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------ performed by Ra

bitchin!!! | Reviewer: nemo | 5/4/2007

I had nothin on my iPod so my friend dumped around 1600 songs onto it. Ra – From One was the first album that played when I put on ‘shuffle’ and after hearing just the song Sky, I put it on ‘repeat album’ and have been listening to that album on ‘shuffle songs’ and ‘repeat album’ for a month straight.

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one of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/2005

My buddy and i are quite addicted to music, all over the spectrum. the heaviest and some of the lightest, oldest and the newest. he introduced this album to me, but we were busy, and i didnt get a chance to get familiar with them(first id heard of them). i borrowed it, and listened to them for 2 weeks almost non stop. to date, and with thousands invested in various types of music, this is still one of the best albums we've found to date.

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RA ROCKS | Reviewer: Bill | 3/31/2005

This Cd is Killer. I borrowed it from a friend, and it hasn't left my car cd player for a week. Great music. Hard enough to get you going and good enough to keep you there!

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