Everybody Hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

This is such a powerfull song.
It's really amazing and evokes so much emotion.

Everybody hurts | Reviewer: Hung | 7/3/07

That's a nice song. I luv it cuz it expresses my feeling at the moment

sad but beautiful!! | Reviewer: sunmee | 5/11/07

I love this song very much!!
It's really soothing my feeling and make me comfort all the time!!

about r.e.m | Reviewer: el_maury | 4/8/07

hy i'm an r.e.m fan and i think that this song , drive and losing my religion are the best songs of r.e.m , bye.

:))) | Reviewer: sashike | 3/10/07

It´s really wanderfull song!!! and the best by REM... it´s too sad but very melancholic and beautiful... aaachhhh