Newest Singer | Reviewer: Blu | 5/31/14

This has become Adam Lambert's signature song since he has been traveling with Queen in the pass years . .this year they will be doing international tour (Concert of the 2014 Summer) If you get a chance listen to this song at the Kiev Concert (on You
Tube) Freddy/Queen is Adam's all time favorite band and Adam honors Freddy and respects Brian and Roger..

A great new adventure for me | Reviewer: Boraiel | 1/9/14

@true immortality
I don't think so, I definite don't want to live forever in this universe. If you did everything you wanted to do, if you experienced everything this world has to offer, won't the world become boring? Won't it be time for a next adventure? Although I cannot imagine that I will end, because "I am thinking, therefore I am" is an higher level of knowledge than the experience of this world, I can imagine that this world will end and I will experienced something new. The only problem is that it seems so that nature to often decides for humans when it is time to go. That is what we should change.
"After all, for the well-organized mind, death is but a new great adventure." A. Dumbledore

who wants to live forever?? | Reviewer: true immortality | 11/28/13

its not that you don't want it, its that you think you can't.

but who ever proved that death is inevetible? just because every life dies you concluded so? only your fear.

some things are harder then others. but there is such a thing as a first time even if no one did it before. where you failed someone in the future may just be better.

'it takes love that is strong and heart that is willing to stand a little pain you gotta live for today!

Angry as hell? | Reviewer: Michaelfly | 6/18/12

You are a child of the most high God; please act accordingly. We are all a part of the same thing. If you feel deprived of anything then you might be in Fantasy Land, and that's ok-- just attempt to be cool.

Disgusted at the previous review | Reviewer: Harvey | 5/17/12

I can't believe what the below reviewer 'Angry as hell | Reviewer: Rich. | 2/20/12' wrote. How disgusting and bigoted... His review should be removed. AIDS is a dreadful disease - Freddie did not choose it...

Angry as hell | Reviewer: Rich. | 2/20/12

I grew up in the 1960's and was immediatly stunned at Queen's music,and freddie mercury's voice when I first heard it and instantly loved it. I listened to them over the years and every album was as good as the one before, I really grew to love them in my heart with the soulful lyrics and amazing ability's, then came the horrible day when Freddie Mercury died, I wept that day as I had done only one other time, which was when My grandfather who had raised me died, I knew then that a person of extraordinary skill had been taken from us and no one could ever replace him. Then I found out he died from AIDS and it really made me angry, I wished I could go kick the shi* out of him for doing what he did and being so selfish to deprive the world of such joy when we all need it so badly. I still am hurt over his loss all these years later.

God's Gift of a Song | Reviewer: Steve | 10/19/11

There have been so many cover versions of this truely amazing Anthem and I have several of these, but for me there is only one singer who sings this with the feeling and emotions that it so deserves and that is Jonathan Ansell who until a couple of years ago was the Front singer with the X-Factor Group, G4, but now has a successful solo career. When you listen to Jonathan sing this song you travel through every note and chord with him and every possible emotion along the way until it reaches it's atmospheric climax. I could listen to this all day.

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever | Reviewer: Vearor | 9/26/11

Just been to my niece's funeral (she was only 58) She had battled cancer of the esophogus for two years, having undergone a most terrible operation one year ago. She arranged her own funeral and had chosen this wonderful deeply emotional song to be played for her. There were about 150 people in the chapel but the silence except for the beautiful sound of Freddie singing 'Who Wants to Live Forever' was awesome. It will live in my memory, and will bring tears to my eyes, thinking of my niece, everytime I hear it.

Sing It Susan Boyle!!! | Reviewer: Retired In Kalifornia | 10/11/10

I'd heard this song decades ago but until last night October 10, 2010 didn't know Queen originally recorded it. Tonight the 11th heard Katherine Jenkin's cover and knew is closest of the many covers of it to how Susan Boyle would sing it. Without doubt Susan would do it true justice and put her cover at or near the top of them all. Sing it Susan and the World will love you forever!

Bitter-sweet | Reviewer: Talio | 8/29/10

I too first heard this masterpiece watching the film 'Highlander' way back upon release. It did something then, but it was subdued. I first heard Queen in 1975 singing Bohemian Rhapsody(another desert island disc). Never an officianado, but aware of their place as titans to stand the test of time. The other day I got home from work late in the evening and the film 'Highlander' was on. Though tired and drawn to sleep, I suddenly had a 'de ja vous' moment when hearing again this marvellous, wonderful, encapsulating song. The way it's sung by Freddie is truly heartfelt, and ironic. Perhaps even foretelling of one's own demise. This song is for real and is eternal. It is for everyone, and everybody's, hold it dear. 'We are but older children dear who fret to find their bedtime near'. I went to bed with an indelible thought that I will never forget this song, or it's meaning. RIP F.M.

brian can REALLY sing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10

as a start, ITS ONE AMAZING SONG !!! more than just amazing, th lyrics th music (which is more obvious in th instrumental version), th everything !! nd th funny thing is that shortly after i heard it i looked its video up on youtube nd saw brian shining th first verse (i didnt recognise him !!!) nd i thought its some kind of a joke someone posted nd i closed it !! after further hearing i finally realised tht its really Dr.Brian May !! damn he's good (btw he's also done Too Much Love Will Kill You feat th late Luciano Pavarotti nd wasn't bad at all) enough talking ... PEACE

Touch my tears with your lips | Reviewer: Kate C. | 3/30/10

This song is truely a masterpiece. Listening to this song, even now, brings an overwhelming sense of loss and heartache. Just listening to it makes me think of everyone I've lost within the 17 years of my life, and just how there are so many things left unsaid. But, despite the feeling of hopelessness, this song also reminds me of all the good things and people I still have in my life. Truely an amazing song.

immortality | Reviewer: Sebastian | 3/12/10

The basis of the song is that in itself, immortality. We do not live forever physically, Freddie himself is a prime example of that. But they established their own immortality with this song, truly...great piece. I'm just a sixteen year old boy listening to this, and it's STILL moving to something that won't be answered for eyars to come, if ever. :) Great work here, i cry hehe.

undying love for "Who Wants To Live Forever" | Reviewer: The Immortal | 2/27/10

I was a fan of Queen as a kid in the 70's. I have continued to be so and when I saw the first Highlander movie with Christopher Lambert as Conner(the one true highlander in my opinion only...)I became enamoured with this song by the overwhelming sense of loss for the people you lose in your life...Time is to short and never enough to be with them. This song is truly one of the most powerful and moving songs you will ever here. Freddy M. is gone in body but like Conner, his spirit is Immortal and with us forever!

Pete my darling, best friend,husband soulmate | Reviewer: karen | 2/4/10

Pete was taken so young and taken so suddenly in June 09,in front of our son and myself he loved queen and this was one of his favourits, i never really knew why? it was played at his funeral, now i understand why he loved it, bless you Pete miss you so much heartbroken wife xxx