good people | Reviewer: Peter G | 6/24/14

This song makes me feel like its okay to be sad sometimes. People always try to look happy in the eye of the crowd. Keeping troubles behind closed doors. This song makes me laugh with them. I always understand my own thing out of songlyrics. Because i want to. Even if im wrong. It keeps me going. I grew up with R.E.M. along with other TINY happy people. Artists like them are almost nowhere to be found anymore. They will always be f*ckn A to me. Greetings... Peter from Belgium

Different | Reviewer: Vampire | 1/2/11

This song is so different from the songs they usually sing. They have a female voice in it. Usually, they have a large amount of ROCK in their songs, but here... there is a hint of it, I think.

Me, (being a Vampire [not kidding. {I really am. <DON'T ARGUE OR I'LL TRACK YOU DOWN AND EAT YOU!!>}]) I think this song is really light and fluffy, and when I first heard it, I felt like the black what being replaced with white and rainbows were sitting against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating around... no way. I'M NOT A WIMP! Anyway, I do love this song because it can chear you up and the rhyming is cool. The voices work and everything.

Vampires do exist!! THEY DO!!! And I won't eat you, I'll just bite you. Okay?

Hey, wish me luck in my book I am writting: ☼ Sundial!


The Happiest Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/10

This is one of my favorite songs. It starts off slow and then the drums come it and it just takes off with tremendous energy. I heard the song Make Damn Sure it's about stalking love hate sex and killing "you are red violent red". I love that song, but it is heavy and sort of creepy. "Shiny Happy People" is so awesome. It's all about love happiness and accepting. Everyone around love them love them put it in your hand take it take it. There's no time to cry. It's about cheering someone up. I could feel so sad about a guy I like flaking on me to be with another girl, or something that hurts really bad. I listen to this song and I can't be sad. If life was like this song our world would be a perfect utopia. The song is so simple but it's really kind of deep. If some negative person walked into the world of this song they'd evaporate or something the positive energy is so strong. This is a very powerful song.

Shiny happy people | Reviewer: AnTwan | 4/16/08

I've heard this song before but it was a while ago. Yhis is the firt time I ever saw the video. Love it. Love the bright colors and smiles. Even the dude on sticks is having fun. What's wrong with having a litle fun? This cheered me right up after a boring day. Thank you REM & pretty redhead lady.

woot! | Reviewer: Killian | 9/24/07

this song makes me feel all shiny... and happy. and the lady from b-52's is AWESOME!!! it's a SWEET song! xD

Ahmed's Review | Reviewer: Ahmed Jihady | 4/18/07

Wow! this song is's better than those R'N'B songs that i've wasted most of my time listening to.....yeah bro....