still and always beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/13

This song is straightforward, clean and meaningful. Its melody is delicate and strong at one time. Life, death, inspiration, and memory. Everything melted in a golden pot of sensitiveness and elegance. The music brings you high while words describe what your eyes would see if you could look at the movie of your own life.
This is art.
I'm not addicted to REM, but still they did a great job with this song, which deserves much fame and acknowledgement than many others.

Deep & eternal | Reviewer: Al | 3/23/13

Greatest song by REM followed close by Star me Kitten, New test lepper & Wendell Gee (to me). Somehow I still think of it as an unfortunate moment to lead to greatness & freedom. Life is a trail of trials & triumphs. The ocean to me represents life & joy, not death or afterlife, so I'm sticking to my interpretation. So is art, so is life :-)

A Need to Leave, the Water Knows | Reviewer: Sean | 11/10/12

As so many have said in the reviews to follow, this song is not only R.E.M. most finely written piece, but, one in which the lyrics and melody capture life at the point of meeting death and find the frivolous means in which we may guide our life through times of health. A song that credits Nature for understanding the "meaning of life" and leaves the human spirit uplifted, saved, and brings hope to the Afterlife.

My father recently passed on due to complications of liver cancer and I listen to this song continously. I found so much of his pain, and I hope his joy in meeting the afterlife, in the lyrics of this song.

Thank you R.E.M.

Favourite song of all time | Reviewer: Mike M | 5/4/12

This is without doubt my favourite song of all time, such a beautiful song reminds me of my childhood when i was on holiday listening to it on my walkman over and over. 20+ years later and no other song has even come close. I truly believe this is the best song they ever wrote. 20 years later and I still like it now just as much as I did back then, a couple of years back i had a tattoo done and wanted something which meant a lot to me personally so decided to use the sheet music from the first bar of this song and drew up a sketch from the actual sheet music and designed a tattoo of the music notes for my back! To the onlooker it just looks like any old music notes but only those closest to me know where this music is taken from and thats this song... 'find the river'.

powerful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/12

I remember listening to this song on tape over and over again in car rides with my family. it was always my favorite song.
i have been through so much since then, such as depression, and for some reason recently i found this song again and it just brings me to tears every time i hear it. the way the music gets stronger and lighter just makes it so beautiful

a masterpiece pop song | Reviewer: helas | 12/31/11

This song just....blows my mind into my heart and dissolves it in a million tiny points of aching light that swirl and melt together into a river of yearning and gratitude for being alive...thank you, REM.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Marianne Asher- Chapman | 6/9/11

This is a song that is powerful to my brain. I have dreamed this song all my life, long before it was written. And it is a song that makes me feel close to my daughter who I lost to domestic violence murder .When I listen to it I feel her loving it and relating to it with me. Ah, it is hauntingly bittersweet.

Pass before my eyes | Reviewer: Martin | 11/3/10

What a song. I sing this to my baby girl and she is mezmorized by the melody and harmony. This will be the song I sing to her for the rest of my life...It has so much meaning and is so beautiful...just like her

Tranquility | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

Close your eyes and you can see the river, flowing to the ocean. You can feel the tranquility and suppressed bliss in every fiber of your body.

Not many songs come across as powerfully as this one anymore.

Haunting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

This song is and always will be my favourite. The haunting melody coupled with clever lyrics and harmony drive a river through the soul. It is not a sad song, but a song of hope in the same vein as Tynnyson writing the poem "Ulysses" talks about the loss of youth, but also says "made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield."

So Find The River is about accepting the pitfalls of life and the certainty of a finale in death but to find the route that will carry you, with hope, to the end by a line of beauty and happiness.

Listen closely | Reviewer: Michael | 3/25/08

It took me 5 years to realize this is one of my favorite songs, and it took me 15 total to figure out why: listen very closely to the absolutely haunting background harmonies Mike Mills is singing. R.E.M. is famous for using his voice like an instrument, but it is so intricate and, well, haunting, the notes he sings almost in counterpoint to Michael. It's so well-integrated you never think about it, until you do. It's genius.

Amazing | Reviewer: Sgcray | 12/2/07

This just became my favourite REM song!! Its incredible the way it just picks up. And the lyrics are amazing too. Everyone just has to find the river of his life I guess. Thats what this song is about. The flow of one's life can only be decided after you ascertained the right river. Most dont care about finding the river but then you might wash on a shore that you never meant to me.

Absolutely fabulous | Reviewer: kroe | 11/1/07

This is my favorite song ever. Michael Stipe's voice combined with the instrumentation and the subtle and poetic lyrics creates an absolutely gorgeous song. I love you, R.E.M.