HECTIK SONG | Reviewer: ella | 10/10/07

all u fukers dat say dis song is shit can go suck a dick cos dis song rules moda fukas!!!! r.kelly is hott n dis is one awesome song!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Fuck the haters | Reviewer: Leon | 9/18/07

He's de king of R and B...That's wat we mean by Talent_Kells Rocks BIG Time...Fuck the haters cocksuckers

Dear Lord... WHY?? | Reviewer: Haley | 9/7/07

I fully agree with the comment that this is senseless nonsense. It's amusing, but not fit for a song. Ugh....

are we serious | Reviewer: ratatat | 9/4/07

This song is garbage, and you are an idiot if you think it is anything other than hackneyed bilge. My God, I can't believe people can stand this.

Koolies | Reviewer: Abbey | 8/30/07

I love this song i reakon it is really cool how they are all conected somehow.Its really cool,i love it.R KELLY RULES.

The Truth | Reviewer: the review | 8/29/07

Ok, its as simple as this. As a song, which i watched the whole thing on you-tube, The song is so stupid, i cant believe he made it a song, but the plot, the twist, and the story, is really really good, he should have made it a poem or something, horrible song, great story!

its just a turn on | Reviewer: miriam | 8/17/07

i cant stop listening to this song, i could make a movie out of it.would take up cathy's role,tis a brilliant song/drama..who can give you a run for your money on this

R kelly is a genius | Reviewer: aderemi | 7/22/07

This song is the best drama r&b that av listened to in recent times. really R kelly is da bomb. But you guys should just try and get the full version. Anybody who doesn't like this song can go to HELL. This aint black cheating themselves but a true show of talent

Not finished | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/19/07

This said it was the full version. It is not. I just wanted to read the rest because listening to it put me to sleep. I just want to know what happened. Isn't there a midget in the cabinet or something?

r kelly again | Reviewer: mipo | 7/18/07

this is what am talking about can no1 mess with this guy he is the true meaning of talented i love you kells xxxxx

wow | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/26/07

wow this song is waaaayy too much drama. the lyrics r shit. this song goes on for too long. its all bullshit. r kelly sucks hard balls! fuck you guys! i hate you!

Do u like this song??? | Reviewer: zach | 6/19/07

If you Like This Song U Should Check Out Trapped in the Drive Thru, By "Weird Al" Yankovic, It's

12 chapters | Reviewer: $gT g1mP | 6/19/07

just to let u know dare was 12 chapters not five and dare not doin nemre after dat because r kelly dnt no wot else he can say and he dnt want to drag it on any longer fanx

Ridiculous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

Is this supposed to be deep with the connections of all the people? Its just more black people in a club cheating on their wives, r&b in a nutshell, except this excuse for music is twenty agonising minutes.

wonderful | Reviewer: machelle | 6/1/07