don't ruin a good thing | Reviewer: an older brother | 1/12/14

I believe this song is about a little sister. Not one to fuck, but one to understand and help when she's in need. I think its a song about a little sister lost in the world around her and her only defense is to conform to it. Luckily there is a caring older brother their to take her out of her contorted shell and let her live her life as her own person. "let me inside, dear." is saying he wants to know her true feelings and help her cope with the world.
Y'all are just strange for ruining this heart warming song.

Little Sister | Reviewer: Phil | 11/3/13

Love this song so much!!
I took it to be a nod to Elvis and his song of the same title.
I was guessing Josh means "little sister" like "little girl" a kind of alpha male nickname for a girl, maybe like "sugar" as appears in many other songs. Don't see any incest in this song at all. Especially when the music video shows a silhouette of a sexy dancing girl. Peace.

who is the little sister ..? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/13

I'm the little sister in my family and definitely this song just turns me on cause it seems that the band is talking to me jajaja, by the way , other people could thing this song is about the incest, but seriously every one see what they are thinking so you evil minds don't be hypocrits.

TOtB | Reviewer: Some guy | 4/29/11

It appears to have already been established but just because they say 'little sister' doesn't mean it is literal. John Lennon referred to Yoko as 'Mum' but that doesn't mean he was rooting his mother. People have pet names or nicknames for just about everyone they know; it's your own fucked up loser Freudian nightmare that you interpret this as incest.

hahah | Reviewer: CK03 | 5/10/10

I can't believe there's so many people saying: I know its about fucking his sister, but anyway the song is awsome!!111!1
I know its not about it, little sister is just a nickname.But, I would defenitly be more creeped out by people saying they like the song no matter what its about than the song being about incest.
geez, the world today....

It's a tribute to "Little Sister" by Elvis. | Reviewer: D.J. | 1/13/10

It's not about incest. It's a Q-OT-S-A tribute to the song {Little Sister by Elvis} Here's the Elvis lyrics.________________________
Well, I dated your big sister
And took her to a show
I went for some candy
Along came Jim Dandy
And they snuck right out of the door

Ev'ry time I see your sister
Well she's got somebody new
She's mean and she's evil
Like that old Boll Weevil
Guess I'll try my luck with you

Well, I used to pull your pigtails
And pinch your turned-up nose
But you been a growin'
And baby, it's been showin'
From your head down to your toes

Little sister, don't you
Little sister, don't you
Little sister, don't you kiss me once or twice
Then say it's very nice
And then you run

Little sister, don't you
Do what your big sister done

Man alive | Reviewer: Skooo(: | 12/19/09

dude so what even if it is about incest? That doesn't mean at all that it's about his own incest relationship, it could be about someone he knows or someone he's heard about or even just something he thought it would be good to write about? Artists don't always write songs about themselves. Get a life - if you don't like the lyrics then fuck off. It's a brilliant song and the lyrics are great.

Incest | Reviewer: L+ | 5/3/09

I dont have any problem with the incest, except witht he mother/father son/daugther ( i dont like that ) but, this song is not about incest, is referring to a elvis's ( a fucking great artist ) song.

It's a reference to Elvis's song "Little Sister" | Reviewer: jasmine | 11/19/08

Nothing at all to do with incest, retards. It means like his ex's older sister, or his friends little sister. IN Elvis's song it goes, "little sister don't you do what your big sister done", and this song is sorta referencing Elvis'. He said it himself.

incest? really? | Reviewer: Anon | 8/24/08

I don't think this song is about incest at all, I think "Little Sister" is more of a term of endearment. I assume he has a female friend who he used to look on as a sort of "little sister" but now wants more from that relationship than just friendship. It's how you perceive it I guess; suppose it's a daring thing to say in this day and age.

sick are only your minds | Reviewer: kadaj | 6/24/08

art is about haw you could enjoy it, maybe you enjoy it when you imagine incest, from my side is about a) sister=Brody, sister becouse they play similar or b) sister=vaginauc)sister=nurse d) you have at least 4 possible fuck, and you choose your own sister, so who are perverse you moralists? ;]

not sick! | Reviewer: Kate | 5/19/08

hellloooo guys, open your eyes. its about doing someone. but little sister is the girls nickname. theyre not talking about what most of you sickos think they are. qotsa has even said that in an interview.

song is awsome | Reviewer: tricia | 12/26/07

this song is amazing.
i think everyone takes the song how they choose to tho.
b/c if you tell someone its about havin sex with your sister then they choose to believe that.
ive always taken the lyrics to mean that he's helping his sister.
its just easy for me to think that tho b/c my brother has helped me so much.
get it?

peace people | Reviewer: Fifi | 12/14/07

Aww, come on, nah the song is most probably not about that at all. No bad publicity. But it's a free world as long as you don't hurt anyone^^

hahah | Reviewer: andy | 12/11/07

yeah sure, one of the most respected men in rock sings aboutloveing his own sister.. damn you sicko jerks! how the hell can you even write like that.. shame on you!