so many ways... I'm in love with this girl and i feel like a Creep/Wierdo, im only 15 and everyone says you will get over her its not the end of your life.It sure does feel like its the end of my life.

Awesome Song...

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Of course it relates to you people because it happens to everyone. It's not just you 16 year olds that haven't figured out that you have to conquer yourself before you can conquer the world (or girls [not a sex joke]). I can relate so much because i know how it feels to constantly doubt my adequacy or that I come off as a creep. Radiohead can just express the angst in song form, and beautifully too. For that, I bestow upon them mad props.

Underappreciated | Reviewer: Radioheanonymous | 4/25/10

First of all, I want to say that while this is probably Radiohead's most mainstream song out there, it shouldn't make it a bad one for its fans. I'm a huge Radiohead fan and in fact, it's one of my favorites (if not my favorite).

Just because it doesn't sound like the Radiohead of right now, and it gets major airtime and is even in Rockband, doesn't constitute it a bad song.

I feel that a lot of us have experienced feelings of inadequacy and loneliness; this song is the epitome of that, and it speaks volumes to me.

Wow | Reviewer: Kyle | 4/6/10

Wow that's a little much. Good song. But only radiohead can perform it well. By the way you people are over complicating this song. If you want to look intelligent go read a book . If you want to sound like oprah... Well you see where I'm going with this.

beautiful | Reviewer: Kay | 3/26/10

This song is the most pure and beautiful love song ever written, it is honest and painful and divine and ugly just like love. Your skin makes me cry- the feeling of being consumed by someone and feeling totally inadequate is the most brutal emotion ever. One of the best and underated songs to date. For all the people who know the value of this music ...You are fucking specialxx xx

well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

not too much a fan off this song... don't hate it, hell, the music is alright, and i guess so are the lyrics, just not too big a fan of thom yorke in radiohead ... i guess i am posting this just to say that i know that most true, hard-core radiohead fans do NOT like this song... the ones that have been to their concerts and have memorised all their songs, especially from their album "Ok Computer." Yet some ppl love this song, so i guess i am wondering what category one fits in if ne really lkes this song...

A latin american weirdo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

This songs appears in my life quite every fucking day in mi life...im 16 years old and when i like i girl i always feel like a creeep, like a weirdo..constantly asking myself "what the hell am i doing here?".. and in my head this lady appears as practically perfection made skin and bones and its too difficult to me to express my deepest feeling to her even if i knew that she likes me or something else..but not also in the romantic aspect this song identifies me, also in the personal with the occidental society, as i am a teenager in way to end high school i feel like as if i MUST follow the contemporary lifestyle, i mean, study, get a job, get married, buy a house, buy a car, have just 15 day of vacation per year...i just hate being me in this fucking society..we think we are free..well lets start looking around for some seconds..this is what this song inspires me...

Lyrical Allusion | Reviewer: G3 | 2/25/10

After the "run" refrain, what 70's artist is being sampled/alluded to in the non-verbal vocal? Carol King era, but I don't think it is her? Anyone know. I can remember hearing the same refrain (on a song my parents played), but can't quite place it.

To kseniya | Reviewer: John | 2/23/10

You're probably not going to read this, considering you posted almost a month ago, but it's worth a shot. I think your problem is ironic. Most guys like girls like you. If you do see this, I hope you go talk to the guy, even if he says "no" atleast nobody can say you were afraid. And you wouldn't lose anything, you'd just be back where you started :)
Anyways, now for the review, I really like this song because of the sound. I'm not horrible looking and I'm not overly shy, so I guess I'm not really a creep, but I can definitely relate and I'm sure thousands of other people can too, so this songs in my personal top ten :)

A creep from Russia) | Reviewer: Kseniya | 2/19/10

I'm from siberia, Russia. I'm 22 and I'm very fond of this song and also radiohead's ''street spirit''. As for this feeling... There is one guy - 'fucking special'(c) - when I meet him in the univesity, I became very embarassed in thoughts that I'm not good enough for him. I'm good-looking natural blond, smart and interested in many things, popular among our common friends and sociable... But where in hell my self-reliance, when i tell with him? His existance is only thing that makes me feeling like a creep. About 2 years... I hate him))
'creep' is fine for playing it on guitar. I like play this song but never be able to cry 'run' like he does)