TURN TO GOD | Reviewer: shadine woodphin | 1/19/06

this song has really bless my heart has a young teenager.my greatest wish is for you R.kelly to come to know the lord. don't forget that people like myself and other are looking up to you.always remember that God love you regardless of what. Please turn your life to GOD.that would make me so happy also the lord jesus christ. i am looking forward to more chritian life changing song from you. May god bless you richly.I love you!

Powerful | Reviewer: Mike Kirui | 12/2/04

Its the song of the year to me .Shows God here our cry.
My prayer to R Kelly is fo God to touch him.You sing poweful gospel and contradicts them by singing secular.Surrender fully your life to Jesus.God bless

With love

I LuV ThiS SoNg!!!!!!! | Reviewer: iono | 8/16/04

i think this song is very powerful in many ways.and it shows people that miracles do come true. and just because r kelly is a child molestor dont mean that his songs suck. luv me