Anonymous | Reviewer: MrDeltoid | 5/13/11

You can't say it's not about what a person would do or not. The song is about all of the above, emotions, actions etc.
The rest i agree with. It's very provocative, extremely emotional, and for me, somewhat personal. I grew up in Sweden in the 80s. We did, of course, have a general protocol in case of nuclear war. The common swede does not know about this protocol, nor does he need to. But every swede, young or old, have grown up hearing the air alarm every other Wednesday. Every two weeks, at Wednesday 3 o'clock, the air alarm is tested in every medium to large town/city in Sweden. I went to kindergarten, pre-school and graduate school right by the Stockholm air defense alarm. We where reminded of the possibility of an air raid regulary. I would think that these kinds of experiences applies to most of the world's nations and it's because of this Radiohead works for, and captures, so many peoples interest and fascination.

This may be the best Radiohead song ever made.

Tranquille and Emotional | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/08

The 4 Minute Warning is the United Kingdom's protocol during a nuclear attack. This protocol has used to be practiced by the public during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

This song is not about what someone would do at a time like that but more about what they would or wouldn't think and feel. Well-written, provocative, imaginative and deeply personal would be a few words I would use to describe this song.

this song is i even don"t know what to say about this song | Reviewer: beatutiful | 12/6/07

this song is i think the most beatiful song i've ever known, i keep hearing this song over and over again. i can't have enough if it. specially, cwhen i m depressive, or when i want to cry, when i m sad, or something like that. i love this song. hear it you won't be disapointed, i promess