class | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/14

ur all stupid those of u who think this song is shit, r kelly did somethimg thats never been done before its not perfect, and it shldnt be, it was done by man, its entertaining to me and is genius cos no one thought to do it before, now its being done, however better they are all copycats..

the real true | Reviewer: wilbert | 1/7/14

from my point of view this is one of his best song . into that song we find a great teching sometimes we do wrong things but we dont expect from anyone else to be done to us thanks

phenominal | Reviewer: jada huskin | 9/11/13

I know for a fact that this song is awesome and fun. It doesn't matter if people take it serious or not but some how others can relate to the song,because it might be their life time experience or maybe their regrets but any how the song its a must listen.

The rnb boss ''Kells'' | Reviewer: Lyvett Gova | 8/15/13

Trapped in the closet is an awesome story.R kelly is the most Musically Gifted Man in the world. and I understand why haters are hating Trapped in the closet..they are just jealous

I suppose it wasnt as bad as i was thinking it might be | Reviewer: Jeff | 4/26/13

so, first, i never really was into R. Kelly's music, so i apologize for any bias... anyways... i was curious about this song becaues i would listen to the Weird Al Yankovic parody. so i thought i would check and see what the real song was about... all i knew about it was simply that... it is long. almost too long to be honest, it kindof drags on, making it tiring to get through the entire thing. however, i think that all in all, the song does a good job of doing what it was trying to accomplish. and for what it is worth, it was actually decent. It is obviously a song that is supposed to be funny and extreme, and personally, i enjoy music that tells a story.

Lawshanda ever heard of plagiarism? | Reviewer: Tyrone | 3/21/13

Probably not, because you are blatantly planning to exercise it. The funny thing is that unless your teacher is living under a rock he will quickly realize how stupid and ludicrous(not the rapper) the plot is, that he'll be like, "that's that ridiculous excuse for a song by Mr. Golden Showers himself, R. Kelly". Don't get me wrong he had some hits, this one is just whack!

R.kelly | Reviewer: cheks | 1/4/13

4 or 5 years after the song was ever played and I still love it. The poetry myt not have bin superb but wat do u expect from american english werr most words r twisted. Good job it was fun watching. I loved it and still do love it.

what Sylvester & Twan smelled... | Reviewer: dick poop | 12/7/12

what Sylvester & Twan smelled when they went in the cop's house...was how much this whole song stinks like a midget with an assload of poop on him. Kelly's no poet - just another urban contemp douchebag picking the low-hanging fruit. Best thing that could happen is if a bus went off a freakin' cliff with R. Kelly driving it.

awesome | Reviewer: maya | 11/22/12

I'm personally a fan of trapped in the closet so I think its like super awesome and r kelly should not get a day job because then he wouldn't be able to write more. He only writes this stuff because he has no day job

Unique | Reviewer: Angel | 11/16/12

I've listened to the entire song and seen all the videos quite a few times, and this is quite creative due to the fact that I've *never* heard another artist compose something like this; an entire story line. In R. Kelly's part, this was positive in his career because it allowed him to show other talents he has.

No point in fighting here, but I understand if you dislike him and this song in particular, go ahead and do so since it's your own opinion. But I must say it's a pretty damn good song.

best song/movie ever | Reviewer: sindisiwe | 5/8/12

R.Kelly u rock! I first hard dis song wen i waz in grade 4 (i was 10yrs) i rily enjoyed it even though i ddnt understand it completly than a year later i watched it again nd i understood. A lot of u r sayin ur e lyrics r bad bt u shldnt be concentratin on e wordz bt e meanin all hez tryin to prove dat if u do smeting bad lyke cheatin it will cme bck lyke e sayin 'wat cmes around goes bck around' those that said it sucked ddnt realy understand e song is to entertain bt at a greater extent be a song wit a meanin dat cld actually help sociaty unlyke mst songz dat jst entertain

the bomb! | Reviewer: expensive monique | 3/28/12

trapped in the closet is one good song wiv lot of suspense, love evryfin abt rkelly and likewise his songs. trapped in the closet is one of my best album rkelly ever stop posting shit about his song aiight?

Ridiculous | Reviewer: AB | 1/19/12

Heard Weird Al's parody first, and in my opinion it's the better song. R. Kelly does a very poor job of setting the lyrics to a consistent rhythm, unlike the parody. The "drama" in the song is typical urban sub-culture bullshit and very uninspired. Just the kind of tripe I'd expect from a man who urinated on a 14 year old girl. Anyone who thinks this is an inspired composition needs to be exposed to much better music.

Payback scene. | Reviewer: Prince oje | 9/2/11

I think R.kelly is legend because i don't know where he get all his inspiration from, i love that music, all the words saying by him, inshort R.kelly is the best amoung the best. The lesson i learned from the trapped in the closest is that when you do something very bad for your fellow man someone will do back to you, that is what they called payback.

Wake up! | Reviewer: Tony | 9/26/10

Um...are you serious guys?

It's not supposed to be taken seriously. To the guys expecting to see the same amount of suspense that one would obtain from watching an episode of CSI, wake up. It's just a pretty entertaining song (regardless of how extreme it is) and it's totally different to any other forms of mainstream music. From a creative point of view its awesome, and that's why it was so popular.