A break from reality | Reviewer: Biff | 8/28/12

Make it wit chu has a way of taking all the bullshit from the day away... QOTSA really shines the truth on this fake reflection of a so called reality we live in. When the work day ends..."I wanna make it wit chu" Wakes me up from the lie : )

kind of qotsa | Reviewer: jep | 8/6/08

Technicaly it indeed isn't qotsa doing this song 'again' but since Homme wrote or at least co wrote it for desert sessions... As for the lyrics every version differs. the desert session version, the over the years and trough the woods version and this one. but to hell with it, the all rock. "sometimes the same is different, but mostley it's the same" brilliant!

A note | Reviewer: Kat | 7/25/08

I believe he's actually saying, "The only thing I know for sure/ Is what I WANNA do" (not won't do). I've seen that printed on a few lyrics pages, but I'm pretty sure it's incorrect. I could be wrong, just putting it out there.

Not qotsa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/08

Just to point out one thing as sort of a reply to tisiot's review. This is originally not a qotsa song. It was first played on the desert sessions. They just copied from there. So it's not really qotsa who have "done it again". But yeah, it's a great song though.

nice | Reviewer: tisiot | 4/11/08

this song has a classic sound. its definitely different and definitely much better from the rest of the mainstream crap thats out there, and i love it. i have to say that queens of the stone age have done it again, another different sound and another solid song!

1 PROB LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

u got 1 prob, when he goes i wanna make it... you said any time anywhere when it wasnt, but otherwise nice