rem is AMAZING | Reviewer: ben | 5/11/2008

rems early stuff is amazing. they had some good stuff in the 90s. all the grunge bands would not have existed without them. as for this u2 verses rem bullshit both are amazing live and its definitely a close contest. i will give it to u2 based on longevity though. i could give it to rem for influence but the bands that followed nirvana or pearl jams blueprint laid by rem wernt very good. both bands have had their missteps of course rem had shiny happy people and stand and u2 had the album pop and songs like stuck in a moment you cant get out of walk on the sweetest thing and of course one which i have heard about 400 times too many. but this reveiw is about rem and i have to say they are and always will be an amazing band.

R.E.M vs U2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/2007

U2 produced alot of music, but hardly a lick of it even comes close to the quality that REM produces, and REM live is a spectacle of incredible music by really talented musicians, U2 Live isn't really that special, Its just Bono screaming and bath in his arrogance.

Bill Berry | Reviewer: me | 10/12/2007

This band ceased to exist when Bill Berry retired. He was the engine in that band; the glam stuff that followed felt hollow and forced. Michael, Mike and Peter are hugely talented musicians / artists, and I love 'em, but the band just became something else in the post-Berry years.

The R.E.M. v/s U2 battle. | Reviewer: Utkarsh Upadhyay | 11/25/2006

The battle between U2 and REM as to who was the better output of the '80 s will remain forever, but after reading this biography, I understand why REM faded away while U2 stepped on gas and went ahead to claim the title of the "Best rock band".

Personally, I think that the glam actually never was meant for REM; Bono always was the better claimer as he himself says "I am a sales man of ideas". He is doing his job, and Michael Stipe his; wonderfully too.


Musically yours,

R.E.M | Reviewer: hannah | 8/12/2004

Excellent, amazing, wonderful, mind blowing, fantastic, refreshing, enlightening... I love R.E.M. (he liked the dots)