cool vid & great song | Reviewer: mark reynolds | 10/15/12

This video is one of the best ive ever seen in a long time, & i like the bit wher the p pick up truck leaps into the air as it blasts forward & where it shows the rev counter needle dropping & climbing as he goes through the gears & then the bit at the end as the pick up truck accellerates off into the horizon leaving two trails of fire as the tyre tracks, jaw dropping stuff!!!

Pretty Nice... Has Feeling in it... | Reviewer: Isaac (Tha Coyote) | 9/11/08

JUst wen people tought that 'lectric guitar quite didn't paste up a feeling in a song, this nice stuff comes up with a melancholic lyric and a strange feel to it.

I would just hope that all the music could come like that... NO just the... Superficial lyrics about "How much i love you" or stuff like that...

Im not much of a Rock fan, but this made me feel quite good with it.

Go QOST!!!


superb | Reviewer: penisman | 3/19/06

a w e s o m e song from an awesome album , perhaps the best ever produced by qotsa. !