am one of his fans. | Reviewer: david | 2/14/08

As you know you have alot of fans in nigeria you are the best and we all love you very much you are a really great person may God bless you.just want say that i love your work. Its so unique, amazing, and so you. Im always waiting to see what you are gonna do next,I have every album that you have ever come out with, and know all of your songs word for word.please i will like to hear from you,thanks.
mobile phone;+2348076219021

keshia | Reviewer: keshia | 2/11/08

I love R. Kelly with all of my heart. I know that I am his number one fan. I have every album that he has ever come out with, and know all of his songs word for word. Making love to one of his songs is how my six year old son got here. Know matter what the media or anyone else has to say about R. Kelly, he will always have to true number 1 fan in me.

A" True "Artist | Reviewer: neundra king | 2/10/08

I just want say that i love your work. Its so unique, amazing, and so you. Im always waiting to see what you are gonna do next. To me, you are the best thing thats out there right now. I believe in you and dont let anyone put you down. I also want to say that when you were accused of doing such things, it didnt matter because we still love you and we continued to by your music. Put it like this, when you first came out you let everyone know what you were about. Thats just you being you. So continue to do you and i love yo for it.

Kells | Reviewer: chicks | 1/17/08

I am a die hard Kells fan. I see all of his concerts and own all of his music. Kells is a musical genius and a mogul. I love you Kells and like all of your other fans Keep your head up and continue to do what you do best- Give us those hits!

pissed off..... | Reviewer: Lisa | 12/27/07

R. As you know you have alot of fans in Minnesota you really let us down for the Double up tour. Inquiring minds would like to know do you plan to come back?

i love this man | Reviewer: samuel | 12/22/07

r.kelly is the greatest R&B star,he has the best vocals i ever heard is remixes his songs good and i love him,am kells biggest fan.and he is definately the king of r&b

my best artist ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

i love r-kelly very much and i dont know how to get to him.i am also call kelly and he is my best artist.please i will need to know r-kelly.please if you can contact him for me.please mail me at
i will be very happy

love always | Reviewer: taneshie hunt | 12/11/07

R kelly you are tha best and we all love you very much you are a really great person may God bless you i am a singer i take a vocal class i am trying to get to the write person so i can become famous like you if you can help me my number is 864-932-6955 or 864-375-0357 iam working on a demo now please help me Thank you much love

Old friend of mine | Reviewer: Kevin M Howard | 12/5/07

I really need to know did my buddy R Kelly when to a School back in the day. The school name is D.H.Williams School I also know is she who I never hear him say nothing about her. Her name is Lois Kelly and she was in my class when her mother passed and they was my best friend and I never got to tell them I'm sorry about their mother. If he do have a sister why don't he never mention her name?

What I Feel | Reviewer: sheria | 11/25/07

I mean what can i say the man is talented and deserves to be recognized by all. I love R.kelly and his music. R.kelly could write an inspirational song and then turn around and write a love song that we all can relate to!!!

love his life style infact everything about him | Reviewer: fese abwa | 11/24/07


why R Kelly is the best | Reviewer: masha | 11/20/07

This man is a living icon, he is a inspirational singer and through his music peoples lives change for better. I sometimes think that God speaks to us through him. I wish God will be with him for the rest of his loife.

as a mother i love to hear your music ; | Reviewer: terry | 11/10/07

i have 6 kids and some of youR music,your words... are amazing, they inspire me to be closer to them and want to get to know them for who they realy are because i know i wont be in this world forever to help them threw all things but i do know they will always be with me in sprit just as your mom is with you....god bless you Robert

I wish | Reviewer: RAYMOND DADA OLUSHOLA | 11/7/07

Robot kelly is best man,my hero, conslator in music line because each time i listento R. kelly music i feel cool in me.
if am in depress or possition of agony i quikly search for mr. kelly music in other to cool my mind. R. kelly is greath man. i wish to be like him if possible.

totallyy ♥ him lotss | Reviewer: lexslyy™ | 10/25/07

ii totallyy ♥ his songs
a lot totallyy cute songs that hee
makes ii ♥ the one of the
bartender, (remix) w/ the same girl
every song that he makes its
totallyy cute && theyy all
ways send out a msg
too every one...
&& who ever doesn't like he's
songs is totallyy dumb...
imm in ♥ ♥ with his songss alot!!
♥ ♥ lexslyy <3<3 :p