Sad, yet magnificent! | Reviewer: Niloo | 11/7/09

This song is so heartfelt, heartbreaking and yet powerful. Only Queen can give a song everything it need in best way. " Who Wants To Live Forever " should be called: " The most underrated song ever ". I wish that more people know this unique song. I really love it. And love Queen forever…

truly amazing | Reviewer: dommy | 2/26/08

this song brings me to tears whenever i listen to it it's truly amazing how much emotion is felt thru so few words. if you close your eyes you can just feel the sadness in his voice. the music and lyrics go together brilliantly to convey the true meaning of this song and i love it.

This song is truely amazing. | Reviewer: Levi | 1/25/08

I've always been a fan of rock and metal but this song takes me out completely...
It makes me shiver when I listen to it again. The song makes me remember my uncle who killed himself, my family made hes own funeral for him wich concluded that song in it, that song makes me remember to my one and only best uncle there was.

Queens The Best | Reviewer: Rebecca | 8/4/07

Out of all their songs this one makes me shed a tear evertime i listen to it. Although queen's hits came out 20 years before my existance i grew up listening to them.

Wembley version | Reviewer: Nick | 4/26/07

This is by far my favourite Queen song, but I love the live version (at Wembley Stadium) more than the studio version. That specific song was the highlight of the concert and Freddie Mercury made a truly heartrendering performance of it.

Could listen forever | Reviewer: Rob | 4/12/07

As a young musician I recall sitting in a theatre watching a film called Highlander. It was then when I first heard Who wants to live Forever and I was completely mezmerized. A bit of additonal info on the song itself. written Queen viewed the film prior to it's release back in 1984. during the ride back to their hotel he was inspired,and before pulling into the carpark the song was complete. Also not to be missed from the albun It's a kind of Magic. Gimme the prize, It's a kinda Magic (title track) Princes of the Universe, and Don't lose your head. Overall the soundtrack from the film was incredible, and I personally am glad that Queen added their own personal touches to the work

"There's no chance for us, its all decided for us" | Reviewer: mikey boo | 12/25/06

The hit song by Queen, "who want's to live forever" is truly a compelling masterpiece when it comes to song writing and capturing a specific mood. No other artist today could do this, not even U2 and personally i would bet money on that!

(If you haven't heard this song before, I don't reccomend reading on)

The church organ opens the song with a lamenting chord that drifts over as the first verse comes in. Here Brian May sings the first verse "There's no time for us..." It is accompanied by a soft string section in the background. The song lifts in dynamics as the punchline is sung "who wants to live forever".

The second verse has more moving parts in it till it gets to the chorus again where it reaches the first climax. This now reaches a B section to the song where Brian May is playing a guitar solo in what sounds pretty modal. The drum part in this is very effective, as the snare is smashed with an explosive amount of emotion!

As Queen were extremely well established muscicians they weren't afraid to experiment with different techniques. One in particular that is present is the slow echo effect May uses on his guitar when Freddy is singing the part "But touch my tears with your lips, Touch my world with your fingertips". Now this effect if listened to closely is so effective, and is only just the beginning of the major climax the whole song has been building up to:

"And we can have forever
And we can love forever"

Just picture at night time at wembley stadium, watching them perform this with so much passion. Freddy Mercury standing up high with his cape and crown holding his microphone in the air. Crying out the lyrics to the crowd. And Brian May strumming the red special with all his energy as each verse crescendo's into an impressive outburst of emotion and intensity!

This section is then followed up by an impressive last explosive chorus; "who wants to live forever, Who wants to live forever?"

The song doesn't finish there however, The last words heard are "Who waits forever anyway?" About a minute of the song is left as it dies away with yet another dreary instrumental outro of mournful chords.

This song is without any doubt Underrated, if more people were exposed to this song like "stairway to heaven" i'm pretty sure it would be just as big. That's my opinion, listen for yourself.

Excellent song from the Majesty of Pop Rock Ballads | Reviewer: Chipi | 11/19/05

A soundtrack for the first Highlander movie (Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod in the flick), this has been one of the more subtle ballads in the 80s and has even gained renowned in the 90s when Highlander the TV series was made.

You can actually feel the emotion and raw power from the song, making it both spontaneous in mood yet very structured in execution (from the band's point of view, of course).

My thoughts. | Reviewer: Lucie | 5/1/05

I think this is definitely one of the most magnificent songs of all time as is too much love will kill you. Freddy Mercury is still alive in his superior music and he will definitely will be remembered as the greatest singer, entertainer and idol of all time. If he was still alive today I definitely think he would be producing music. It was the most tragic event, when he died and many people will only have just have come to terms with the terrible loss of this unbelievable man. He was taken from our midst by an unstoppable disease and hopefully soon new medicine to cure AID's will be discovered. I am always waiting for that announcement.