R-KELLY (THE SWEETY) | Reviewer: mrs.B-E-A-UTIFUL | 4/26/07

On the last track "Peace," R. Kelly experiments with African cadences combining the tribal beats with his own divine sounds. "Shine your light on me," R. Kelly pleads, showing us that no matter how big we think we are, we're all small in the eyes of the Lord." Fuelled by the power of prayer and remarkable rhythm, as Kelly confesses on the standout track "Prayer Changes," the R. has crafted ten tracks that will make one feel the light of inspires alot of info ABOUT THOSE SONGS. i like the way they said that its wiked cool

Rob Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/07

Rob Kelly da man ,this Nigga is Blessed ...my Role model

My Love | Reviewer: Porsha LaNee' Dorsey | 2/27/07

I love R. Kelly with all of my heart, body, mind, and soul. All I want to say is that I will ALWAYS LOVE R.Kelly no matter what the media or haters or any body say, and I got his back 1001%. Hate It OR Love It.