Gospel songs | Reviewer: Jacinta williams | 5/31/11

I realy appreciate ur gospel music, sometimes i wonder the kind of talent God gave to u. U r a good composer, a good singer almost all of ur gospel songs r touching and makes one come closer to God, example is U SAVED ME. Pls i want u to keep promoting the gospel and proclaiming Jesus. It's awonderful gift u've got, may God continue to bless u. Amen

Ignition Remix me with you | Reviewer: Lori | 3/9/11

I know you know about me and Michael. Such a tragedy. I think your music is magical. I also believe I can fly- possibly with you. I met 50 cent here in my town before he made it big. He gave me his number back then. No big deal. I just wanted you to know I Love your music.


BIG KELLY, I don't think any other person in the world can appreciate you more than i do.i really love you and your music. even though i've not set my eyes on you physically. i know some day i see u. keep moving forward.i can assure you of GOD's backing.i'll so much appreciate it if you couid send me a mail even if it is only one line...

sylvester you are too good for us | Reviewer: shegz | 3/11/10

i ve been trying to send my regards for long but i was not opportune, by my parent because they said i ve not got to the level of sending email but i did this secretly. i love you and ready to support you if you are ready to make us feel good.

still the NO.1! | Reviewer: boma obene | 2/25/10

Hi R.S.K if u ever get the chance 2 read this.just know that I stil remain ur #1 fan.I made a promise 2 get virtually all ur songs on my phone bt I'm unable 2 do dat bcos i am limitated.I actually got entrapped in ur closet of inspiration 4rm d moment i heard and watched the i believe i can fly piece. BEN CARSON has a pair of gifted hands dat allow him 2 manipulate n come out as a great man.As 4 u_u have a gifted heart dat enriches n encourages our falling and failing hearts 2 stand up tall in d midst of storms n let our shine 2 take our place leaving behind our fears and worries.SHUN d criticisms 4 they achieve nothing but 2 help u in bringing out more good songs. Wishing 2 hold u as a brother coz NIGERIANS like me are desperate 2 c u.Stay out of trouble man

where did u get ur talent from? | Reviewer: maikano patrick | 1/16/10

At times i sit and wonder were on earth did u get ur voice from?U heal wounds and emossional trouble with ur songs.Kelly if by chance u come across this piece,pls kindly give me a call on my mobile.08060888788.Am a navy personel in NIGERIA.or betastill u can write back.peaceout.maik patrick

Happy people | Reviewer: Adekunle | 12/20/09

Hi Kelly if you get to read this you have been a gift to the world. I love every of your songs, and I understand every scandal you have been into, your fans are behind you so is heaven by your side.how I wish you are a bornagain Christian I know you love God just give it all to him.
Lot of love.

storm is over | Reviewer: ABBY | 9/15/09

Kelly I really love these two songs of yours(STORM IS OVER AND YOU SAVED ME)But my question is why do you wait until you are in a situation before you come up with these songs?Better change up your mind for time is too short.

a answer left uncover | Reviewer: annette | 8/17/09

hey robert alot of time done pass im trying to keep it for no one cant get it and there hands i meet you 16 years old and never no one thing will end up like this one im not trying to get money or nothing i want my daughter to know u i use a email that no one can get it and hurt me or you this is not to hurt you i cant keep lying i want to be free

DAPSON | Reviewer: SHOLA | 7/24/09


You are the real king of rnb - you know the r in it | Reviewer: rebecca | 7/1/09

You are blessed with a voice like that. You also know God to take it to him, may God bless you and everything of the best. I love "Merry Me" and "Dance with that woman" I have listen to you ever since your Bump and Grind days and still you are doing well.

misha icome as yournumbe onefan | Reviewer: dameish | 5/1/09

i take this as anho to write this about r.kelly thru my wholelife ive been listenin to his music lyric after lyric its such a blessing and talent to be able to write as many songs as he have you're considered a legend in my eyes i truly think god has a calling on your life thats y you tend to go thru so much he's tryna get your attention if i ever had a chance to talk 2 u i wouldnt do it just as a fan but i'll do it out of concern may god bless you and keep you on your journey watch the signs and be lifted up.

Imagine | Reviewer: Fame | 3/18/09

R. Sylvester Kelly,
You will not stop to marvel me. I am Fame by name from Nigeria and I consider you my role model among others which means others are good equally. Your songs and "you are not alone" that you wrote have always made me sit down to reason if you really know that people wish to have the type of talent you have not only your voice but the way you arrange words. You're another thing my man. I'm not of the opinion that you should sing only christian songs but your song, "storm is over and U saved me" shows really that your talent has alot to do with the grace of God. Well I consider "wyne for me" , "happy people", "step in the name of love" and "make it rain remix" as my best songs. Really I like seeing you perform but then you have never considered coming over to Nigeria and see that almost every body here wants a piece of you voice and dressing code..............
Keep it real G.

My Robert . Kelly is........... | Reviewer: Jero Innocent | 3/7/09

well it may please me to say R.Kelly is my Legend and one of the best Soul Music provider .
My love to Music and of life ,i dedicate my cherishies to my brother R.kelly,One Love whish him More bether Future.

May God bless him and save him every falls,my prayer to him ;

wish to meet him and feel with him proberbly on stage that which sun rise.

From JD.Hill R.Kell Fan for life

robert kelly is the best alive! | Reviewer: tia mahon | 2/20/09

mr.kelly! i am INlove with you!
theres nothing i want more in life, but to get to shake your hand.
yours truely TIA BABY
ps. im going to be 19 in a year and 7 months AND IM ALL YOURS ..im all yours now but i'll be al yours legally. NOT that it matters cuz AGE Is JUS A NUMBER!! i love you