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Performed by R. Kelly

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All I needed to hear after what happened to me | Reviewer: Alucard | 11/29/12

After 8 years with my girlfriend, she cheated on me. Not because she was missing anything but because she was under the influence and found someone that not only looked liked me, but with the same type of view towards life (not that it justifies anything; lots of opportunities I had that i did not take). At least that is what she said before begging for me back. How do I know?; she confessed it on Facebook. That is worse than finding out on your own(It is humiliating). This song makes me feel good even though my situation was different but my attitude was like it. Thanks for the lyrics. Cheers

MISTER Kelly's Contagious | Reviewer: sisterbigbone | 7/5/12

Your wife must be married to the second sexiest man walking God's green earth. I said second because I'm married the the number ONE Sexiest man alive, and have been for the past 30 years as of July 4,2012...... With that having been said. I must give your man his prop.. Being a 64 year young grandma of nine, I think, having lived for a little more than six decades,I can say with some Authority and insight, that after viewing your husband's concert filmed in Oakland, California a while back, Girl, he's hotter than Lil sister's ussy when she had the pox.........

seXy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/06

this song is pretty sweet! its definatly a song to put you n your man in the mood!!! lmao!! hahah!! and its kool how they put all the different artists in it.. i love it! = )

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