bad bad bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

wot a load of blak ass shite ....wot da fuk is dis man on....soap opera - wat da fuk...and you guyz giv dis man respect???

it iz so laaame.

MADD HOTT! | Reviewer: Kelly (lol) | 5/30/07

i love R. kelly. this song is madd cool. even the version that wierd al made after this song is hilarious.

Mistake!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

You guys didn't do too bad, but that ain't all of da chapters. They do go all the way to chapter 12. So can you think of adding the rest of da chapters, cause you wrote that this is da "full-version".

GAY | Reviewer: frank | 5/16/07


The Big Game | Reviewer: Shanicea O'Guin | 5/15/07

Thiis song is very nice. I like it iit's something that ewverybody can enjoy. So keep up the good work and keep you're head up.

r kellys song | Reviewer: jacqueline | 5/13/07

r kelly you rock. its the best song i have rver heared you must do more. i love you

man | Reviewer: keato | 5/13/07

this song is my favourite i love it soo much!!

i want to learn everysingle word of it!!

Oh my God, a rubber... | Reviewer: R.kelly lover | 4/27/07

Man the best song/video ever, i wanna to married it and make beutiful childs whit it, i´m so in love whit the song. i can even the whole song whitout any lyrics...i give the song a 100 of ten

the 5 chapters.... PLEASE!!! | Reviewer: rosie | 4/26/07

um like there is more than 5 chapters... seriously... it ges to chapter 11 and they are going up to chapter 20... so um u guys REALLY have to fix it ill try adn helpy ou ill find the accual lyrics casue i dont remember all of them...

Brillant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

R. kelly has shown out once again, he's takin' soap opera to a whole new level...keep doin' what ya do....luv ya....

r.kelly | Reviewer: brittany | 4/19/07

love this song it si funny/cool

CRAZY!!!!! | Reviewer: pam brown | 3/12/07

i love love love the suspence and the adventure and the drama this is the GREATEST song/black soap operah that i have ever seen and heard!! i love r.kelly!! keep em' comming babe............

THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 | Reviewer: shannon | 10/22/05

this is the best video ever!!! r kelly u rock....u have to do more and keep it going...ur awesome...i love u r kelly!!!!!!!!! man ur awesome at what u do!
this si the best video and has the best lyrics this is my favorite ever!!!im in love with its so much!!

i love it | Reviewer: josie | 10/11/05

dis is da best song eva but i aint seen da vid!!! and i cant get hold of da last 2 chapters!! what happens after al this?? xxx love u r kelly!

wut?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/05

damn this is song!!!!! and the video!!! damn!!! the best video everrr!!!! i love u R Kelly!!