top 4 | Reviewer: ? (person formerely known as) | 8/16/10

i reckon this song is probably the best off rated r, but when put up against Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, Auto Pilot and Better Living Through Chemistry its hard to tell. I reckon it's a bit unfair to say Mark Lanegan is what made QOTSA peak, especially seeing as my favourite album of theirs is Lullabies To Paralyse. He is great and what not, but i'm definitely loving Josh Homme more, everything he turns out is gold, QOTSA, Kyuss, Eagles of Death Metal and let's not forget to mention Them Crooked Vultures

One of QotSA's best | Reviewer: Generic | 11/12/07

One of my favorite Queens of the Stone Age songs.

I love Mark Lanegan.
The band is still awesome, but they were at their best in the Rated R - Songs for the Deaf, because of Mark.

If you like this song, definitely check out his solo stuff.