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Performed by R. Kelly

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heaven I needed a hug 4rm u.. many challenge . | Reviewer: J-Hnexs Kelly fans forever.. | 11/23/13

Mr kelly, Apprecaite all your album single, U saved me, Happy people chocolate factory,, and Tp_3 reloaded and many love letter Album etc. and all the cute lyrics I do listen always R kelly song best man in d world. Well is nt muc I wanna say bout d song, I believe d song of haven I need a hugs makes me happy whenever I had probs wit mia nigga in street . Big up R kelly. Cheer
J_Hnexs 4rm Nigeria..

Heaven i need a hug | Reviewer: Anthony Martha | 10/7/13

The song is amazing. It touches d soul nd brings u to a place of relaxation. I play d song always nd on repeat. I'm neva tired of it. U're doing well Kelly. The Lord is ur strength. One love.

HEAVEN I NEED A HUG | Reviewer: COMFORT AUGUSTINE from Nigeria | 6/26/13

R.KELLY,indeed you deserve a hug.You're a good singer.I really pray that one day you would accept the man above,wish i could shake your hand right now.Pls accept Him,you're a minister and not an entertainer!Jesus loves you and so do i.

Heaven i nid a hug | Reviewer: Phiri ladson | 9/4/12

wt an awesome song frm R Kelly it truly inspires. The 1st tym i heard the song i was going thru a lot of problems bt surely The Heavens gave me a hug. i always pray 4 Kells 2 convert fully 2 Christianity and sing gospel songs. If tt happens many souls will b won 4 Christ.

Don't stress big R'kelly | Reviewer: Francisco | 7/5/12

Hey Mr.Kelly you are blessed with talent God loves you but the Man Kind doesn't apreciate good staff from good people like you even if you made you mistake it doesn't mean that you are target be hunted by **** all i know is that the best judge is our conscience. so just keep your head up you mum is watching for you from Heaven.

Heaven gave a hug | Reviewer: Mmampuru shika | 7/3/12

Its remindd of al th pips i hurt&th visa versa.showd me hw blssd i am,n gav me anthr syd of lif.evn if i may b hurt a 1000tyms,it dsnt mtr cuz it wil al cum pain u fel shld encourage u cuz sum1 is sharin it 2.BIg uP 2R KElly,he reminds me so mch of TylER PerRY.

kelly u deserve a hug | Reviewer: ridwan | 3/13/09

this is one music that i fancy much.a true life xperience which more than 80% of d world reminds me of some of my friends dat i try 2 help but try to hurt me.GOD is there 4 us.big up man.i pray one day i'll meet & shake hands wit u.i am ur biggest fan from nigeria

Heaven I Need a Hug | Reviewer: dorothy bishop | 12/27/04

I would like to buy this song. However, I would like to hear it first.

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