Fucking Awesome | Reviewer: Chris | 7/14/13

Yes this song was from Nick Oliveri, he's fucking twisted! But in a great way... Joe get off your high horse dude, it's a good song! You had to liked it enough to look up the lyrics! I'm a semi new QOTSA fan but I know a good song.

Peeps don't know much... | Reviewer: dubbya | 8/24/12

I get the impression that most comments on this thread are from people who heard "no one knows" and assumed every song on the record would sound like that. Wrong. QOTSA are very diverse and all of their albums are way different.

song.. | Reviewer: guitar player | 7/20/12

This is someday going to be a classic! The lyrics are deep and forces the listener to dwell on the cognative power of really quality music and 3 chord melody....

....That is if your 7 years old, or just posess the mentallity of a 7 year old special needs person.

Weird but good. | Reviewer: The Fun Machine. | 11/11/08

Although not at all like the QOTSA usual music... I think this was the bassist guy's work (the one who got fired before Lullabies)...

Joe just doesn't like it 'cause he's used to Jonas Brothers and crap.

joe's a retard | Reviewer: cordelia | 12/3/07

i love this song!! its fucking awesome!
joe's just a piss head who doesnt recognise good music when he hears it, so he clearly doesnt even have the right to be disappointed in them. go listen to avril lavigne and blink 182 u idiot..

Awesome | Reviewer: Garrett | 8/27/07

This song is easily one of the best on the album, and Joe doesn't know shit about music if he thinks this is a bad song.

This song fucking rocks! | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/31/07

Obviously the last reviewer doesn't know shit about QOTSA. This is their sound. This song fucking rocks!

Shit music | Reviewer: Joe | 6/12/07

This is one on the crapiest songs I have ever heard from this band...Very disapointed in them...