U save me | Reviewer: summy | 8/4/14

As i was listen to the song i began to imagine how GOD save me from diseases and healed me supernaturally ,I thank GOD and i started singing the song and i was closed to tears .its so inspire ,i can't believed R .Kelly song can be like that. I really want people to listen to this Album and try to think about the past and where they are now. IS ONLY GOD THAT SAVES.

Leap of faith, Peace, etc | Reviewer: Kieran | 7/29/14

When I get up in the morning and play this song, I know God is watching me always...it keeps me going...all faith,,,.all save....Kelly you are the man.

Leap of Faith | Reviewer: Sphe | 1/2/14

Wow i neva been so crazy about the song like this since 2005-2014.It really encourage me that i have a Ghost inside me,a Holy Spirit from God is in me.Guys if u can let me say wat does dis song means 2 me ill say 'Jesus did it all,He kept da fire burning

I lv Peace track | Reviewer: Sphe | 1/2/14

R.kelly wrote a nice song.He was not just praying 4 himself but 4 everyone.thats what we been called for,to be the world changers.Guys please try dis track with headsets,its well produced for both ears to take peace and send it to the heart.thanks

U SAVED ME | Reviewer: alain | 12/4/13

I wish and pray that after this album R Kelly, u remain in the faith and not wonder, for he that endured till the end shall have the crown of life. I may not b as best of a christian i i always pray to, but i will keep on striving to make heaven and not just being used by God to impact peoples life,but to impact peoples life and laying aside every weight that will make me lose HEAVEN at the END.

all of them | Reviewer: Siyabonga Thwala | 10/3/13

i usually play this album on my phone everyday.I remember once it was 2011 doing my matric(grade 12) we were writting english exam ,so there were lots of questions to choose from so mine was.WHEN I SEE HER\HIM IN THE PICTRE(I WAS WRITTING ABOUT MY LATE MOM.ON HOW MY LIFE WAS WHEN SHE PASSED AWAY).so due to the facts that i always play this song I ended up qouting on his words.that was the best paper ive wrote and i score 74%

Prayer Changes Things.. | Reviewer: Oluwashina Samuel | 8/21/13

I always wonder what inspires R.kelly to write his songs...Kelly's songs have really inspired & motivated me a lot..Talking about this album,i feel its still the best among his album because many songs in the album pass encouraging message to me & i feel refreshed every time i listen to songs in this album especially Prayer Changes Things,that song is 100% motivation.I wish Kelly could do just one more album of this nature,he his really a genius...Words cant say what you mean to me R.kelly..My dream is to meet you some day...Love from Lagos Nigeria...

Prayer change | Reviewer: Faleye mayowa ezek | 8/18/13

I thought it was over with my educational carrier bcos i have been looking 4 admission for over 8years and most of my mate are getting married but me am getting married to entrance exams,but when i listen to kelky's testimonies in side prayer change track,i key to it and now i am in one of the best nigeria institution. Kelly indeed prayer change.

Prayer Changes | Reviewer: Kedidimetse Thuli Maseko | 6/2/13

When my friend's marriage was going thru the hardest time and she thought everything in life meant nothing and decided to divorce, i did'nt know how can i ease her pain cos i knew what she was going thru but was'nt able to fix her life. Then i gave her my CD (R.Kelly - You Saved Me) then i said listen to track no 3 1st then other tracks ! After 2 weeks she came 2 me HAPPY as if it was her birthday and nothing is gonna take away that. Then the tables changed, in 2010 September i was the one going thru what she passed thru, My friend said " Its only the TRYING TIMES and the devil is a LIAR" she gave back my CD and said " im telling you what you've once told me, Listen to track no 3 1st then others "
And you know, that's EXACTLY what i did. After 4 weeks she handed the CD to me, i knew that, the devil is a LIAR. Its been 3 years now, i have never ever shed a tear of pain, the last tear that came out, it was when i was praying to my God. Every day when i wake up i see the sunlight even when its raining. I wish R.Kelly could release other CD's lilke that one. Praises be to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

prayer changes n I surrender | Reviewer: shocky mogane | 5/19/13

Prayer changes indeed,I was 13 wen started listerning to this album didn't understand but always listerned to it, n now now in older n more mature I want to thank Silvester for giving me light,showing me the way really when life challenges comes I just sing n re-call the words or encouragement from robert u,ur album keeps me going

#prayer changes things

GOD z stil saying smtin | Reviewer: John James | 10/11/12

Oh my gush,.....this is an outstanding trope in dis album,so touch,so captivated n so real,any time i listen to dis track,i sing alongside it, envisaging d imagry involve...dis is d best ever. It creats more faith in me when impossibity arise, acknowledging dat"GOD is stil saying smtin". Pls seek inspirations d more 4rm d almighty God,so we'l b blessd d more tru ur songs. We love them

Prayer changes and Leap of faith | Reviewer: S.N ZUNGU | 4/2/11

Actually every song in this album touches my heart...but these two songs remind me everytime when I listen to them that God is always there. Sylvester, you're singing about the situations that some of them I've been through. This is just a powerful testimony. Rob, we love you man...keep on doing great things, giving us the best from your heart and we'l keep on supporting you!!!

God is good | Reviewer: Jessie | 8/27/10

I was given this cd as a gift. I liked that it was a double cd, however, once I heard the gospel side I have yet to play the "happy people" side.
My girlfriend and I were going out to dinner and had it playing in the card.By the time we reached the restrauant we had to sit in the car awhile because we had been so moved by the spirit of God we couldn't stop
praising. R. Kelly is an anointed man and God bless him for his word

A little Love | Reviewer: Tammy Davis | 4/16/07

My six year old and I have practiced a three way phone call many times. This whole album is really good. I believe this is his best work ever. Everyone views him as a thug, but this CD shows another side of him. This is the side that his public and fans should know. These are his songs that they should play more of on the radi.

U Saved Me | Reviewer: Shantoria Henderson | 2/23/06

This song is really a song everyone should listen to if they are having bad times in life. It lets you know that God can do more things than you think he can.