MY INSPIRATION!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/14


The R/B Man Of Soul | Reviewer: lori v | 7/1/14

One of the greatest singers of all matter
What he has been through.God always put him back on top..I love all of his song..keep up the good work. ..May God continue to bless u and ur family

Kells u da best and still is | Reviewer: Alerris From MIlwaukee | 3/28/14

People now days think that I am too young to be listening to music that you have produces through your career. all of your music is great to me and I am saying that and I am only 14 years old I would really like to meet my favorite Icon because I sing to and I am very good at it its a real talent that I have. Anyways keep being you and continue to be the greatest rnb artist to have ever walked this earth.

Mr. Kelly King! | Reviewer: Oyuk Davestone | 9/25/13

We are so honoured to have shared this world with the 'word's greatest' people like you, Kelly!
I feel it as God's special favour. I am still working so hard at meeting u some day! I hope God brings u to Uganda some day when i am still alive! I would spend my last penny just to have a glimpse of this music genius by the names of Robert Kelly.

Thanks for your hard work
Davestone (

I can't sleep baby | Reviewer: Kadija | 9/13/13

Robert you are one of the best when it comes to RnB. I love all your tracks especially 'I can't sleep baby'.If i may asked, who is that girl who made you not to sleep?. I will make you to sleep. I wish i could see you one day and feel you touch only my hand.

just like the way u are | Reviewer: endurance gonzalex | 2/13/13

Your lovely songs has gone a long way 2 affect me positively like your christian song,specially the tract tittle you saved me.I pray God continue to give you the Grace to carry out His word. I love u

Food 4 souls | Reviewer: Sammreal | 2/13/13

Mr kelly will read these my words? I really appreciat God almighty for gvin u ds gracios talent. I had jus download one of my best tracks now. Pls call
lv 2 hear ur voic

If I could make the world dance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/13

This is a hit and very inspirational the king never fail to touch all his fans with something that will leave them all with the mindset that he is a musical genius. LONG LIVE THE KING.

Kenyans are waiting | Reviewer: Geff Van Cher | 9/28/12

I tackled your songs at the university since all are ma favorites as we were doin literary critical appreciation. The content, rhymes and other components r amazing. Well harmonized carrying substantial themes. Bravo Roberto. +254721816937.

One of the greatest musician ever | Reviewer: Jerry | 9/19/12

The great kells i have always admire ur music since my childhood,u sing like an angel nd i will like to have thesame voice too,kells i have listen to many of ur tracks such as ignition,burn it up nd i wish, those songs are interesting nd am happy to have u as a role model. You can contact me on this line

You are the man | Reviewer: Victor Guaramato | 5/27/12

Hey man, even though many people criticize your song, I want, from my deep inside, say that you are a great singer. We all make mistakes and you cannot escape from that. It is a part of being human beings.
I am not an native English speaker, but my English has improved a lot thanks to your songs. I listen to them so many times that I have achieved a native-like pronunciation and good listening comprehension. I wish I meet you someday. Actually, I am planning to go to Chicago soon.

R Kelly d professor of r&b | Reviewer: Ogedengbe femi | 12/8/11

R Kelly ,u are d professor r&b,i like to always listening to ur music especialy i believe i can fly ,the homing we lost ,chocolate factory,and other gospel music ,i will like to just hear ur voice my phone no is +234080y2370492 my Facebook is ogedengbe john femi@facebook.come.

I love ya kells-long live the king | Reviewer: Alfred Monday Balami | 8/25/11

What's up kells-long live the king.
It all started like this. When i was a little boy, i used to be hearing songs like: storm is over, i believe i can fly, heaven i need a hug, world's greatest, i wish. Etc. I love these songs so much that i wanted to know more about them. To my suprise it was only one talented person the did the songs. From then i can't help but to be kells fan. And i still remain your no1 fan. Me and my mum will sit in the pallow watching you in 'i wish' saying 'common and braid my hair'. My love for i wish made me wrote a song for my mum as well. From then i've been writting songs after songs. It was you that activated what was hidden inside of me. Now, wish i can meet you one on one cos i've always prayed for. All i've ever dreamed of is to be a singer. But how to start is the problem. I wish you could reply this message through my email. It is a pity you came to my country Nigeria but i wasn't able to watch you live cos i was writting my exams. I got a lot to ask you but let me just stop here,
Thanks you sir.

I luv rkelly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

Pls.rkelly u always my mentor & my number 1 me on d following numbers +2347030175194 +2348072775663 luv u king of r&b from sanusi,akinola odunayo linguistics department adekunle ajasin university akungba akoko ondo state.

U are my daddy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/11

R.kelly im a gal of 16 here in s.a i love you daddy my name is vanessa hlokomelo i adore u dad n my dream is to see you before death mwaaah i love al your albumz n sngs here is my facebook username hlokomelo vanessa