you have no idea | Reviewer: in the fade | 12/5/07

All you people have no idea what this song is about. J. Ho's even said in interviews that the song "is about fucking" but not his sister. Little sister is a nick name. stop being so perverted. 'I never came' has nothing about sex if you read the lyrics. its a hate song towards his ex explaining their breakup "Call it leavin, its just I never came."

Little Sister | Reviewer: Netta(: | 11/20/07

this song is fucking awsome!
this song and "sick, sick, sick" are my favorite songs of qotsa...
the song is about to be in love with your sister, it's kinda sicky but it's just like all the songs of qotsa ARE sickiessss (like "I never came", "Feel Good Hit Of Summer", etc.)... but it's kinda cool and the song sounds GREAT and this is the important thing LIKE DA!

Dude | Reviewer: Arron | 10/21/07

Mann do any of you know what this song is about?? could you be any more perverted?!
he's singing about fucking his sister, it like totally creeps me out

Very niice | Reviewer: Anthony | 8/3/07

I love the use of the jam block in this song. I loved when they played this on SNL, and Will Farrell played a cowbell, substituting for the jam block.

i fell for this song | Reviewer: hen | 7/10/07

i love QOTSA !!!!!
they sound great in this and this is one of their best songs :)

Little Sister | Reviewer: Birgir Þór Harðarson | 7/25/05

This song is pretty good, but not the best of QOTSA. But it's cathcy and that is what they want.

Cool song. | Reviewer: Becky | 3/26/05

I used to hate QOTSA until I heard this song and now I'm hooked. The only thing is if this song means what I think it means, it's kinda scary, but who cares! I want to play this riff! It's so catchy! Oh well, Class song and if this is anything to go buy, the album must be amazing!