COME OVER | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 10/20/07

i love R.kelly so much cos is my roll model i love his music because they give me more inspiration i need in life to move on as a man.
please i need you to come to NIGERIA to make it happen life in NIGERIA so that i can see my dream come thrue viewing my roll model performing life on stage.

wow | Reviewer: louis | 9/28/07

my life is changed by the songs or lyrics from the songs of R-KELLY.i live in a french country but because of him i know how to speak now engish because i want to sing his songs everytime.R-KELLY is the only artist i have in the world cause there's nobody that i can compare with him.He is a superstar.if i could have his phone number and talk with him everytime it will be good.My star i love u.just continue like that.

ICON OF MUSIC | Reviewer: Adex D tommy | 9/20/07

Infact,Robert Kelly you are someone who is born to rule the world.Your music always makes me happy,whenever I listen to your music and look strong,also,it makes me cheerful when I was sober dat why I always take both CDs and audio cassetts along to wherever I am going to.You are the one to be called ICON OF MUSIC.I wish you to come to NIGERIA one day,I and my fellow will be Xpecting you in AFRICA PLS.Go on GOD is with you.I wish if you could send a copy of your 90s to me pls.

Icon of music | Reviewer: Adex D Tommy | 9/20/07

Infact,R Kelly has being someone dat born 2 rule the world.His music always make me happy whenever I heard of it,his song motivate me so much.He is someone to be called ICON OF MUSIC.I wish you come to visit NIGERIA one day.We will be xpecting you.

i feel for the man | Reviewer: abdulrazak yusif | 9/13/07

when we talk of the best, he is the best among the best, no one can compare to his style. keep it up man,Ghanaian say hello to you. we luve you big bro.............

why i love r.kelly | Reviewer: anita ashford | 9/11/07

I love r. kelly because i can feel he is a true man of God no matter what he does or sing about he is one of God special children i can feel it.

wodop kells | Reviewer: fred oware | 9/7/07

oware-Ghana says u're really doubling up man.Your lyrics, actions and movement damn, i cant resist. Can one tell me which track of the R in RnB is not the great?Absolutely the real "Black,Rich,singer,........"
we love ya

BEST SINGER | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/7/07


his the guy | Reviewer: tolu | 9/5/07

am happy to share my idea about r.kelly, he is a wonderful guy,i wish he could be collecting the grammy over and over until he died.his music are soul lifting.since i know r.kelly his music his always a hit, i love u kelly

why i love kellys | Reviewer: mildred | 9/4/07

I love r.kelly because he,s a true person in the
music business he,s like me tell it like it really is and have a soul that make your mind wonder who is this man am listing to know matter what people my say my heart always live in you

the most precious singer | Reviewer: dimple | 9/3/07

u really r awesome singer and i don't have any other words to say to u. just keep it that way and God be with u in every work and things u do
from Ethiopia

HELLO R KELLY | Reviewer: Linda | 8/28/07

Hello r kelly my name's linda i live in london i wanna say that i like very vey much you are my favaurite singer i like all your video clip i like when you isng and when you dance.thank's have agood good weekend BYE BYE?

A musical genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

R. Kelly is awesome! He is very articule in his delivery, style, music, and he is sexy. He has a song for all people to enjoy, no matter what their age. His new cd & trapped in the closet 13-22 is like a short movie, that is funny but truly the real world. The lord will deal with his demons, not us. This man has skills, blessed only to him. R, keep making that sweet music to our ears. Good luck to you & your family. Thank you.

the natural r&b singer. | Reviewer: samuel-adobi | 8/15/07

his got the natural flow of lyrics that could thrill the soul to a scene of memories....of the past,present and future of affection for a lady,one is longing for....that's why he is the in born r&b artiste that for real.........
from sammy!

hello | Reviewer: vivian | 8/15/07

hi, i have always wantedd to watch ur shows but i have never gotten the chance to watch it bacause i come from a verypoor family who can only offer three square meal and buy little clothes.i have always been your fan since when i as little . i have all ur tracks and i have ur lastest track and itlooks so kool.especally the way usher and you performed on the track . "the same girl" i will always be ur fan.