I love this song. | Reviewer: Paul | 1/31/11

I can never get enough of this song. I get something a bit different from it than most people do; I used to think I was a total creep. Except for the suicidal bit, this described the emotional state that I was in several years ago; "I'm a creep, what the hell am I doing here, I want a perfect body..." I could never get over that, but I don't have that problem anymore. I don't have a perfect body, but I'm happy with who I am. I don't think I'm a creep, and I know who I will be in life. This song, for me, fills me with a sad remembrance of a darker place in my life and the person I was. I plan on singing it for the HS Spring Pops show this year, and it will be fantastic.

...Shit, writing this review has made me tear up a bit. I think I'm going to listen it again.

All kinds of interruptations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/11

I think this song can be interrupted in a number of ways. One of them could be (and the way I usually think of it) is that he's not worthy because he's a "creep" or "weirdo" in this person's eyes. And when he says, "You're so fucking special" I take it as somewhat sarcastic, like he's the low creep but the other person is just "so fucking special" or perceives them-self that way. So in turn he says "what the hell am I doing here?" Like if I'm the creep and you're so special than why am I even here trying? It's a fantastic song and can be used not only in the scenario of love but also broken friendships or families. Amazing lyrics.

eh | Reviewer: jazmine | 1/28/11

To me: this songs about feeling like your unworthy of someone you love. As when you are in a relationship with someone and are inlove with that person you see them as perfect and then you start to wonder if you really deserve them... speaking from my own expirence ...I'm inlove with this guy he thinks the world of me but I still can't why, beause he is AMZING everything he does is amazing he has a beautiful personality and is very atractive...in my eyes he is pefect....that makes me feel insecure because he is so special and I'm jus idk avrage at best.... and I do wish I was perfect for him.... I tell him that all the time...he gets mad but its true... I wish I was special like him...

I wish I was special....... | Reviewer: ARealLifeCreep | 1/22/11

This is a perfect song for all of us single-for-life losers who never get the beautiful, out-of-our league woman that seems to come along every few years to torment us. After a while, the having your heart thrown through a meat-grinder thing gets old & repetitive.....yet, somehow, songs like this never do. If even after all the years, all the rotten heartaches & rejections the song is still a soul shredder to you --- it means you're still alive, at the very least.

This song makes me cry... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

I'm deeply in love with my best friend. He says he doesn't deserve me, meanwhile, I feel like the creep that's not good enough for him. It's so sad we will never be together... I really do't know what the hell I'm doing here :'( I wish I was special... So fucking special...

sad feeling | Reviewer: heaven | 1/19/11

i think this feeling comes along in everyone, we feel it when were left and don't understand why, or when were alone and no one is watching, we feel it when were yelled at even if we yell back hateful words the words in this song are what we are thinking, or when someone hurts us and cant fathom how big of a wound they caused, but we just gotta stick our heads up and get through it we think these sad words let us not become them and only strive to be greater

The creep. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

This song shows how much contempt one can develop towards someone else in a relationship. Clearly he feels as though he's become persona non grata in the relationship due to her finding someone/something else more attractive. She's running out again to see this new plaything. The song totally loses this meaning when the clean version is played in place of the original version.

I'm a creep | Reviewer: cassy | 1/2/11

You can related it to love but it don't need to..

it's about he feeling less than someone else.
the girl wants someone special, that's why he want's everything perfect to be special. so it's just about a selfish ego bitch that wants to have something not possible, cause nobody is possible, so nobody belongs here

no it's just the feeling like feeling like you're different than everybody else/

It hits too close to home... | Reviewer: Nina | 12/24/10

I've always liked this song..but recent events relating to my dear friend, makes me connect the song to him, he alwasy told me how worthless he felt and how he didnt deserve me as a friend...
He had a skin disease and many problems with his spirituality..his view of right and wrong...
I never realized his issues were so deep... now people are calling him a creep...
I still love you my friend, I'm sorry I couldnt have seen what was happening and helped you...
I love you... :'(

not a narcissist, your retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/10

your a fucking idiot this song is not about a narcissist, the subject clearly hates himself and wishes he was good enough for her, you do not understand this song on a deep level because you have no understanding of it at all, the lyrics are pretty straight-forward

This song is deep | Reviewer: Izzy_Bryce | 12/13/10

Every single person in the world can relate to this song. It's pretty deep and I love it. I've wanted to add it to my band's setlist for so long but could never get around to downloading it. Hence the reason when I hear it pop up on the radio I turn the damn thing up full blast. Good song.

Written especially for me!! | Reviewer: Jaye | 12/8/10

This song was introduced to me unintentionally by the girl I have fallen for at work!! She is the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met, but will never have the feelings for me that I have for her. I haven't felt like this over a girl in a long time!!!

It's as if this song was written for us, yet it was written so long ago!! Everytime I hear it, I think of her!! I've actually heard it quite a few times now, a sign perhaps??? If only!!

everybody's a creep | Reviewer: still waters run deep | 12/1/10

I think everybody at some time or another feels like this... like they are not good enough and it makes them feel like a creep or weirdo... but if they would just give the other person a chance to be their friend... maybe they would understand one another and find out they have more in common than they think... everybody has a little creep in them... because no one is perfect...

review? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

to the dude who was dumped, that was special. it really made me feel something reading it. you say you were dumped on september 11th? ive always thought that day needed a special story to go with it, and i think now we've found it...

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/10

this song is really special to me cause my cuddlefish used to love this song...she had the most amazing voice ever...she was the most amazing ever...she left me recently, cause i wasnt worth it i guess...i loved her truly and yet she always doubted my love for her....on 11th september 2010 she said she dosent love me any more after being togther for almost 4 years...she moved in with some other guy and she says she's happy....its been alomst 3 months and i still love her, even after all the hurtful things she has told me...i still look at her like my cuddlefish...maybe she deserved something special...not a creep like me...but i still love her to this day, and when i listen to this song, i jus sit and begin to think where did i go wrong...i really wish she wld give me jus one more chance to prove how much i care about her and tht she means the world without end to me...if only for once she realised how much she means to me...she would never have left me...

i miss you baby, and i ll always love you to bits, pieces and particles....you ll always be the shades on a warm sunny day.