so true | Reviewer: tlc | 3/30/09

this song reminds me of a situation im in. me and this guy had a thing and then i screwed it up so he didnt like me anymore but i still liked him. a while later he asked another girl out and i then confessed i still liked him. a month has passed and a few days ago we slept together even though they are still going out he told me last night he tired to break up with her but he just couldnt.

x | Reviewer: dilem. | 3/5/09

im relating to this song on a sad, personal level atm.
its reminding me of this situation im in, where this lad told me he loved me and promised me it was true and we went out, and i believed him and it was.. perfect.
and then when people found out he denied everything, and lied about it, saying that he was having a laugh, and i was throwing myself at him, and he wasnt really interested.
but we both know differently, -And you can tell the world what you want them to hear
I've got nothing left to lose, my dear
So, I'm up for the little white lies
But you and I know the reason why(8)
and i still wish him the best, because part of me still wishes things had turned out differently.-I think about how it might have been(8)
LOVE YOU RACHAEL you are amazing, i love your songs,xx

Absolutely Lovely | Reviewer: Zay | 12/19/08

Rachael is just a gorgeous singer...I love her music and there's something so classic about her voice. Someone like her really needs to get out there, because a song like this showcases what all those Top 40's kids wish they had - raw, beautiful lyrics, a gorgeous melody, and the perfect delivery of both.

Absolutely lovely.

beutiful | Reviewer: nadia | 10/24/08

this song is actually remind me for my best friend..i wish i can just turn back time..first time i heard this song is from the o.c season just beutiful.the lyrics and melody perfect.this song really broke my heart.

great song | Reviewer: kelly | 9/25/08

i remember hearing this back on the OC. when Alex was really upset, and then marissa came into the bar and held her hand...telling her she wanted to be together....the song moved me then and it still does
it's so sad but amazing.

Great song! | Reviewer: Aletheia | 10/9/07

I like her piano performance a lot more than the version on her CD.

Even though it hints that it's a sad goodbye song, it's actually about a business thing. Um I'm probably not saying this right. Basically it's about her band Bumpus and her splitting up because of their musical differences.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Akshay | 8/20/07

This is one of the best inspiring songs I have listened to. The beautiful melange of lyrics and melody make this song unforgivable..

The reason why | Reviewer: WENDY | 7/3/07

This is really a very beautiful song, unique , broke my heart the first time that I heard it on "THe OC", on the scene when Marissa came to the bar and Alex is watching Rachel Yamagata singing this song and then she goes to Alex and hold her hand telling with this that she's ready to be with her..

This song is so sad but so beautiful at the same time . I loved it since the first time I heard it and saw Rachel's performance on the OC.

wonderful | Reviewer: Lieke | 6/10/07

Her voice is of course great and the rhythm of this song is so good, but what gets me most are the lyrics.
She seems to have broken up with someone she loves, but who hasn't treated her right and now she wishes him all the best and though she is sad she is reminding him that whatever he tells other people they both know the real reason for their break-up.
They're is something so real and peaceful about it.

spectacular | Reviewer: Sonya | 4/14/07

The song is beautiful. Rachel Yamagata's soulful and captivating voice has brought the lyrics to its true testament. Reminiscence never felt this beautiful in my life.
A splendid piece, together with I'll find a way and Be Be Love